Freelancing Jobs in Nepal : How to start with a freelancing project?

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Today, working freelance is a very common practice once you acquire professional skills in an area. Many people and even college students work freelance when they are unable to dedicate their time to a 9-5 job.


By definition, working freelance refers to working for oneself rather than working for a company. Freelancers are self-employed. 


What is a freelance job?

A freelance job refers to working for themselves rather than representing and working for another company. The clients of a freelancer search and visit the person of interest directly rather than going to a company.


As a part of the freelancing job, you may have clients that are companies and organizations, but you are self-employed and the payment received will be all yours.  


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Tips to start your freelancing project

  1. Be aware of your strengths and weaknesses. Learn how to work on and grow your strengths. 

  1. While working freelance, you need to understand your target market thoroughly. 

  1. You need to be clear and have a fixed cost and rates for your clients as a freelancer depending on your level of expertise. 

  1. Have a website, a business card, and build a solid personal brand. 

  1. Collect feedback regarding your skills and services. 

  1. Build your network as a freelancer and have a solid first impression. 

  1. Make use out of online freelancing websites like Fiver, Freelancer, Upwork, etc. 

  1. Build a solid portfolio. 

  1. Become an expert rather than a jack of all trades. 

  1. Build solid relationships with clients. 

  1. Be flexible.

  1. Research and keep learning. 


List of freelancing jobs 


Freelancing has both its perks and its losses. When done right it can provide you with freedom, opportunity, and choice. There are many job options to choose from as a freelancer, however, you need to enhance the skills that you already have. 


Freelancing is also one most common jobs done by college students to meet their expenses, expand their portfolio, or make a career out of it. 


Here is the list of a few freelancing job options you can choose from: 

1. Blogging

Becoming a successful blogger is an aspiration of many writers. Working as a freelance blogger, writing about all the things you wish to share while having a huge range of audiences who get you and appreciate you are a blessing. However, being a freelance blogger with a wide audience and getting paid for your work is not easy. 


Here are a few tips on freelance blogging: 

  • Use platforms and websites which provide paid blogging jobs online. 

  • Start building and growing your online presence.

  • Find your niche.

  • Use effective and charismatic writing skills. 

  • You need to pitch regularly and expand your network as a writer. 

  • Start your blog and be regular with the postings. 

  • Build organic traffic to the blog.

  • You can start making money by selling ads on your website. 


2. Social media manager


The main role of a social media manager is to respond to the audience's comments, manage social media partnerships, create and post images and videos, practice social media marketing and grow the online presence of the company. They also gather the data and perform analysis of the social media insights and growth rate. 


Here are few tips on working as a freelance social media manager:

  • Build experience with social media. You can also apply for internships at various organizations. 

  • Specializing on a certain platform will add as a bonus. 

  • Understand the algorithm of the social media platforms. 

  • Tell people about what you bring to the table and bring value to your work. 

  • Keep track of results. 


3. Logo design/Graphics design 


Logo designing and services in graphic designing are one of the most common ways to earn clientele as a freelance worker. However, this freelance job requires expert-level skills in graphic designing, using designing software like Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, etc. 


If you have proficiency in graphic designing apps and are pursuing a degree related to designing, you can work as a freelance logo designer/graphic designer.


Here are some additional tips to succeed as a freelance logo/graphic designer: 

  • Evaluate the brand/company you are working for. 

  • Understand and be clear on what your client wants. 

  • Learn excellent communication skills.

  • Evaluate and research the industry.

  • Have a unique style and showcase what sets you apart. 

  • Sketch a variety of logo concepts and alternative designs. 

  • Be creative. 


4. Photography 


A freelance photographer is someone who takes pictures as per the contract and is self-employed. The contract according to which freelance photographers work is specific to each client. The most important aspect as a freelance photographer is to have an impressive portfolio and marketing yourself through your work. 


Here are a few tips to work as a freelance photographer: 

  • Create a specific niche style and practice travel photography. 

  • Charge according to your expertise and experience. 

  • Purchase the necessary equipment without compromising. 

  • Learn photo editing skills.

  • Build your network.

  • Use your available resources to build a portfolio. 

  • Have a solid social media presence as a freelance photographer


5. Video editor


A freelance video editor takes all the raw materials of the clients and turns them into a finished product as per the demands of the client. The raw footage provided is combined with audio, graphics, effects, and filters to give the clear message that the client is seeking. 


If you wish to be a freelance video editor, you must be passionate about filmmaking, cinematography, and videos. This job requires a high level of motivation and commitment to stay in a place re-edit a hundred times to get the final result. To become a successful video editor, you can have a degree in filmmaking and media. 


