Tourism sector jobs in Nepal

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Despite being a small country with an area of 147,516 km², Nepal has managed to embody the ecosystem ranging from mountainous peaks to plains. 


The tourism industry is one of the most promising and sought-after sectors of Nepal and there are many jobs and employment opportunities


Tourism in Nepal 

Nepal is renowned for its riches in flora and fauna. Many tourists visit Nepal every year to experience its wilderness through adventure sports like bungee jumping, rafting, mountain flights, trekking, paragliding, and more. Out of all the highest peaks in the world, Mt Everest; the highest peak in the world and the third-highest peak, Mt Kanchenjunga lie in Nepal. 


There are a total of 12 National parks, one wildlife reserve, 6 conservation areas, and 13 buffer zones that extend from the Himalayan region to the Terai region. 

The ecosystem and the landmarks make Nepal a boon for tourism.


Along with the nature aspect of Nepal, the country is also a valued place for religion, culture, and spiritual exploration. The country is also the birthplace of Lord Buddha. 

Tourism in Nepal: Then vs Now


When democracy arrived in Nepal in the 1950s, tourism in the country paced up, and the doors for tourists in the country have been open ever since. Due to a large number of mountains in the country, the peaks were the main source of attraction, and many peaks of Nepal were scaled after the 1950s as well. 

The 1950s are also said to be the golden age of tourism in Nepal. In 1955, Nepal became a member of the United Nations Organization; this helped boost the tourism sector. 

Nepal also has its name embedded in the Hippie era when many hippies travelled across countries to make it to the capital of the country, Kathmandu. 

To this day, tourism is embedded in the identity of the country as it serves a huge part of the country’s economy. Also, even today, we can still see the reminiscence of the hippies in the streets of Kathmandu. 


Contrary to the past, nowadays, tourists are not only attracted to the mountains and marijuana, but also the culture, food, architecture, hospitality, and the small details that lie within the streets of the country are valued for their uniqueness and beauty. 

It's no surprise that the country with the only living goddess; Kumari, invited 1,197,191 tourists in 2019. 


However, with the announcement of lockdown due to the pandemic caused by the coronavirus, tourism in Nepal has dropped significantly and in the year 2020, the report from the Nepal Tourism Board states that only 230,085 tourists visited Nepal which was the lowest in 34 years. 

A career in tourism in Nepal

Many people have been building careers in tourism for the longest time. Due to the geographical structure of Nepal, most of the development and employment opportunities in the mountainous region come from tourism. People have been working with the tourists for the longest time due to the rise of tourism; climbing mountains with the “sherpas” is a common practice for the majority of the mountaineers. 


Nepalis have been working in the tourism industry for decades through travel agencies, as your guides, establishing homestays and hotels, establishing travel supplies companies, and much more. 


If you wish to have a career in tourism and would like to pursue a degree in tourism, here are a few institutions that provide courses related to tourism and hospitality. 

  • Nepal Academy of Tourism and Hotel Management 

  • Nepal College of Travel and Tourism Management 

  • Public Youth Campus

  • Valley College Hospitality and Management 


The minimum criteria to apply for a bachelor's degree in the tourism and management sector is an equivalency of +2 as well as one must have studied English in their high school courses. 


Beliefs of tourism sector jobs:

  • You will get to travel as a part of your job

  • Tourism in Nepal is still flourishing thus, you will get several employment opportunities. 

  • You will be culturally aware since you will be having intercultural interactions.

  • You will meet new people.

  • You will have an international network. 

  • You will help connect rural areas with exposure and employment through tourism. 

  • The salary range of jobs in tourism vary according to your qualifications as well as your strategic networking skills; you won't have to worry about being unemployed. 

  • You will get the chance to go on adventures and adventure sports as a perk of your job. 

  • A life of adventure and fun while earning money. 

  • Tourism is a broad industry therefore you won't be limited to a job in one area. 


Jobs in the tourism industry of Nepal

  • Travel Agency Manager


A travel agency manager is someone responsible for the organization, planning, coordination, bookings, and overall activities of a travel agency. To work as a travel agency manager, one must have completed an education in the related field and must have an in-depth knowledge of travelling, tourism, and management. 


