Top Paying 10 Jobs in Nepal

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 Not all jobs pay the same and not all jobs that pay well are meant for you. But there definitely are top paying jobs in Nepal. And, if there are jobs that you want to pursue then you may be wondering if you can earn good money while doing that job. This article here breaks down the top paying 10 jobs in Nepal.




Chief Executive Officer (CEO) is the highest-ranking officer in any company. It is one of the top-paying jobs in Nepal. And it doesn't come easily because you need over ten years of working experience to be a CEO. 


Many have aspirations to be a CEO but very little to talk about everyday work challenges. A CEO alone has a lot of responsibilities to carry out in a company. They come up with strategies to make the company run smoothly. 


It would not be an exaggeration to say that the fate of the company lies in the CEO's hands for they decide what direction the company is taking. They are under pressure of executing their duty properly while also leading managers and other executive bodies.


CEOs need to make responsible decisions and make sure that their corporation is mobilizing resources constructively. They are like a bridge between general firms and the board of directors as well.


Similarly, CEOs look after the entire operation of a business. They took upon the role of board director to help make vital resolutions. Their job is to make sure they also validate the company's culture while building strategies for the company. 


Also, to be precise, the number of years it takes to become a CEO varies from companies and their sizes. It should be somewhere from 9 to 20 years or more. 


CEO as a position lies at the top of a career ladder and remains one of the most desirable positions in the business field. This position holds so much power and honor. 


The responsibilities and risks involved in the business along with the impact they create on the company explain the CEO’s huge remuneration.


Aviation Professionals 


Another one of the top-paying jobs in Nepal is from the Aviation industry. One needs a bachelor's degree along with a pilot or air control course and a year of experience to become an aviation professional.


The opportunities are rising with the increase in the number of private airlines in Nepal. If you want to pursue aviation as your career then you need to study science and later join for aviation/engineering. 


Pilots have to go through meticulous training programs and need to have over a thousand hours of flight experience. And once they are fit for the job, pilots are also responsible for the safety of hundreds and thousands of people every day. 


So, Aviation certainly is exciting. Plus, the money is really good. The average monthly salary of pilots is around 2 to 3 lakhs in Nepal. 


Medical Professionals 


Medical professionals include jobs as doctors, nurses, surgeons, and anybody who works in health care professionals. They are held to a high standard in Nepal. 


Doctors particularly are treated with so much respect and dignity in Nepali society. It also has to do with them having one of the top paying jobs in Nepal. 


Studying MBBS (Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery) requires a lot of continuous effort, hard work, impressive educational background, and a lot of money in case you don't get selected for the scholarship provision. 


A bachelor's degree is mandatory to be employed as a doctor in Nepal. Among all the medical professionals, surgeons are said to be earning the highest. 




A surgeon is a doctor who performs surgery and becoming one requires a whole lot of studying and experience. Surgeons have different specializations and that determines how much money they make.


Surgeon as a job is very challenging since other peoples’ lives depend on their expertise. A minimum of eight years of experience and an MD is required to become a surgeon. Which is why they also have one of the top paying jobs in Nepal. 


Some of the specialists in Nepal are Cardiac surgeon, Dental surgeon, Neurological surgeon, Colon, and Rectal surgeon, etc. Thus, among medical professionals, surgeons top the list of high paying professions because it requires substantial knowledge and also involves high risk due to the critical nature of the job. 


Similarly, general physicians also make a good sum of money. They provide a range of non-surgical health care to patients such as diagnosing, treating diseases, other common ailments, and so on. Their salary can range from 30k to 80k. The pay gets better if you work in bigger hospitals with a reputation. 


Likewise, specialists' salary starts from 80k and can go up to 250k Nepali rupees. In the case of nurses, their starting salary is 8k and can go only as high as 20k based on their experience. 


Medical experts work in various aspects of healthcare including but not limited to prescription, dentist, drug store, mental health care, birthing assistance, surgeon, and so on. 


