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Data entry jobs have been very sought after in the past few years after the rise of remote working and students trying to earn money in Nepal.


Due to its comparatively simplistic nature and low required qualifications, many people search and apply for data entry jobs in Nepal


What is data entry?


A data entry job or data entry refers to the act of entering or input various forms of data as per the demand of the company. The data is electronic and has to be done with a computer. The data may be in the form of numbers, alphabets, voice recordings, etc.


All companies and firms require proper management of various data to keep track of various sectors and departments in the company. Therefore there will always be a vacancy open somewhere for a data entry job until new companies emerge and existing ones expand.


There are numerous types of data entry jobs with the commonly known ones being typist, word processor, transcriber, etc. This is one of the reputed jobs which can be done by students and people with comparatively fewer qualifications and good computer and language skills. 


The job also has a decent pay rate making it on demand. The added benefit of a data entry job is that you can find such jobs with the flexibility to work remotely or in-house according to your preferences.


Qualifications and requirements for a data entry job


Even though one might not think many skills and qualifications would be required for a simple job like entering data into a computer, unlike any other job, data entry requires a set of skills and qualifications that you need to have to get the job. 

  • Having at least a high school degree is preferred. 

  • Computer skills are a must. You must be familiar with database software and know-how to operate a computer smoothly for this job. 

  • Good knowledge and proficiency with Ms. Office. 

  • The ability to pay attention to detail is a must as any mishap might cause a lot of problems when it comes to data entry. 

  • Good communication skills. 

  • Self-discipline and ability to work efficiently with minimal supervision.

  • High accuracy of work. 

  • Organizational skills.

  • Ability to maintain the confidentiality of the data you deal with. 

  • Typing and language skills. 


Types of data entry jobs


1. Typists


The main role of a typist is to type various materials and data for the companies. There is a very high use of word processors to compile reports, keep the track of meeting minutes and other forms of written data.


Here are a few skills that you require to be a good typist:

  • Fast typing skills

  • Knowledge and ability to use a computer professionally.

  • Proficiency in word processing software like Google Docs, Apple Pages, and Microsoft Word. 

  • Good communication skills.

  • Ability to multitask and meet deadlines. 


2. Online form filling


In online form filling data entry jobs, you will be required to fill the forms online. A huge file will be given to you and you will have to carefully fill the form with the required data.


In this digital world, it is said that about 1 billion forms are required to fill each day. Some of the common clients when you work this job are banks, government agencies, and survey websites.


One of the main features of this job is to help the companies strengthen the relationship with the clients.


Few skills required for this form of data entry are:

  • Ability to maintain confidentiality.

  • Fast typing speed.

  • Very close attention to detail as missed sections and wrong information is unacceptable. 


3. Data formatting and editing


In these types of data entry jobs, you are required to format the data and they involve less amount of typing and more editing.


You may have to edit and formal word paragraphs and check for corrections, correct spelling mistakes, check the data in excel sheets, conversion of image file into a Word file or various audio files into text files.


Few skills required for this data entry jobs are: 

  • Proper knowledge of English and grammar.

  • Ability to focus.

  • Attention to details.

  • Proficiency in Ms. Excel as you may have to format and edit worksheets.


4. Updating Database 


Database refers to the data which is stored in a computer in a structured manner. This type of data entry job requires you to update various databases and create new ones as well.

Few examples of the data you might encounter during these jobs are Names, Ids, and other information that a company holds which may be of their clients, employees, etc.


Few skills required for this type of data entry jobs are: 

  • Good communication with the team.

  • Proficiency in database-related software.

  • Proper language and grammar skills.

  • Attention to details.

  • Ability to keep up and meet deadlines.

  • Ability to multitask. 


5. Payroll data entry operator


This is one of the most common data entry jobs that one can find. You are required to enter and keep track of the employees’ information and information regarding their salaries.

The data includes entering hours worked, tracking the benefits or the deductions that the workers may have based on their performance record.


Some skills required for this data entry job are:

  • High level of precision and focus while entering data.

  • Accuracy and attention to detail.

