Top 10 Jobs for Business Graduates in Nepal

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If you are a business graduate in Nepal rummaging on the internet with a hope of finding information relevant to your job hunt then you just might have stumbled on something interesting here. It can be tough to decide on what career paths you would want to embark upon. So here we have put together an article on the top ten jobs for business graduates in Nepal. But before we dive into the main part of this blog, we are going to go through the guidelines on how to land the best job for you.

Tips on how you can get the job as a business graduate 

  • Start networking with employees, hiring managers, alumni from your area of focus. It's crucial that you have connections with people from the business world to get ahead on it.
  • Use the networking power of social media to your advantage and connect with people in your desired field via social media such as Linkedin, Facebook, and so on.

  • As you are studying to get your degree, take a part-time job or an internship to learn important business-related skills - customer service, time and money management, etc.

  • Working while you study will help you get exposure to the business world and introduce you to the big names of the company and most likely entry-level jobs as well when you graduate.

  • Mention your accomplishments, skills, and experience on your resume however brief or trivial they may seem to you. It will be a major plus point as long as they are relevant to the job you are applying for.

  • Employers are always in search of business graduates with problem-solving skills, willingness for teamwork, and communication skills. So, you should mention examples from your school or previous work or internship experiences of having these skills on your profile and CV. 

  • Take upon courses and examinations even if you do have a strong academic background. This will further prove that you have potential and are dedicated to working towards your goals.

  • Work on your interviewing skills. Research FAQs and interview techniques and practice with your fellow business graduates to improve. Search for consultancy centers if they hold mock interview sessions. 

  • Make sure you are open to possibilities when applying for jobs. Don't be fixated on one position or a company. And while you are at it prepare your CV to be relevant to the job type. This would mean tweaking information to be more relatable to the job description. 

  • Upload your resume on job sites. Keep your confidence high and stay positive. Job hunting can be tough so it's important that you mentally prepare yourself for rejections and failures too.


A certain degree (pun intended) of business is involved and carried out in any sort of industry in any part of the world. So studying business prepares you to be up in careers in business irrespective of organizations and sectors.

Moreover, if you have taken up a specialized course then that would further specify your preferred job type as a business graduate. Even if you did not take a specialized course, you would still be employable. You do not have to pick one particular job and settle for it for the rest of your lives.

The world runs on business. If the businesses were to stop the world would come to a halt. Similarly, in Nepal, there are also several business houses, companies, organizations, and many more who have set extraordinary examples that you can thrive off on business. 

You can make a great career and live a satisfactory life by pursuing your career in the business sector. 


Top ten jobs for business graduates in Nepal




Accountants assist companies in investing in their business setups; follow the protocol and policies, save money, and earn more profits. Their focus is on the financial aspects of an organization.

The knowledge and skills in financial management that you have learned as a business graduate applies to this job. Accountants make decisions based on an organization’s assets, funds, and other monetary resources.

As an accountant, you would be representing and communicating business information passed around your colleagues and investors to function efficiently and make better investment decisions respectively.

Providing consults and tax planning services along with conducting audits fall under the tasks of an accountant. They often move on to management positions within the finance division of their organizations.


Business Teacher 

If you as a business graduate have aspirations to be a teacher then by all means pursue teaching as your career. It is very refreshing to not feel beat up by the education system and choose to take upon the reverse role.

You would be teaching students about the business world, such as management, finance, and so on, which you have already learned. Your communication and interpersonal skills need to be amazing in order to engage with the students.

A good teacher always comes to the class prepared. There are different approaches you can take to succeed in your profession as a business teacher. You can go through the vault of knowledge you gained while studying business for the insights and instructions. 

Since you were already a student once, you can now work on making it easier for your students and introduce them to methods that were convenient for you. 


Risk Management / Actuary 

As mentioned above in one of the guidelines, organizations are always on the lookout for candidates with problem-solving skills. Yet, risk management as a job still does not get the same recognition as other business-related jobs.

Business graduates skilled in risk assessment can achieve great heights of success in this field. Since businesses, sometimes, are required to take a risky approach, you are to provide assurances regarding where the company is headed.

Be it new startups or established companies, all of them have to take risks and sometimes the risks cannot be foreseen. So this is where you as a business graduate can help by working on minimizing potential risks and take prompt actions. Your job will be to calculate and make sure that the risk will cause little to no damage to the company. 



There are cases of successful entrepreneurial business in Nepal. With enough research and resources, you can start your own venture.

Many youngsters are opening their own business, however small, with the help of available resources on the internet, connections they have made with established entrepreneurs, loans, and a profitable market.

Being an entrepreneur comes with a lot of responsibility. You assess risk by yourself; put yourself out there for marketing and sales and promotional activities.

Business graduates are most likely to succeed with entrepreneurship since they have learned the necessary set of skills required for such a demanding job. Eventually, your little business can grow into a massive company providing jobs for hundreds and thousands. 


Social Media Manager 

As a social media manager, you would be managing the social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and so on of the organization. This job is for the tech-savvies with a real knack for business.