A travel agency manager is primarily responsible for the smooth running of the company. As an agency manager, here are a few tasks that you may have to do: 

  1. Organizing recruitment, training as well as administration.

  2. Task allocation and supervision 

  3. Connecting with head office and your operators for marketing.

  4. Writing reports and keeping records to present them to the head office. 

  5. Holding meetings, designing and selling packages, etc. 

  • Travel Consultant


A travel consultant is someone who specializes in the coordination, booking as well as travelling arrangements of clients. The service of a travel consultant is more specialized and a travel consultant does not represent a travel agency. 


To be a travel consultant, the most important element is your experience and your knowledge regarding tourism and travel destinations. Your clients need to have the full experience of the life of the destination they wish to go to. 

This is one of the jobs that you can do as a freelancer as well. 

  • Tourist guide


To be a tour guide/ tourist guide in Nepal, you need to have a license. Having a diploma is mandatory and you will have to complete an eight-week-long training which is provided by NATHM every year. 


Here are some skills to have if you wish to be a tour guide:

  1. Strong communication skills

  2. Ability to speak good English

  3. Extroversion 

  4. In-depth knowledge of the travel route and destination

  5. Networking skills

  • Online travel agent


An online travel agent/agency is an online-based marketplace that allows you to connect and research travel-related supplies and book packages. 


If you wish to work as an online travel agent, it is a must that you build a solid brand name as well as a reliable portfolio. When you take your company online, you are competing in an international market as the Internet connects us with everyone in the world. 


Here are a few tips if you'd like to work as an online travel agent: 

  1. Build a solid brand name 

  2. Focus on marketing and aggressive advertising 

  3. Have a strategy and plan ahead

  4. Register your company

  5. Provide more value than your competitors 

  6. Hire employees 

  • PR manager


A tourism public relations manager is an extremely important position for a company that falls under the tourism industry. The main role of a PR manager is to build and implement the PR strategy of the company, heighten the companies reputation and brand name and ensure effective media coverage. 


In tourism, public relations are more than necessary because your relationship with your past and current client's, the media, and all the people you're linked to in terms of flooding, lodging, management, guides, etc will determine the future of your company and the number of customers you will attract. 


Here are some qualifications you need to have as a PR manager:

  1. A bachelor's degree in a related field. 

  2. A few years of experience in PR

  3. Excellent verbal and nonverbal communication skills

  4. Interpersonal skills

  5. Planning and decision making

  6. Knowledgeable regarding media and branding

  • Event Planner/Coordinator


An event planner or an event manager is one of the most valued jobs in the tourism sector. Every year, events act as one of the attractions and motivating factors for tourists to travel places. Therefore, the development of tourism is also directly interlinked to the development of event management. 


Here are some tips on becoming an event planner: 

  1. Bachelor's degree in business, communication, public relations, or related fields.

  2. Organizational skills

  3. Communication and networking

  4. Proper knowledge regarding events 

  5. Negotiation and budget management 

  6. Client first approach

  • Tourism Marketing Manager 


A marketing manager is someone who is primarily responsible for the management of promotion and advertising of the organization they are associated with. As a tourism marketing manager, you will be expected to promote tourism in your region through different advertisements and promotions with the use of various platforms. You will also have to interact with tourists all over the world and promote the tourism of your region and bring more tourists to your area. 


Here are some skills needed for a tourism marketing manager: 

  1. Analytical and critical thinking skills

  2. Creativity and networking skills

  3. Project management 

  4. Ability to see the big picture 

  5. Persuasion and interpersonal skills 

  • Hospitality 


Hospitality is one of the key components of tourism. All the tourists need a place to stay and as a tourist, one expects to get the best possible service with a warm welcome. Many Resorts, restaurants, homestays, and other elements of the hospitality industries are largely dependent upon tourism. 


Here are a few skills required to work in the hospitality industry:

  1. A degree in the hospitality-related sector

  2. Strong customer service skills

  3. Language skills

  4. Cultural awareness 

  5. Formal training

  • Nepal Tourism Board


Nepal Tourism Board is an autonomous statutory body that was constituted to replace the erstwhile Department of Tourism. The primary function of the Nepal Tourism Board is to act as the national tourism organization which promotes Nepal as a quality travel destination. 

 NTB is a partially government-owned organization and one of the best platforms in the tourism industry of Nepal. 

You can apply to your desired position after reading the eligibility and qualifications criteria once there is a vacancy announcement and the jobs are provided on a contract basis. 


Mother nature has blessed Nepal with humongous opportunities for tourism and hospitality. It is said that the beauty of the country is equivalent to heaven itself. The tourism industry in Nepal is growing and holds maximum opportunity for employment opportunities as well. 


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