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Does the military interest you? Do you think you have got the knack for jobs in the Nepal Army? Well if you do then this article is for people like you. 


Nepal Army is the military branch of the Nepalese Armed Force (APF). It was previously known as the Gurkha Army. Founded in 1762 BS, Nepal Army, now over 260 years later, has been running successfully. 


More than 95000 Nepali citizens have been currently employed as forces in the Nepal Army.


There are a lot of requirements to get recruited in the army from educational background to expertise to discipline. 




There are important criteria that one should fit into to be eligible for the jobs in Nepal Army.

  • You should be a Nepali citizen.

  • You cannot be someone who is a convicted criminal.

  • You cannot be a convicted violator of human rights.

  • You cannot be someone the government removed for being ineligible for its services in the future.

  • You should have all the qualifications as listed in the terms and conditions of the service. 




If you are serious about pursuing army jobs then you are probably aware of how physically and mentally demanding it can get. 


Jobs in the Nepal army are full of different kinds of challenges and for you to face those you need to prepare with a wide array of skills. 


From fighting in wars to rescuing victims of natural disasters, army jobs require you to have demonstrated knowledge of varieties of skills. 


Skills required to be in the army

  • A strong sense of patriotism and willingness to put the nation first

  • Physical fitness and a great stamina 

  • Ability to work in teams and support one another to achieve common goals 

  • Ability to lead and infuse confidence in others 

  • Diplomatic abilities 

  • Strong communication skills 

  • Ability to focus and react promptly 

  • Problem-solving and reasoning skills 

  • Adaptability and flexibility 

  • Ability to stay calm and work well under pressure

  • Self-sufficiency


Nepal Army jobs


Nepal Army has several types of job titles. And each of them has a distinct set of requirements. 


The qualities are based on education, training, physical attributes, and more. And training is one of the major factors that makes an army person competent. 


Candidates need to go through rigorous training to get selected for Nepal Army. Moreover, each of these ranks has separate training procedures and day-to-day duties.


Types of jobs in Nepal Army




A recruit is someone who has just joined the army. They are also known as followers.


A recruit belongs to the non-combatant category of the military.  


This is the foundation rank. You need to go through compulsory soldier’s basic training during this rank.


After the successful completion of the basic combat training, you get to move up the ladder of the ranks in the Nepal Army. 


The salary is 19,476 Nrs. 


A private is a non-combatant soldier. It is the lowest rank in the army. Most soldiers acquire this rank during basic combat training. 


Privates don’t have any badge on them. Recruits who have gone through the basic combat training get to become privates depending on the sporadic disciplinary activities that are carried out. 


The required training for privates is Unit Basic Training, NCO Cadre Grade 3, and Third Class Education. 


As a private, you must follow the command of your superior officers using your best efforts. 


The salary is 26, 192 Nrs.


Lance corporal


Lance corporal is another military rank. On the leave of rank, it is right above the private and below the corporal. 


Lance corporal is usually the lowest non-commissioned officer in the military. 


The duties would include serving as a second in command of a division and overseeing small groups of recruits.


They are also the combat leader and are responsible for the conduct of their team members. 


The mandatory training for lance corporal is one course on Admin or Sp. 


The salary is around 26,800 Nrs. 




Another job in Nepal Army is the rank of corporal. 


They are responsible for supervising a division or the smallest group of soldiers and carrying out instruction duties. 

Moreover, corporals oversee the individual training, outward appearance, hygiene, and sanitation of soldiers.  


They typically serve as the team leader for a small squad of soldiers in the Nepal Army. 


The mandatory training for corporal is NCO Cadre Grade 2. 


And, the salary is around 27,148 Nrs.




The sergeant is a rank above corporal and is also a non-commissioned one. It is usually the lowest rank of sergeant since there are higher ranks of sergeants as well with some added words.


In the Nepal Army, a sergeant rank correlates to a leader of a section. Similarly, sergeants give orders to a small team of soldiers. 


Supervising soldiers on their everyday duty and setting a level of attainment for lower-ranking soldiers to achieve and maintain are some of the responsibilities of a sergeant. 


A sergeant is someone experienced in the command of armies. 


The mandatory training for a sergeant is NCO Cadre Grade 1 and Second Class Education. And, the salary is 27,360 Nrs.


Warrant officer I


Warrant Officers in the army perform duties as technical experts. 


