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What workplace ethics do you think should be followed to form a safe and secure work environment?

As the third wave of COVID-19 had already arrived in Nepal, does Nepal government need to take initiative to implement strict lockdown or other alternatives?

What changes can you feel after this lockdown over in the country? Has the goverment rushed to open the lockdown as the COVID cases are still increasing?

We saw the case of transgender violence in media few months ago. Many such cases keep happening in Nepal. What may be the potential causes of brutality against the LGBTIQ community?

What can and will you do to become better allies to the LGBTQIA+ community?

What steps should the government take to minimize the violence against the LGBTIQ community?

Are there any valid COVID helplines and the organizations working for COVID patients?

How can we ensure that we stay motivated during covid crisis?

What are the potential obstacles that aspiring entrepreneurs may face during and after the covid crisis?

How can we utilise our time staying indoors during a lockdown?

What can be the major reasons behind people leaving the Kathmandu valley and rushing to their hometowns in most of the disastrous situations like COVID-19 pandemic, earthquake, and all? Is this the fault of non-decentralized development?

Do you think there should be another lockdown immediately in Nepal?

How do we ensure that in an increasingly digital, self-service environment, Customer Relationship Management retains a personal touch?

Which television series do you think is the best?

I was just thinking about 4K broadcasting. How will it be delivered? Over the Air?

Broadcasting 4K over the air is not like uploading a video on YouTube. It’s a completely different ball game. You need much more than just 4K compatible TVs: the Broadcasting and receiving equipment must be compatible with ATSC 3.0 (Next Gen TV). ATSC 3.0 uses the H.265 HEVC codec for video delivery because its efficiency gains over the much older H.262 MPEG-2 codec used in ATSC 1.0.ATSC3.0 has recently started in the USA, and it is only available in 24 US cities. It's costly. NextGen TV is IP-based, so the ultra-high frequency bandwidth needed for ATSC3.0 is already captured mostly by telcos. Correct me if I am wrong; not all the television station broadcasts in ATSC 1.0 yet in Nepal. Satellite DownlinkASIA Sat and ThaiCom are the 2 primary satellites we use to downlink television signals in Nepal. Both of them support 4K. ASIA Sat announced their support for 4K back in 2016. But the majority of the channels carried by these satellites are still SD. Thaicom plans to upgrade all these SD channels to HD (not 4k) by 2030. Even though these satellites support 4K signals, there are many other pieces in the puzzle. The cable companies need to upgrade their encoders, decoders, transmitters, multiplexers, cable infrastructure, etc. For example, replacing coaxial wired SDI (Serial Digital Interfacer) systems with 4K compatible fiber wired IP-based systems requires a good amount of investment. All the TV transmitters, receivers, and end-users set-top boxes (STB) must be replaced with 4K compatible ones, let alone the TV Sets.

What is difference between left join and right join?

when to use them and acutal difference

What is the best platform for women in Rolling Nexus?

Rolling Nexus

Who do you think will win 2020/21 English Premier League?

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When will the Corona end?( I would be obliged if factual data is shared rather than guesses)

Corona 2020

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