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Image Code Title Notice Publisher Description Published Date Notice Category Industry Product Service Newspaper Classification Deadline
yrgjfdsghdfjgh-6754675467 सूचना Nepal Electricity Authority, Kathmandu Supply and Delivery of Security Guards 2023-02-06 Notice/Announcement security Gorkhaptra public-notice 1 week from now
ENfTI-3565-23 Extension Notice for Tender Invitation Nepal Telecom Supply, Delivery, Erection and Installation of Ground Based Self Supporting... 2023-02-06 Notice/Announcement electronic-utilities Gorkhaptra public-notice 1 week from now
PN-8203-23 Procurement Notice United Nations Development Programme Provision of Travel Management and Protocol Services for UN Agencies... 2023-02-06 Notice/Announcement tourism-hotel-travel-airline KANTIPUR DAILY public-notice 1 week from now
efrtsuydgfjgshf-6575878 बोलपत्र आहावान्को सूचना Nepal Army Construction of Overhaed & Underground Water Tank at Birendra Hospital... 2023-01-30 Letter of Intent (LOI) construction-building Gorkhapatra buying-notice 4 days from now
DoFBO-4131-23 Details of Financial Bid Opening Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal Supply, Delivery, Installation & Testing of Hand Baggage X-ray Machine 2023-01-30 Short Listing Notice office-supplies-stationeries Gorkhaptra 4 days from now

About Rolling Tender

Rolling Tender is e-Tender Management System (eTMS) for all types of business requirements in Nepal. Rolling Tender uploads and manages all information on e-procurement, tender, bids, RFPs, RFQs, international bidding opportunities and other related notices where user can easily access, participate and download tender or bid related documents. The platform offers users to publish and manage bids and tenders through a simple registration process. The Platform connects all the interested suppliers and the buyers for doing business together in Nepal. The platform is equipped with Rolling Tender Publication Service (RTPS), Rolling Tender Notice Service (RTNS) and Rolling Tender Management System (RTMS) to facilitate and connect interested suppliers and buyers.

how it works?

Rolling Tender e-Tender Management System (eTMS) was designed by a professional team, partners and experts as an end-to-end solution.

Rolling Tender is an e-Tender Management System (eTMS) that provides tender and bids information published by various organization, government sector, private sector, Non-government sector and other institutions either directly on the platform or published in any daily newspaper of Nepal. The user can have access to all the tender and bids information and download relevant documents through the platform.

Rolling Tender provides various categories of Tender and Bids that include Enlistment/Standing List, Request for Tender (RFT), Expression of Interest (EOI), Request for Information (RFI), Auction, and Request for Proposal (RFP), Request for Quotation (RFQ), Award Notice, and Notice/Announcement. Once the user sign-up with their individual or business account in Rolling Nexus, the user can purchase quarterly, semi-annually and annually packages as per the requirements.

How to use ?

Rolling Tender is a one-stop shop that provides detailed information on all available bid and tender opening in Nepal. The platform is very simple and easy to use. User can visit and can register through individual or business account, and become a registered user.

After registering, users can subscribe to the package as per their need for the full functioning use of the platform. The users can make an online payment for the subscriptions of the package. The packages have different plans like quarterly, Semi-annually, Annually, and user can choose one of them as per their requirements or convenience.

Once being a subscribed user, users can easily create their profile, input their reference on any tender categories or industry types, email alter, advanced search option through which users can filter their search according to their keyword, sector, regions, notice type, tender/bids code, deadline, estimated cost and you can also get an option to save your favorite searches and notices. You shall be intimated of all new business opportunities through the mail every day. Rolling Tender alerts are tailored, specific and only relevant information will be sent.

All latest tender/bids notice will be visible just by clicking on the side view button where all the general information & details of tender/bid will be available with the document attached if any. Rolling Tender also offer you to publish your company tender/bid for which separate subscription packages need to be purchased. Rolling Tender provides complete yearly and daily support. Rolling Tender also provides a dedicated relationship manager to you who will help you in all your queries related to our services and information 365 days 24/7.

what benefits you'll get ?