As a business graduate, you would be utilizing your knowledge of marketing communications to improve the virtual presence and amplify the reach of your company. A company needs to be in connection with its clients and the general populace too. So you would be working on keeping it secured.

You come up with strategies and help in producing content that will attract the target audience. Likewise, your job consists of creating brand identity and increasing its influence over the mass.

Social media managers are expected to cooperate with their colleagues to accumulate information that can be published on the company’s social platforms. 


Retail / Sales

Retail and sales are not just shelf stacking and arrangements, especially for business graduates. Retail job type includes office-based, shop based, and traveling roles. 

Some companies do offer willing candidates to take trainee management programs if you are aiming to get to the higher positions of retails and sales careers. You would be gaining on the job experience while you are developing other business skills at the same time.

Business graduates with their knowledge of the global market can get used to this nature of job without much hassle and enhance their management skills in the commercial world. 


Human Resource 

The roles in human resource management require both business knowledge and strong interpersonal skills. The HR department handles the recruitment of the new staff, training, benefits, and payments as well. 

Along with impressive communication skills, you are also expected to grasp the basic concepts of business operations and management. Similarly, a thorough up to date knowledge of the company’s rules, employment laws, and policies are also very important. 

Apart from that, HR oversees experts carrying out their responsibilities, checking in with managers on strategic planning and connecting the company’s management with its staff.



Marketing job types are full of opportunities for business graduates and even more for the ones who have got creative flair in them. You would be undertaking activities such as advertising, selling, and delivering products to consumers and other businesses. 

Business graduates can use their report writing and analysis skills they learned during their degree to manage their relationships with their clients, conduct market research, develop marketing strategies, and so on.

You are going to have to keep up with the constant changes in technology and market trends. Marketing staff work alongside designers and video producers from time to time. So you need to work on enhancing your skills to meet the requirements of the experts as well.


Corporate Lawyer 

Corporate attorneys basically guide corporations through their rights and obligations so as to make all of their transactions legal. Importantly, they provide business choices that bring the corporate more profit while maintaining the law.

Business graduates can exercise their knowledge of business organizations and enactments to practice as a corporate lawyer. Likewise, you would also be applying your strong understanding of different areas of focus of corporate law such as securities, mergers, contracts, bankruptcy and so on that you have developed during the course of your study. 

Moreover, business graduates have to do a ton of research writing and presentation skills while studying which will help them in carrying out their work as they become corporate attorneys. 


College Admission Representative 


The College admissions representative job type might just be what you are looking for if you are interested in working in a college environment. Your communication and presentation skills can be utilized here to convince potential students.

Colleges have so many competitors so they are bound to come up with successful marketing plans and other strategies to promote the college and enroll students. The ultimate plan is to increase the number of applicants.

Also, you would be helping interested students with their application process. In addition, as a business graduate, if you incline more towards marketing and sales then you can be successful as a college admission representative. 

If you are a business graduate chances are you already know the advantages of having a business degree. In case you do not or are curious then hold on just a second.


Benefits of Business Degree 

  • Business graduates are in high demand in the business world/market as they are being sought after by companies and employers.

  • A business degree gets you the types of jobs where you can enjoy higher than the normal average pay. 

  • With the advancement in technology, now you have the option to work from home or part-time at your convenience. A business degree opens the door to flexible career possibilities.

  • A business degree equips you with various range of skills further preparing you for varieties of job types. 

  • You can pursue your career in typical business administration or can even switch to creative job types such as marketing, public relations.

  • A business degree prepares you to work for a corporation and also to start your own entrepreneurial venture and be your own boss.

  • While studying for your degree, you can connect with a number of people who are also interested in or already established in the field of your interest. 

  • Your professor and recruiters you have networked with can guide you into finding the right job for you. 


Benefits of Business Jobs 

  • If you are starting your own business then you would be in charge. You don't have to work under anybody. You will have the freedom to choose and make your own decisions.

  • Many business graduates have been successful in launching their own startup. In the longer run, having your own business and working hard for it will pay off. 

  • Employees get various exposures to different projects and opportunities within the department that they work under. 

  • A lot of business jobs can be done from home. Many companies are normalizing remote work. So, this flexible approach can also be considered as one of the benefits of business jobs.

  • On top of getting good pay, companies also provide employees with other additional benefits and bonuses. Hence, business jobs can help you to be financially secure.

  • You will get to showcase your interpersonal and leadership skills while working as a team with your colleagues. This can be a both teaching/learning experience. 

  • There are other factors such as salary increment and promotions which will keep you motivated to work and improve your methods as well. 

  • Skills that you will learn, experiences that you will gain, and the connection you will make during the course of your employment will always be valuable. 


Given your age and time and energy you have, it's better if you are only serious about your job professionally and not in a way that disturbs your personal freedom and happiness. So do take your time on figuring out what you want. Or take up on a job and figure out while you are employed and earning money and experiences. 

As a business graduate, you have quite many options to pick from. You need to make sure you pursue the job that feels right for you. The goal eventually is to carve your own niche and be successful. 

As a beginner, you should not be afraid of failures and making mistakes because that's how you learn. Be intuitive but also be practical. Hope you make it big in the business world and inspire the entire Nepal. Good luck!




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