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Rolling Nexus is one of the major offerings and new upshot of Rolling Plans, envisioned with an oath and action to be a leader in linking people to each other, compounding with jobs, tenders, projects, events and skill development and enhancement activities. With the mission of accelerating the connections between employer to job-seeker, business to the investor and vice-versa, Rolling Nexus has been comprised of different modules to serve the customers in a very professional manner.

Rolling Nexus is an escort to the people who want to build up a career, participate in events, projects and training supplemented with the business entities, wanting to hire efficient and professional candidates. Rolling Nexus is a platform to build, reinforce and maintain relationships of trust with other people to foster your professional goals. We provide services with excellent modules developed for the only sole purpose solution to your problems regarding professional and academic benchmarks. Networking, career development, hiring professionals all are included in Rolling Nexus through various platforms and mediums. Skill endorsement, ratings and referencing, networking with professionals, finding out the perfect jobs can be done through Rolling Nexus.

Apart from these, Rolling Nexus aids you to gain knowledge through our blogs and articles relating to great personalities, their achievements, struggles and the ideas of innovation and invention. In nutshell, Rolling Nexus is a companion to you in your personal life and professional field.        

As a paramount HR consulting firm of Nepal since the commencement of our operations in 2004, we have been preferred by many organizations in the field of staffing and recruitment services. We have been providing jobs and career management services to job-seekers and promoting the employers’ brands for recruitment process with the competent and qualified candidates. Envisaged with the primal objective of providing jobs and recruitment services in Nepal and downsizing the gap between job-seekers and job opportunities, we perform as a bridge between employers and job-seekers. As a leading wellspring of job-related information, we gather sufficient resources and data with cost-effectiveness, reliability and affordability. We are committed to granting excellent customer service and docile towards our services.

Regarding tender offers, we are inclined towards serving the tender information with well-equipped information. Cost-effectiveness, time saving, fair selection process, ensuring compliance with the effective laws have been our vision to serve the clients with unparalleled satisfaction. Our research team gathers relevant information to ease up the process of tender selection for the clients. We scrutinize every detail of tender and suppliers, contractors, auctioneers, and purchasers can get relevant information per need.

We hire competent candidates for the projects and bidders are allowed to bid on the listed projects. Regarding the projects, we serve our clients with full-service excellence. We have eased up the process of selecting the projects for our customers and clients, with the placement of categorical dimensions on the website. Enticing our customers with their required projects, we are inclined towards providing affordable services. Candidates can make their employers count on them with their proficiencies. Thorough service and equitable communication aids in revamping the deals between clients and services.

In the seek of required training, many are concerned with the details, location, organizers of certain training. We portray as a solution partner for the dilemmas. We post different training to be held including descriptions, fees, location, tutor to suffice you without any confusion. Rolling Training enables people to connect with the various trainees and helps to enhance their skills. We help people searching various training required for them benefitting with time management.

We are here to enhance your skills regarding general knowledge, sports, programming, leadership and many more. Rolling test makes you efficient and intellectual to surmount with technical problems and many more. It is a guideline for your success as you can enhance your skills through Rolling Test. Rolling Test helps to underpin you from the basic knowledge. Our wide range of diversified resources stimulates you to become an impeccable persona in various fields. It is a game of gaining knowledge and refining your skills.

If you are planning to attend the events which you are deprived of getting complete information on, Rolling Event is there to help. We post different events to be held including full details, location, fees to make easy access to our customers and clients. Rolling Event is a perfect platform to get participated in events, refine networking and get enrolled with different personalities. Rolling Event helps you to search events in no time, giving you chance to participate in events without any dilemmas.

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