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You can click Business Login if you are a company wanting to have a business account, click  Sign Up and fill the required information with a proper email account and then click Register
In the dashboard, go to the My Profile section and choose the option Change Password,  insert a new password and click Update.
Click the Logout section next to dashboard .
Scroll down a little after logging in the account and click the Dashboard on the top right corner. You will find the profile section on the left, click it and select the Edit Profile option and fill up the information and click Update Profile on the bottom left after finishing.
Step 1: Go through the leftmost part of the dashboard. Click on My Profile. You can edit, view and list employers under this section. Furthermore, you can edit profiles regarding general information, organization head, contact person, primary contact detail and facilities including salary, infrastructure facilities and so on from the homepage.

Step 2: Click on Update for further process.

Step 1: Click on ‘Post a Job’ section of ‘For Business’ in the lowermost part of the homepage or you can simply click on ‘Business login’ and click on the ‘Jobs’ section of the dashboard.

Step 2: After clicking on ‘Jobs’, click on the sub-menu of Jobs. Fill the relevant information in the sub-sections of Jobs. Post a job or manage jobs as per need.

Step 3: Click on Submit.

You can click on the Job Type on the basis of priority and duration. You can view the ‘Service Package’ in the downward section of the dashboard for full information.
You can click on ‘Other Jobs’ and view various recent and active jobs including Job Type, Status, Job Title, number of applications, etc.

Of course, you can view your posted jobs, drafted jobs, active jobs, pending jobs and expired jobs after a click on the ‘Employer Panel’ of the dashboard.
You can not only view but also post about your new tenders, projects, events and training with well-equipped information. Click on Add New in the respective categories, fill the details and click on Submit.
You can do your job postings mentioning as a gold list, silver list, and bronze list. Certain pricings are set for these postings. For more details, click on ‘Service Package’ in the lowermost left section of the business dashboard page.
 Yes, you can create blogs, notices, advertisements, and add new members or users. For these, you have to upgrade your account. You can click on Upgrade in the uppermost left part of the homepage or go to ‘My Profile’ and click on the above-mentioned categories for creations and new users. Furthermore, you can view orders in the ‘My Profile’ section.
You can get the resume of applicants who applied for your job in no time. In addition to this, you can view all the applicants, search resume and so on after clicking the sub-sections of ‘Resume Bank’ of the dashboard.
 You can send e-mails and messages using cv Banks, Invitation as required with just a click on ‘Communication’ or ‘Message’ and compose messages and send as per your business need.
You can not only view but also post about your new tenders, projects, events and training with well-equipped information. Click on Add New in the respective categories, fill the details regarding the time the detailed information related to tenders, projects, and training and click on Submit.

For tenders, click on ‘Tenders’. You can add new tenders and view the tenders you applied for. For adding new tender, click on ‘Your Tenders’ and fill the information and save.
For projects, click on the sub-section of ‘Projects’. Fill up the information regarding your business criterion and click on Save.

For training, click on ‘Training’. Click on the sub-sections of the category. You can add your respective training from both sub-sections. You have to insert every detail of training regarding time, description, end time, etc and click on Submit.
You can get facilitated with these sections after successful registration of your business account and signing in into Rolling Nexus. You can view all these sections on the left side of the page.

Our service is free for a normal employer. With more upgrades come more benefits. You can view the details regarding service charge, placements and many more for normal, diamond and platinum employers in the ‘Upgrade’ section in the uppermost left part of the page. You can choose ‘Upgrade’ as well as per your business criteria.

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