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In this economic world, having a job or a way to earn money is a must. In Nepal, people do a range of jobs, some to earn money and some out of their passion for something. There are various domains under which you can narrow down which job you want to do; the perks, the downsides, and everything in between. 

Private and Government jobs

Features of government jobs

  • Having a government job means you work for government-owned companies, departments, and agencies. 

  • The salaries are fixed, provided on time with the timely promotion

  • The job is very secure and it’s hard for you to get fired. 

  • The protocols are strictly set by the government. 


Features of a private job:

  • You work for a company that is owned by an individual. 

  • Getting promotions and timely salaries may be challenging depending on the company and the post you work on.

  • There is less job security in private jobs.

  • The company protocols are set by the executive and core team of the company and can be changed anytime. 


Entrepreneurs and CEOs who consider themselves self-paid fall under the private category as the companies are owned by an individual or group of individuals and are not owned by the government of Nepal. 


How to apply for government jobs in Nepal


All people in Nepal who wish to get a government job apply for the job through the Public Service Commission (Lok Sewa ayog). Here are a few things you should know while considering applying for a government job in Nepal:

  • To this day government jobs are put on a pedestal by many Nepalese, therefore there will be a lot of competition.

  • Learn and study the job and its requirements.

  • Be prepared to deal with the political dramas in the office. 

  • You have to pass an exam that requires intensive effort as the process is long and there are hundreds of competitors. 

  • There will be written exams, interviews, and other selection processes which can be implemented by the PSC before you get the job. 

  • The exam preparation is equivalent to studying for your boards in college or getting 1400 in your SATs

  • The perks of a government job make it worth every effort so the actual job after you've passed will be worth it. 


How to apply for a private job

You can apply for any private job in your desired company once the vacancy for the sought post is open. Here are a few things you should know before applying for a private job:

  • Your CV and work portfolio have a very big role in the recruitment process for a job in Nepal. If your CV is not proper, you might never make it past the application process. 

  • You can create an outstanding CV with platforms like rolling nexus online. 

  • The company has to view you as an asset; you need to have the skills that add value to the company. 

  • There is no job security when you get a private job like in a government job.

  • If you show incompetence, you will be fired. 


Jobs with salaries in Nepal 

  • Surgeon 


Salary range: 144,000 NPR - 471,000NPR


Being a surgeon is probably one of the highly regarded jobs in Nepal. Most parents want this career for their children and many individuals dream of becoming a surgeon someday. 


This job comes at a very high risk as you will be dealing with patients that have serious conditions and perform tough operations. This is not a job for the weak-hearted. 


To get this job in Nepal, you will have to complete your MBBS (Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery) and have all the qualifications and experience that are required to become a surgeon and perform surgery. 


The salary range of a surgeon varies from hospitals as well as their qualifications, experience, and expertise. 

  • Lawyers 


Salary range: 98,000 NPR - 321,000 NPR


This too is one of the most sought-after jobs in Nepal. To become a lawyer, you will need to pursue a law course (LLB) after completing your +2. 


You cannot become a lawyer in Nepal unless you go to a law school and get all the necessary qualifications to become an advocate. The total course duration is about 5 years depending on your approach. 


Being a lawyer comes with a huge amount of power and an even greater amount of responsibility. Lawyers are associated with justice therefore one should always be aware of their ethics and moral responsibility too. 

  • Chief Executive Officers


Salary range: 86,500 NPR - 283,000 NPR


Being a Chief Executive Officer or a CEO is a dream job held by many individuals today. This position comes with an overwhelming amount of responsibility and power to determine the state of the organization you work for. 


To become a CEO in Nepal, you will have to pursue your bachelor's in Business and management and then pursue an MBA degree. Since this is a very crucial position in any organization, you will require a range of skills to run an organization smoothly. 


To become a CEO, your leadership and organizational skills have to be at a very high level and you need to stand out from the crowd and be able to work with teams. This is not a job for everyone and if you wish to become a CEO, you will have to have a set of skills and experiences that make you qualified.