  • Proficiency in worksheets and database software. 

  • Good calculation skills.  



6. Online survey job

This type of data entry job requires you to take surveys online and in return, you get paid for it. These surveys are put up by various companies to test their products and get feedback.


This is one of the crucial parts of market research. You will be contributing by providing insightful data to the companies regarding what the consumers want and desire. This helps them to design and launch their products accordingly.


You can find various survey websites online which pay you as per the volume of the survey form and it may take up to 5-15 minutes of your time depending on the survey. 


7. Plain data entry


This type of data entry job usually involves writing words in Ms. Word. You might have to convert various PDF files to word files as per the instructions as well.


This is a comparatively simple data entry job as you will just have to type in words into the Word files or Excel sheets. 


However, few key skills are necessary for this job. 

  • Fast typing speed.

  • Basic knowledge of Word and Excel.

  • Good English and grammar.

  • Good reading skills. 

  • Focus and attention to detail. 


8. Data cleaning


These types of data entry jobs involve finding errors and cleansing data in Ms. Word and Ms. Excel.


The majority of the tasks that you do will revolve around implementing or removing data in the database software which are not written properly, are professional, outdated, improperly formatted, or are duplicated.


Few skills required for this data entry jobs are: 

  • Attention to detail.

  • Good language and grammar skills.

  • Focus and speed.

  • Keeping up with the new data.

  • Ability to meet deadlines. 


9. Captioning 


This is a more advanced and professional data entry job as you are required to write captions and headings for articles in newspapers, blogs, and magazines.


These jobs are comparatively hard to find and require more than just typing and computer skills.

You can also make money by typing subtitles however this too requires a great deal of knowledge and proficiency in languages.


Few skills required for a captioning job are:

  • Creativity.

  • Excellent language and typing skills. 

  • A portfolio is considered a plus as well. 

  • Certifications are recommended as this is a highly skillful job. 


10. Audio to text


The skill level required for this data entry job is comparatively high as well. In this job, you will be required to listen to various audio files provided by the company and will have to convert or reproduce them in text or a word format.


This job is quite tough as you don't only require good typing skills and knowledge of databases but also listening and writing skills have to be top-notch.


Few skills required for this data entry jobs are:

  • Excellent active listening skills.

  • Excellent language skills.

  • Accurate translation. 

  • Ability to multitask. 

  • Precision and focus. 

  • Proficiency in database software. 


Merits and demerits of a data entry job

Even though a data entry job may sound simple and easy to deal with, there are various perks and downsides to having a data entry job. 



  • You can work remotely and have a flexible work schedule.

  • The minimum qualification for most data entry jobs is a high school diploma which makes it easier for everyone to have a job. 

  • The skills required are minimum and easy to learn. 

  • The pay rate is decent. 

  • Will help you gain experience and learn about professionalism if you are a student. 

  • Easily available. 



  • Students might find it hard to manage time and get stressed out. 

  • These jobs are strict with accuracy and deadlines. 

  • Constantly looking at the screen might bring health issues such as bad eyesight, headaches, and back pain. 

  • You might find a lot of scam websites online while looking for a job. 

  • It is hard to keep focus and maintain motivation while working remotely for some people.


The best platform to find a data entry job in Nepal - Rolling job

While looking for a job online, there are very high chances of being scammed; especially with jobs like data entry which require fewer qualifications and are easily accessible.


Rolling job is one of the best genuine platforms for job seekers in Nepal. The platform provides jobs in all the domains imaginable as per your choice and flexibly whether you wish to work remotely or go to an office.


The platform also provides tons of vacancies for data entry jobs in various companies where you can work online or in-house. 


Visit to apply for data entry jobs in Nepal. 


Data entry is undoubtedly one of the most in-demand jobs in this digital world today.


It has provided an opportunity for employment to numerous people and has helped them gain independence through a simple job no matter where they are and how old they may be.


However, one of the most important things to keep in mind while applying for this job is to apply via a trustworthy platform and learn about the company you are thinking of working for thoroughly. 


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