Most Common Jobs in Nepal

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Nepal has its fair share of common jobs. And even from the list of the common, some jobs are highly prevalent within the country.


A lot of factors are responsible for these jobs to be the most common in Nepal. Some of them are the general population, their socio-economic status, education, accessibility to the different infrastructure of development.


Whatever influence has contributed them to be the most common jobs in Nepal, they still require expertise.


Speaking of skills, “we have so much in common”, said one common job to the other. *cue chuckle*


Skills required for the most common jobs

  • Verbal and written communication skills

  • Attention to details 

  • Innovation 

  • Creativity 

  • Business/finance/ mathematical acumen 

  • Teamwork 

  • Ability work under pressure

  • Problem-solving skills 

  • Motivation and resilience

Now moving on to the list of the most common jobs in Nepal. These jobs individually entail their requirements, skills, duties, and responsibilities. 


Most common jobs in Nepal




Farmers are one of the greatest yet underrated assets of our nation. We need farmers to sustain our lives. Since ours is a developing country, the majority of people depend on farming to earn their livelihood. 


While people are continuing the generation-old traditional farming, now with the help of technology and education, the farming system has been changing for quite some time. 


There are a lot of other advantages to modern farming techniques. It does not require intense labor and is less time-consuming.


Nowadays in Nepal, you can pursue degrees of your choice in agriculture and get relevant jobs in the field. 


Educated farmers are what this country needs. It would benefit a great deal to both farmers and consumers. 


Farmers are people responsible for growing crops and rearing animals for food for the large mass of people.


And, reformed farming methods can be encouraging and provide farmers options to make the best decisions while being mindful of consumers as well.




Another most common job in Nepal is teaching. Teachers' job is to educate students on a particular subject meanwhile motivating them to perform better.


As a teacher, your duties are to be updated with curriculums and lessons before teaching and create a respectful environment in the classroom. 


A teacher ought to know how to provide a safe learning space for the students while making sure they follow established guidelines without putting too much pressure on them.


Likewise, communicating with other staff and parents/guardians regarding the students’ progress and grades are the responsibilities of teachers as well. 


The qualifications for a teacher are excellent verbal and written communication skills, good knowledge of teaching methods, ability to build effective relationships, leadership, and organizational skills. 


Your level of education determines what grades you will be teaching. Also, candidates with a bachelor's degree and a few years of experience are highly prioritized. 




Engineers design, plan, and develop new products by applying mathematics and science. They look over technical aspects of different projects in diverse fields.


As an engineer your work entails preparing budget estimations, creating detailed project requirements, following safety regulations, meeting deadlines, complete projects within budget, and so on.


The essential skills engineers need to have are advanced technical skills, innovative, analytical, and mathematical skills, the ability to comprehend complex concepts and knowledge of using tools and equipment, etc. 


Some of the popular types of engineers in Nepal are Civil, Architecture, Electrical, Computer, Mechanical, and more.


You can pursue any or other fields from engineering and apply for a job after your graduation. You could also look for an internship and eventually go for a full-time job


Since our country is still in its developing phase, there is greater scope for engineers here. If you are someone with potential then you can find an engineering job where you can prove your dedication. 


Construction worker


Construction workers are people who work on different sites constructing buildings, bridges, roads, etc. 


Not all construction workers carry out the same task. Some of the general construction workers' duties are running heavy machines and equipment, loading and unloading materials, scaffolding.


They are also responsible for removing debris and hazardous materials from construction sites, helping with transport, and following health and safety guidelines.


The job requirements for construction workers are committed to working long hour shifts, familiarity with operating different tools and equipment, a good understanding of construction procedures, compliance with safety rules, and so on.


While formal education is not mandatory, 12th passed candidates are still preferred. 


There are a lot of construction projects going on in Nepal. You can search for the one that might interest you, network with contractors, and see if they will hire you.




A hotelier is someone who is an owner or manager of a hotel. They are also known as hotel managers.


Hoteliers hire new staff, manage employees, and the hotel ensuring that everything is running smoothly. 


