How to get Jobs in Dubai from Nepal

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Dubai has been one of the most destined places for tourist attraction and the labor market too. With the advanced technologies and tourist hubs, Dubai has set the hallmark of being a center of attraction and also a promising place for the labor market. Tons of people from South Asia and developing nations prefer Dubai as their workplace to deliver their caliber and labor. Which, Nepal is also one of the top nations to choose Dubai as the working option. 


In fact, the job market of Dubai is getting diverse and there are many opportunities for the labor to indulge in the sector like security, hospitality, construction, household, cleaning, and many more. Generally, Dubai employers hire unskilled or semi-skilled Nepalese migrant workers for the sectors mentioned above. Also, Dubai has been the paramount hub for the labor market due to following reasons:


  • Handsome pays
  • Attractive allowances
  • Incentives such as free-living, accommodation, meals


In general, Nepalese go to Dubai as laborers for construction, cleaning, hospitality, household chores, and security jobs and get good pay too. The working visas differ according to the work contract tenure. One can contact valid and trustable manpower agencies to go for Dubai as there have been many fraudulent when it comes to such agencies.


Things to consider to get jobs in Dubai


  • One is required to get a residency Visa that is valid for about 3 years along with health check-ups.



  • The documents and forms that need to be translated into the Arabic language include the employment contract and the copies that need to be submitted to the Department of Labor.


Note: The employer must take sole responsibility for the work permit, visa procedures, and visa sponsorship. And the working visa procedure starts with all the paperwork and giving the written job contract to the worker/job applicant from the employer.


  • Only after the verification of the employment visa application and sponsorship, the UAE Immigration Department gets in touch with the applicant and gives the permit to enter UAE legally.


  • After the applicant reaches UAE, he/she must apply for a health check-up that includes a blood test and chest X-ray.


  • Then the medical report along with written job offer verification and work visa application and passport copies need to be submitted to the Department of Health and Medical Service.


  • You need to apply for the labor card with the submission of medical reports, employer’s labor license, passport-sized photos, copies of the entry visa, and employment contract to the Ministry of Labor.


  • After the completion of all these procedures, you are required to apply for the Residence Visa along with the other documents. You need to submit the form to the Dubai General Directorate of Residency and Foreign Affairs.


While applying for jobs in Dubai from Nepal, an applicant must be in good mental and physical health. One should know the job market to get involved. One can contact various trusted Consultancy and Manpower agencies if one is thinking of entering the labor market of Dubai. The legal procedures should be implemented without any fraud. 


If one is highly skilled and wants to foster a career in Dubai, then the Tech industry, HR, banking, and consulting are also good ones. As Dubai seeks more employees and is always proactive to fill the gap by hiring, one must be assured about his/her job market, and career options and apply for the better option. Also, the Free Ticket Free Visa scheme of the government has encouraged migrant workers to prefer Dubai. One should be sure about the UAE rules, regulations, and procedures before entering there.


So, all the best!





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