Here are some tips to work as a freelance video editor:

  • Use the right software and own a fast processing computer. 

  • Watch video editing tutorials and research. 

  • Find your style and build a portfolio. 

  • Register with freelancing websites like Upwork. 

  • Avoid jump cuts while editing.

  • Tell a story through your videos.

  • Always keep a backup file. 


6. Data entry


A freelance data entry job is one of the most common jobs pursued by college students. This job only requires a high school diploma and can be done remotely as well. 


The role of data entry consists of entering a varied form of data from various resources into the company’s system for processing and management. Even though this job requires minimum academic certification, you need to be very careful with the accuracy, precision, and consistency of the data you enter as the data is crucial for the company and errors will create a problem in the company's system. 


Here are some tips for freelance data entry jobs:

  • Increase your typing speed. 

  • Be an expert in excel and spreadsheets.

  • Pay attention to detail. 

  • This job is tiring therefore you need to build focus and motivation. 

  • Research to improve your accuracy.

  • Learn how to multitask. 


7. Digital Marketing 


One can work as a freelance digital marketing expert if she/he has proficiency in multiple ranges of skills like content, copywriting, social media, search engine optimization, ad creation, strategy building, website building, and designing. 


The demand for digital marketing is increasing and a freelancing job in digital marketing is a really good option to consider. 

Even though there are no specific qualifications required for a digital marketing degree wise, having a degree that supports the career is a good choice. There are many resources online which can be used to learn digital marketing as well. 


Here are some tips to work as a freelancer in digital marketing: 

  • Know all the basics of digital marketing 

  • Become an expert in the SEO

  • Learn about advertising on social media.

  • Apply for internships.

  • Getting google ad certification. 


8. Art Director 


As a freelance art director, you will need to supervise and oversee all the creative aspects of visual production, media production, or advertising campaign. While working freelance, the needs, and demands of your work vary with each client. 


To work as a freelancing art director, you will need a degree in Art and Design. To work professionally as an art director, you will also need to have acquired experience working with other designers, fine artists, and people in the industry. Your potential and vision need to be valued and creative touch to your work is a must. 


Here are a few tips to getting a job as an art director:

  • Master working in teams and team communication. 

  • Learn effective project management.

  • Have a strong portfolio.

  • Get feedback. 

  • Creativity and vision 

  • Develop creative standards. 

  • Be confident


9. Programming 


Working as a freelance programmer is one of the best options in the freelance market. There is high demand for programmers and a shortage of skilled freelancers who can do the job. If you start as a freelance programmer, you can work with each client on a contract basis and generate a decent amount from each client depending on your expertise. 

To be a programmer, you will need to have expert-level IT skills and proficiency in Java, C++, SQL, C#, and HTML-like software. Mastering these skills is very difficult and requires lots of effort, motivation, and commitment. However, once you learn to program, you will find a freelancing job easily. 


Here are a few tips for aspiring freelancing programmers:

  • Build strong analytical and problem-solving skills.

  • Build a love for maths.

  • Expand your communication skills.

  • Know your target audiences.

  • Learn all required programming languages.

  • Learn content marketing. 


Below are some advantages and disadvantages of a freelancing job


Advantages of a freelancing job

  • You are your boss; you choose when and how you work.

  • Freedom to choose your clients. 

  • Flexibility and control of workload.

  • More exposure and benefits on personal branding. 

  • No bureaucracy.

  • You are away from office politics and gossip. 

  • You will be more passionate and invested in your project. 

  • No daily office stress and no 9-5 work hours. 


Disadvantages of freelancing jobs: 

  • You will be bustling constantly in the pursuit of new clients. 

  • Lack of structure and feeling of isolation. 

  • You will have to juggle multiple clients. 

  • No paid time off, bonuses, or day-offs.

  • You won't be able to enjoy additional benefits provided by the companies like healthcare. 

  • More self-discipline, motivation competency is required to be a successful freelancer. 

  • Freelancing is uncertain. There is no financial security like the one you'd get in a job. 

  • Freelancers require much more than the necessary skills to complete the work; communication, interpersonal skills, and PR are some of the many skills that you need to have. 


For someone who doesn't like to be bossed around, working as a freelancer may be a dream; however, freelancing comes with a huge amount of responsibility and pressure. Unless you are an expert with a solid personal brand and are already settled in the market as a sought-name, finding clientele as an aspiring freelancer is very difficult. 


If you wish to succeed as a freelancer, you need to be an expert, have a wide network, a high-value personal brand, solid relationships with clients, and high-value work. 


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