When somebody says they would like to speak to the manager of the hotel the person they are referring to is the hotelier. 


Hoteliers are responsible for training and overseeing staff, planning and managing budgets, maintaining monetary records, answering customers’ queries, promoting the hotel, and so on. 


You can find hotelier job vacancies in resorts, residential clubs, hotels, and lodges in Nepal.


A diploma or a graduate degree in Hotel Management or another similar field with few years of relevant experiences can make a valuable candidate.


The key skills for hoteliers are the ability to work long hour shifts, finance-related knowledge, customer service skills, and so on. 


Government jobs


Another one to make the list of most common jobs in Nepal are government jobs. 


There are several types of government jobs you can apply for based on your credentials. But you do need to prepare thoroughly way earlier since the competition is fierce. 


A lot of books are available on the market and you could also get help from the internet to face the Lok Sewa examinations. 


Reservations are also there for the inclusivity of the marginalized groups and communities of Nepal. 


While the process of being selected for a government job is tough, it does come with its perks and a lot of benefits such as job security and retirement benefits. 


Government jobs add reputation to one’s life and family. Plus, you will get promoted as you keep working and that means your payment will increase too.


Tour guide


It makes sense that the tour guide is another most common job because we welcome a huge number of tourists in Nepal every year.


Tour guides are people who take tourists to show them around different popular places, cultural and historical sites meanwhile providing them insights of the spots.


The basic responsibilities of a tour guide are doing comprehensive research on and about the visit areas, preparing for sightseeing, providing directions to visitors, coming up with interesting jokes and comments, and so on.


While a degree is not required, having one would still be advantageous. Similarly, you can get training and learn languages to earn qualifications for the job.


If you are someone with an extroverted personality, is good at public speaking, loves sharing knowledge and talking to new people then this job will suit you.


Working as a tour guide full time can be an all year round thing but at times the flow of tourists can slow down and your job can be seasonal too. 




A retailer is someone who buys goods in large quantities from wholesalers or manufacturers and sells them in smaller amounts to consumers. 


The duties of a retailer are dealing with customers’ questions, handling payments, ordering goods on time, showcasing products, managing stock, and so on.


The high school level of education will qualify for this job. Apart from that knowledge in the types of products and goods that the stores sell can give you an advantage as a candidate.


Previous work experiences are always preferred albeit freshers can still apply to be a retailer. 


You can be an independent retailer or apply for the position of a retailer in an existing retail business or franchise of a retail company. 


Both part-time and full-time retail jobs can be found across different stores and shopping complexes in Nepal. 


Healthcare Workers 


Health care workers provide care and service to patients and assist in improving their health. 


Their specialization varies depending on their training and education. 


Some healthcare workers focus on young children while others specialize in disabled or elderly people etc.


As a healthcare worker, your responsibilities are helping patients with simple hygiene activities, checking their vital signs, providing them medications, disposing of the garbage, compiling with the safety regulations, and more. 


In Nepal, health care workers are employed in childcare facilities, orphanages, old age homes, schools, and so on. 


The working hours are flexible and not restrictive like 9 to 5 jobs. 


Since it's an entry-level job, you work under the guidance of a nurse or other medical professionals. 




Businesses are different commercial lines of work. Occupations that deal with buying and selling of products for profit falls under business. 


It can be a manufacturing company, trade, clothing business, education institutes, entrepreneurship. 


Launching a startup is business whilst continuing to run the family's timber factory is also business. 


Whenever someone mentions business, we tend to paint a picture of some guy in a suit sitting on a swivel chair inside of a ⅚ storied tall building.


Well, the times have been changing now. You can start a business from the comfort of your home through your phone.

Some of the skills you would need for any type of business are business knowledge, project management, technical skills, supervision, finance and budgeting skills, and so on.


Likewise, you would also require some level of education. An undergrad degree in Business Administration or Business Management or other relevant fields is necessary.


Each of the most common jobs in Nepal is like a separate spectrum on its own. This means these jobs come along with so many opportunities that can take you further in your career. 


Common is the new unique. Now come on and do you! 


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