They conduct training and leadership programs and offer mentorship and assistance to other warrant officers and so on. 


They also come up with plans and strategies for a different set of actions. Likewise, they also provide directions and give orders in the technical areas. 


They are also responsible for keeping the military equipment functional and combining technology into the battles. 

Moreover, the required training for warrant officer I is Senior JCO Cadre and First-Class Education. And, the salary is 31,886 Nrs.


Officer Cadet


Officer cadets are candidates who have gone through the training and have become officers in the army. 


They do not have any insignia on them. The required training for officer cadets is Officers’ Basic Course. 


The selected applicants will have to face 18 months of training at the Officer Cadet Training Centre located in Bhaktapur. 


Along with that, they also have to sit for written exams and appear for several kinds of psychological tests as well. 


Some of the responsibilities of officer cadets include assisting trainees with perspectives, appearances, military courtesy, discipline, and so on. 


The salary is 36,600 Nrs. 


Second Lieutenant


In the order of rank, the Second lieutenant is a junior commissioned officer in the Nepal army. 


They are responsible to guide the soldiers in combat or prepare and train them for the likelihood of it. They work in proximity with sergeant and division leaders. 


Similarly, second lieutenants give the order and the sergeant passes those orders onto the team leaders and other soldiers. 


Also, they have to make sure that all the members of the military unit under them are familiar with the mission-essential task list and can carry it out without making any mistakes. 


The obligatory training for the second lieutenant is the PCBC Commando Specialization Course which consists of jungle warfare, mountain warfare, or Sp wpn. 


The salary is 35,990 Nrs.




A lieutenant in the Nepal army is a junior commissioned officer. 


They are responsible for overseeing managerial duties and helping area commanders. They also lead a small tactical squad. 


Lieutenants are expected to be a leader and put the troops first. They are also required to understand the duty of other commanders.


Overall, they are in charge of the Operations, intelligence, and Training departments.


The requisite training for lieutenants is the same as second lieutenants. And, the salary is 44,666 Nrs. 




The captain in Nepal Army is a commissioned officer who serves as a commander of a unit of 60 to 200 soldiers.


They are usually helped by a non-commissioned officer in leading the company of soldiers. 


Captain in the army possibly also teaches in the army school or training center or performs duties as a battalion staff officer.


Moreover, a staff officer helps the battalion commander instead of commanding the troops. 


Also, a company commander supervises the strategies and diplomacies and the overall performance of the soldiers under them. 


The necessary training for a captain is CCSC. And, the salary is 46,862 Nrs.


Major is another rank in the Nepal army of commissioned officer status. 


Majors in the army carry out the tasks as primary staff officers for brigade and task force command and are in charge of personnel, logistical and operational missions.


As a major, you would be responsible for overseeing several strategic roles and leading and guiding military groups. 


Besides, you would be serving as an operations officer for troops sized of 300 to 1200 soldiers. 


A major is one of the highly regarded ranks in the Nepal Army. 


The mandatory training for major is staff college. And, the salary is 51,148 Nrs.


Brigadier General


Brigadier General is the lowest ranking general in the military typically sitting in between the ranks of colonel and major general.


Once they are selected to a field command, a brigadier general is usually in command of a brigade of 4,000 soldiers.


Similarly, a brigadier general carries out a duty as the advisor and deputy commander to a major general leading a troop-sized unit of 10,000 to 15,000 soldiers. 


Moreover, they also help in looking over the strategic planning and organizing for the effectiveness of the division. 


The required training for Brigadier General is War College. And, the salary is 59,500 Nrs. 




There are many job benefits that you will be getting in the Nepal army jobs. The benefits of being in the military are almost nonexistent with other types of jobs. 


From health benefits to pension and whatnot, these benefits will make it easier for you to live life after your retirement too.


Benefits of joining the Nepal Army

  • Guaranteed basic salary with additional bonuses and allowances

  • Financial aids for educational purposes

  • Medical insurance/ Health benefits

  • Retirement Benefits

  • Home loans and subsidies 

  • Rewarding incentives

  • Family, spouse, and children services

  • Opportunities to acquire valuable skills and training

  • Holidays and recreational perks 


So, now we are positive that you have moved on from contemplating to considering joining the jobs in Nepal Army. A good decision, indeed. All the best! 




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