It can be tough to get into the medical field in Nepal but once you are in you can earn a lot of money here. The average monthly salary does vary with the type of work. 


Law experts 


People who work in the field of law, providing legal services, have one of the top paying jobs in Nepal.


Lawyers hold such high values in the perception of their clients. A good lawyer can save you from a lot of troubles and expenses too. Which is why they get paid well.


In the same way, Judges often have to decide people’s fate and that counts as a lot of responsibility. So their high earnings sound perfectly reasonable too.


Besides, attorneys need a lot of instructions, tolerance, and openness. They also engage in disagreement and settle disputes alone. This explains people in the law sectors earning high salaries in Nepal. 


Lawyers gather, organize, and study legal documents for attorney review. They also research rules and laws for the preparation of case files. And importantly, as required, they communicate with clients and witnesses to schedule meetings and interviews. 


To be a lawyer, you can either go for a three-year Diploma in Law program called PCL or a Bachelor's Degree in Law (B.L.) program. Then for higher education, you can pursue a master's degree. 


Lawyers in Nepal earn within a range of 20 thousand to 20 lakhs rupees. They easily have one of the top paying jobs in Nepal.


There are public and private colleges where you can study law in Nepal.




Bankers are involved in the banking business and help raise the funds for the bank. They also provide finance-oriented supervision to people. Bankers do earn a good amount of money in Nepal. 


Also, many businesses hire bankers to professionally guide them with their accounting transaction. Bankers in Nepal can make around four lakhs rupees monthly. 


A person working in Banking in Nepal typically earns around 87,800 NPR per month. Salaries range from 27,600 NPR (lowest average) to 180,000 NPR (highest average, the actual maximum salary is higher). 


Moreover, Bank managers’ salary ranges from 92,300 NPR to 302,000 NPR. Bank managers are in charge of lakhs and crores of money from funds to investments and so on. 


And given the critical responsibilities, the risk that comes along with running a bank makes sense of bankers having top paying jobs. 


This is the average monthly salary including housing, transport, and other benefits. Salaries differ significantly among different banking jobs. 




Another from the list of top paying jobs in Nepal is Engineering. It is a famous career option all over the world. Even in Nepal, the craze for pursuing engineering is growing bigger only.


There are different types of engineering and among them, civil is supposed to be the better choice in Nepal. There are scholarship provisions in colleges where they teach engineering courses but the completion, as usual, is tough.


After completion of the Bachelor of Engineering, you can either work under some company or start your consultancy. 


Since Nepal is a developing nation, it still requires more civil engineers than the ones already are, which is believed to be around 25 thousand. Also, a civil engineer’s salary ranges from 25k to 5000k.


Similarly, an Information and innovation related expert can earn as much as 80k every month following a four-year college education and gaining 1-year participation in the field.


IT Professionals


IT (Information and Technology) as a profession is a very popular one in Nepal. There are varieties of job prospects within the spectrum of IT and also is one of the top paying jobs in Nepal.


You can study BSC CSIT or computer engineering from colleges/institutions under different universities in Nepal. There are more than five universities that are currently providing this degree.


The job can differ from technical officer to web designer. You would design websites and web applications as a web designer. And software designers create mobile applications, computer software, etc.


You need to be brilliant with PCs and coding. You are expected to be familiar with the development of software such as web apps, android apps, and so on.


There are plenty of organizations looking to employ software developers. The average salary of a software developer can be around one lakh Nepali rupees. And with time, there will be increments in the salary of course.


The salary for IT professionals varies depending on their position and company they work for. In general, it can range from thousands to lakhs.


For an IT graduate, the starting salary can only be 10k NPR but this will change as you gain more experience and a refined set of skills.


The salary range for people working in Nepal in the IT sector is usually from 16,679 NPR to 76,002 NPR (actual maximum salary is higher). This is the total monthly salary including bonuses/benefits.


