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The Rolling Tender is the procurement management system for all types of business requirement in Nepal. The platform connect all the interested suppliers and the business for doing business together for Nepalese market. Rolling Tender offers following services as: Rolling Tender Publication Service (RTPS) Rolling Tender Notice Service (RTNS) Rolling Tender Management System (RTMS) Major functions of Rolling Tender are as follows:- To provide suppliers a unique platform to access all opportunities of the Nepalese market. Simple and central process for all tender management procedure and process. To provide relevant procurement information of the market.



Online Tender notice in Nepal

Gone are the days for flipping through pages of newspapers to look for tender in Nepal. Now say hello to Rolling Tender, one of the modules of Rolling Nexus - Nepal's first professional networking website. At Rolling Tender you can find all the online tender notice of projects of your choice to bid on. But first let's start by breaking down...


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