  • College Professors 


Salary range: 69,000NPR - 226,000 NPR


Being a professor is probably one of the most prestigious jobs that one can have in Nepal. It is so because being a professor requires a huge amount of learning and expertise as you have to be able to teach and tutor another young individual as well. 


Having a job where you have to teach students is not easy. You will require to have a vast knowledge of the domain you will be teaching about, be able to answer questions, and deal with the coursework. 


Being a professor in Nepal also means that you will have to constantly learn and be educated about new things that are being discovered and updated as well. You have to have a passion for learning and a love for teaching and sharing knowledge to be a good professor in Nepal. 


Most professors are required to be Ph.D. holders, however, it is not mandatory as long as you are extremely qualified to teach the students in a particular domain. 

  • Marketing Directors


Salary range: 51,900NPR - 170,000NPR


If you are a Marketing Director of an organization, you will be responsible for marketing and communications of the accompany. 


This too is a very crucial position in any company and the job of the marketing director is to lead the marketing department by providing guidance and direction to the team.  To apply for this job, it's preferred that you have a degree in marketing or business and the ability to sell a product is a must. 


To pursue this job in Nepal, you need to be highly knowledgeable and experienced in marketing and have a range of skills like leadership, effective communication, and have to be visionary. 

  • Architect 


Average salary: 360,000NPR


The job of an architect includes responsibilities like supervision of the construction process, managing the holistic impact of the projects, and designing them as well. To become an architect, you will have to have a degree in architecture and 3+ years of experience in the field. 


The buildings, structures, apartments, shopping centers, and all the fascinating monuments that we see today are the result of the hard work that comes when one has the job of an architect. 


Architects ensure that along with the physical appearance, the buildings are also functional, safe, economical, and as per the needs of their clients. 

  • Graphics designers


Salary range: 23,300NPR - 80,500NPR


The salaries provided to graphic designers in Nepal are largely based on experience and expertise.  To be a graphic designer in demand, you will require a degree in graphic designing or IT. 


The most important aspect when it comes to hiring a graphic designer in Nepal is the portfolio. Good graphic designers who have a high-paying job have years and years of experience with designing and expertise in the field. 


Creativity, probability, and knowledge of design and colors and IT skills are a must to get this job in Nepal. 

  • Nurse


Salary range: 50,000NPR - 150,000NPR


The primary job of a Nurse in Nepal is to provide nursing as well as medical care to the patients. This job comes with a key requirement of a loving and compassionate nature along with a degree in nursing. 


Some of the responsibilities that you have when you get a nursing job include conducting physical exams, taking detailed health care history of the patient, providing assistance to the patient, and coordinating with the doctors and the hospital staff. 

  • Waiter


Salary range: 13,000NPR - 39,200NPR


Even though being a waiter or a waitress may not sound like a dream career, many people in Nepal do this job and earn their living as it requires minimum academic qualifications.


The main role of a waiter or a waitress is taking orders and serving the food and beverages to the guests. If you are a waiter/waitress then you will have a very important role in customer satisfaction and the overall experience. 


The success rate of a restaurant in Nepal largely depends on the waiters apart from the food quality and ambiance, as the interaction and communication the guests have are large with the waiters. 

  • Receptionist 


Salary range: 13,700NPR - 46,100NPR


The primary job of a receptionist is to greet and provide excellent customer service as well as assistance to the guests. 


You will be answering calls, addressing most of the visitor questions and needs, and notifying company personals about the visitors if the need is while directing the guests into their respective departments. 


To be a good receptionist in Nepal, you will have to have good organizational skills, pay attention to details and have very strong customer service skills. The minimum qualification for most receptionists in Nepal is a high school diploma. 


With the growing economy, many job opportunities have emerged in Nepal as well. No matter how high or low someone's salary is, we need to keep in mind that no job is good or bad; we must be respectful towards all jobs and all people.  

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