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What are the core functions of HR?

What are the core functions of HR?

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  1. These are some of the core functions of HR.

    1.  Staffing

    This includes the activities of hiring new full-time or part-time employees, hiring contractors, and terminating employee contracts


    2. Development

    On-boarding new employees and providing resources for continued development is a key investment for organizations, and HR is charged with maintaining a developmental approach to existing human resources.


    3.    Compensation

    Salary and benefits are also within the scope of human resource management. This includes identifying appropriate compensation based on role, performance, and legal requirements.


    4.    Safety and Health

    Achieving best practices in various industries include careful considering of safety and health concerns for employees.


    5.    Employee and Labor Relations

    Defending employee rights, coordinating with unions, and mediating disagreements between the organization and its human resources is also a core HR function.


    6.   Development of Human Resources

    Human resource development combines training and career development to improve the effectiveness of the individual, group, and organization.

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