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Rahul Shrestha

Rahul Shrestha

Sep 23, 2020



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Kabita Tandukar

Kabita Tandukar Sep 5, 2020

Arun Dhungana

Arun Dhungana Sep 5, 2020

In my years of eperience the key skills to handle customer efficiently is communucation skills. Have a smile on your face and communicate customer with "Mitho  Boli".

Birat Bijay Ojha

Birat Bijay Ojha Dec 2, 2020

The capacity of handling customers' complaints and concerns successfully is one of the top priorities of any customer service representative. Prior to getting into problem-solving, you need to focus and listen to their queries. This helps in offering relevant solut read more...

Lachana Shakya

Lachana Shakya Dec 16, 2020

Customers are one of the significant assets of an organization. Even if the product of any organization is refulgent but the customer service is poor, no matter what the organization will lose its valuable assets, its CUSTOMERS. In fa read more...

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