Rolling tender as a key informative site for all available tender and bids of the Nepalese market transforms a rigid process-driven environment into flexible, save both time and money for the users, result-driven, comprehensive, and collaborative processes. Rolling Tender increase efficiency through optimizing the sources of buyers and suppliers, reduced cost through improvements in administrative processes and visibility of all tender and bids available in the market.

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We are a complete e-Tender Management System (eTMS) that facilitates and manages all tender and bids notices and information from various sources available in the market. Rolling Tender users can utilize our full e-Tender Management System (eTMS) at an affordable rate while providing access to all tender and bids opportunities. Buy what you need, whenever you need it at the right price with quality service.

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Tender in Nepal can be found in daily national/local newspapers and various online sites as well. In newspapers, you can find tenders mostly on advertisement sections whereas on the internet there are multiple online portals just for tenders in Nepal. In the case of online tenders, you might have to sign up to the site to access information regarding available tenders there. Then you can search through the tender notices to find the tender you are looking for. You are only a few clicks away from finding out lists of many tender opportunities in Nepal.

First of all, you need to find tenders in Nepal and that can be either on newspapers or online sites. And once you have found tenders in Nepal in newspapers then you can submit/send the necessary documents that they have asked for on the contact information mentioned over there. But for tenders online, there could be an option to upload soft copies of your papers right away. After applying you should wait for a week max to hear back from the employers. If they haven't responded yet then you are suggested to contact them and inquire about your submission.

To bid in the tenders of Nepal the first step would be to register your interest with the purchasing company. After you have registered check for updates on the website. Once you have found a tender to bid on, think about the resources and requirements, and plan accordingly. Research the company and recently awarded buyers to find out the expectations of the contracting agency. Then you can prepare your tender proposal for bidding tenders in Nepal. Make sure the proposal is structured and you are aware of the payment terms. Check it thoroughly and submit it. Lastly, request for feedback on the tender whether it turns out to be a successful or unsuccessful one.

Yes, tenders can be applied online. Firstly, you need to find tender from any of the various online platforms with tender notices, relevant to your business. After that, you need to go through the requirements and see whether you can match them. It is important to analyze previous works records and measure the profits before. And, then you can prepare a proposal, submit for the bidding, and wait for the response. If you do not hear back from them in a week then you can reach out to them and ask about your proposal. Do request for a debrief either you win or lose.

Tenders in Nepal can be found on several online portals scattered all over the internet. First of all register/sign up through tender websites. It can be more than one. Once you have registered, regularly check the websites for updates about online tender in Nepal. The key is to find the tender that fits your business. There might be options to get notifications/alerts about new tenders. Also, have some sample proposals prepared so that you can apply quickly for the tender. Moreover, go through all the resources and requirements and work records to calculate the potential of your business. It will be helpful once you find the online tender in Nepal worth bidding on.

Rolling Nexus is Nepal's first professional networking website and you can find tenders in Rolling Tender, one of the modules of Rolling Nexus. Rolling Tender is your getaway to discovering hundreds of online tender notices. As a module, it can be quickly set up through a website with secure and genuine users. It saves time for publication and distribution of tender documents as well. It has a full functioning, control, and responsive system for both suppliers and purchases. So for online tender notices in Nepal, you can visit rolling tender, and select for tenders of your choice, bid on it, and win contract awards.

The first step would be to go to the website of Rolling Nexus by typing on your search bar. After the page loads, click on the tender module situated between the job and the freelance modules. This will lead you to the page full of tender notices. And as you scroll down a slight bit, you will find lists of tenders along with the estimated cost, deadlines, and images. Now to view tender descriptions you will simply have to click on any tender that you prefer from the lists. This opens the page with a tender description of that particular tender of your interest. You can also click on the image of the invitation for bids to view the details.

The first step would be to go to the website of Rolling Nexus by typing on your search bar. After the page loads, click on the tender module situated between the job and the freelance modules. This will lead you to the page full of tender notices. There you can see categories just below “search tender by” and once you click on it, the tenders as per categories will automatically appear right beneath it.

The first step would be to go to the website of Rolling Nexus by typing on your search bar. After the page loads, click on the tender module situated between the job and the freelance modules. This will lead you to the page full of tender notices. There you can see categories just below “search tender by” and once you click on it, the tenders as per categories will automatically appear right beneath it. And you can find newspaper tenders in all of those categories.


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