You’ll need to study science in high-school and later join an engineering college if you want to pursue IT as your career.


Government Officials


Government jobs are one of the most sought after top paying job types in Nepal. They get so much praise and respect. Every year, thousands of people compete in demanding and tough examinations conducted by Lok Sewa Aayog to get government jobs.


There are various levels and divisions of government job positions. If you want to get government jobs right after completion of ten plus two then you can apply for application in non-gazetted rank. And should you want to chase an officer level post then you need to finish your bachelor’s degree first.


There are both technical and non-technical officer options. Someone who has studied BBA or BBS can apply for government officers in the Banking sector. Similarly, students from Engineering and IT can also apply for technical officers under their respective fields of interest.


During the budget publication for the year 2076/2077, the ministry of finance announced that there will be an increment of 20 percent in the basic salary of the non-gazetted and 18 percent in the basic salary of the gazetted civil servants.


The increment covers government employees, security persons, teachers, and state-owned corporation staffers.


And you can click here to know more about government jobs in Nepal




Managers are paid with a high amount of salary since they are essential bodies of any company. Their job entails a lot of thorough work at different levels solely encompassing as management in general. Their major duty would be to regulate and coordinate different activities that happen inside the organization.


Some of the experts at higher levels are paid an adequate amount of money. In the case of managers, normal average ones can make around five lakhs whereas experienced can make up to eight lakhs per month in Nepal.


Managers are responsible for managing various processes that are part of several projects of an organization.


You need to study management/commerce to become a management professional. Besides education, working experience in a similar field would be a pretty impressive plus point.


As a manager, you would be communicating with different people and carrying out many responsibilities while facing challenges such as conflict management, risk analysis, and so on from time to time.

Financial managers, human resource managers, marketing managers are the highest paying jobs in the country. The income scale depends on the type of firm you are working with. In a big and more reputed company, the pay for a manager is really good. 


To become a manager you will need years of experience supported by worthy qualifications. You will need a graduate and postgraduate degree in management and at least 10 years of experience.


However, to become a middle-level manager, an undergraduate degree with three years of experience may work.


Financial Manager


The educational level of accounting and finance and a master’s degree in finance is required to become a financial manager. They can earn about 1,17,000 NPR monthly. The experience should be somewhere between 10 to 15 years.


Regional Sales Manager 


Regional Sales Managers earn around 66k -67k NPR salary per month. The educational prerequisite should be related to the job and the experience of about 3 years is required to get this job position.


General Manager


General Managers typically earn about 60k NPR rupees monthly. The educational and experience level in executive and management and the experience of about five years is mandatory for the job position. 


Project Manager


Project Manager has arisen as another top paying job position in Nepal. The salary is about 50000 rupees monthly on average. Education should be related to executive and management skills for this job position. The experience of about 5 years is required. 


Chartered Accountant (CA) 


Chartered Accountant (CA) is another top paying job which also holds high regards in Nepal. They look after and lead business and accountancy. You need a lot of studying and preparing to become a CA.


CAs usually earn around 70k NPR per month. Their salary can range from 35,800 NPR to 108,000 NPR. This monthly income also includes housing, transport, and other benefits.


The salary scale of CAs varies depending on numerous aspects like the industry and city in which they are working and their experience so far etc.


Mainly after becoming a CA, there are 3 major areas where you can pursue your career. You can get into Auditing and Assurance Services which is a conventional CA thing. Or you could apply for a job in the industry. Or you can start your entrepreneurship venture which is very popular among the current generations.


For a fresher, it’s around 30k NPR at a decent company with an increment of around 10k another year. On average a CA in Nepal earns 60k NPR every month. 


Some jobs can pay you well and some not so much but it shouldn't matter as long as you get to do the job of your interest. And it can be confusing especially for freshers as to how to begin steps in professional life. 


Top paying jobs are something to be considered if you want financial stability and conveniences in life. And, what's there for more to ask if the career that is suitable for you also pays you good money? 








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