Bond of togetherness, graduation at 70s together

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Young by the spirit and energetic "Keshari Maiya Pradhan and Umeshwore Man Pradhan" graduating at the age of 76.

Flying hats, clicking pictures with the musketeers with a black coat, black hat and a certificate of accomplishment. The day when one gets the degree of education making parents feel proud after long years of study to step forward for better career and entangling with the memories of college fun, the 45th TU Convocation Day also gave the same scenario but amongst the fresh and young graduates, the pictures of a couple got viral in social media who passed Master’s Degree at the age of 76, Keshari Maiya Pradhan and Umeshwore Man Pradhan. “Age doesn’t bother education” and it has been proven by the couple. 

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Commencing the daily routine in the morning of 3 am, along with meditation and completing all the household chores and morning Yoga Classes, the anomalous couple used to go campus without missing the class for a single day. Formerly graduated in MSc Botany, Keshari Maiya Pradhan prolonged teaching as a career for forty years while her husband, Umeshwore Man Pradhan also embraced teaching as a profession for many years and started working as a government employee who passed Master’s degree in Economics earlier. After retirement, they continued their Yoga classes and the sudden thought sprung up on their mind to contribute something for their mother tongue. Following the advertisement for admission of MA in Nepal Bhasa, without any delay, they joined the classes at Central Department of Nepal Bhasa, Patandhoka consulting with the professors of the department. 

Recalling the campus days, they were respected by the students and teachers as well. The cordialness with the young minds encouraged them to join the classes daily. Hiding the secret about enrolment in a Master’s degree again with their son and daughter, they were amused and proud when they knew the truth. When the reminiscence of the struggles of education during the past era girdles the mind, Keshari Maiya Pradhan seems very happy and proud as girls were not permitted to go to school during that time. In a recent interview, they shared their objectives on getting enrolled at the age of seventies. A strong will to inspire the youths and to contribute to their mother tongue drove them, starving for immense knowledge. The couple denied sitting quietly in their retirement stage whereas they strove to gain knowledge and contribute to their mother tongue. 

“Age doesn’t matter if the matter does not age.” – Jean Paul

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