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Shikshya Subedi

Shikshya Subedi

Jun 26, 2021

We saw the case of transgender violence in media few months ago. Many such cases keep happening in Nepal. What may be the potential causes of brutality against the LGBTIQ community?


Answers (2)

Lachana Shakya

Lachana Shakya Jun 30, 2021

Our educational system or module can be taken as the major cause for such cases. The awarerness and actions on inclusivity and the existence of LGBTIQ+ should be taught since childhood. Raising the voices in the social media for the sake of opinions is not only enough. First of a read more...
Birat Bijay Ojha

Birat Bijay Ojha Jul 5, 2021

Trans individuals challenge the outdated concept of gender identity just by being themselves. Nepali people are not aware of even the basics of what it means to be a trans person. Moreover, Nepali cisgendered folks feel threatened by trans as a gender identity. The violence again read more...

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