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Pravin Rai

Pravin Rai

Sep 7, 2020

Why is employee retention important?

Why is employee retention important?


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Suzana Yorke

Suzana Yorke Dec 2, 2020

One among many common indicators of a good corporate culture is a company’s employee retention rate. A team of satisfied and motivated employees tend to work for longer years and add to a company’s efficiency and overall progress. High employee turnover can adverse read more...

Lachana Shakya

Lachana Shakya Dec 3, 2020

Employees are the true assets of an organization.  An organization can't operate its activities smoothly without consistency and motivated employees. Employee retention is the ability of an organization to keep its employees motivated towards reaching organiz read more...

Shalav Risal

Shalav Risal May 27, 2021

Its not. What is important is that any individual who comes in very close proximity with your organisation must have a positive impression of your organisation. So if you have a bright employee who has capabilities that are beyond your organisation: set them free. Celebrate their read more...

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