How to write the best Job Application Letter?

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Whenever you submit your resume, it’s important to include your application letter which might be a deal-maker to grab your dream job. If you know how to write the best job application letter, it will open the doors of opportunities for your golden career. Your job application letter becomes a standalone document to express your depth of interest in the vacant position.

The well-written job application letter is the first move for you to be called on the final stage of interviews. Your application letter should elaborate on your skills, experiences, and abilities. It should create a powerful impression on the hiring managers or the potential employers for the selection process based on your skills, experiences, and caliber.

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Tips on how to write the best Job Application letter

An application letter, also called a cover letter, sets you apart from many applicants and sets the potential impression on the hiring employer. Here are some of the tips to write the best job application letter.


1. Summarize and emphasize your skills and abilities

The cover letter is the best opportunity to express yourself to stand out as an excellent candidate among many candidates. Include your best skills, experiences, and qualifications that support your claims of setting you as an outstanding employee among many.


2. Conciseness is needed

Always stay alert of your letter having multi-pages. Summarize everything in a single page. A brief cover letter with appealing and manageable writing is preferable.


3. Proofreading is a must

After writing the letter, make sure you proofread the letter. Your small error in the letter may set a negative impression on the hiring manager. Make sure you check every grammatical and spelling error before sending the letter.


How to format the best job application letter?

Follow these steps for writing the best job application letter:

Use a professional format

Make sure you use a very professional format while writing a letter. Your letter should not exceed an age and the font size of 1o to 12 points Times New Roman will be the best.


Create the professional heading

Use the formal business heading and company name and address to make your letter more professional.


Address the letter to the hiring manager

Try to find out the name of the application reviewers so that it may show a positive impression upon them that you have done quite a research of the company. Use the formal greeting such as Dear Mr./Ms including their last name.

How to format the best job application letter

Follow these major steps to write the best job application letter:
  1. Do thorough research of the company and the vacant opening so that you might better customize your best application letter.

  2. Mention your name, contact information, date, and the company’s information.

  3. Begin the letter with the professional salutation and address the hiring manager with the name if possible.

  4. Don’t forget to make a clear statement about the position you are applying for. Also clearly mention the references for a better impression.

  5. Summarize and mention the top qualifications, experiences, and skills and explain why you are suitable for the job. Try to highlight important points from your resume.

  6. Make sure you make a compelling argument why you chose the company and why this job opportunity matters to you.

  7. Thank the reader for the professional closing.


Make sure your job application letter remains professional, not over-explained. Highlight the skills and contributions you can make to the company. All the best! Your dream job is waiting for you.


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