Search Events With Category

Step 1: Go to

Step 2: You can click individual login if you want to have individual account or business login if you want to have business account. You can sign up and open new account clicking NEXT or you can sign up with your g-mail account as well.

Scroll down little bit after opening the account and click the dashboard on the top right corner. You will find the profile section. And you can click the EDIT PROFILE or you can click UPDATE PROFILE on the top right corner.
In the dashboard, click the CHANGE PASSWORD section and you can insert new password.
You can log out clicking the LOGOUT section next to dashboard or by clicking the LOGOUT from dashboard.
You can go to dashboard and click the required sections for your upload.
You can click the dashboard and you will find the documents section and you can upload files and resume.
Click the job section in the uppermost part and choose the job title by category, location as you want.
You have to click the ROLLING TENDERS section in the first page or in the uppermost section. You have to login again with your business account to bid tender in the lowermost part and carry on the procedure.
You can click the ROLLING PROJECTS section and find out the projects you want to get enrolled or you can type in SEARCH section by category.
Step 1: Click the Rolling Test section.
Step 2: Choose and click the skill test you want.
Step 3: You can select any among various alternatives and enhance your skills.
Go through ROLLING TRAININGS or ROLLING EVENTS and click browse. You can search by category too.
Click Participate Now then, you become the participant.

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