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Who do you think will win 2020/21 English Premier League?

Comment your answers below. 

8 Answers
  1. I am a manchester city fan. So I believe Manchester city would win this season.

  2. My bet would be to go with Manchester City with a close fight from Liverpool. Tottenham will be the 3rd. Arsenal, Chelsea and Man Utd will fight for the 4th place. But, the result I am expecting is Man City, Liverpool, Arsenal, Tottenham, Chelsea and Man Utd.

    1. Man City: This is pre-decided notion. Looking at how well Guardiola’s teams line up. They are frustrated with not getting CL and will put their frustration into winning the league. Coz they know that not winning the league and not getting the CL will mean Guardiola will have a proverbial axe starting to hang on his head. After all, he is Guardiola. But, when you spend millions, silverware is a must for the owners. FA cup and Carabao doesn’t count.
    2. Liverpool: They are the team to beat on their day. Unfortunately, that day is not every day. They struggle to maintain the momentum over the course of the league. So, I still have the same concerns this time also. Mane, Firmino and Salah are at their best. They can only go down from here and not up. So, that is their bigger challenge. Origi/Shaqiri will back them up enough. Hopefully, Keita, Wijnaldum and Fabinho will keep getting better. Milner/Henderson will give able back up. Defense should also hold up. But, on their off days, they need someone like Coutinho to ramp up the creativity. Shaqiri is expected to do that job.
    3. Tottenham: They also have a strong core and they did not lose anyone major. But they also didn't add anyone. Their defense is pretty strong. But, their full back position is looking shaky after departure of Trippier. Front 3 with Moura, Son and Kane is incredible. Alli and Eriksen are also capable. Sissoko, Dembele and Dier should shore up the midfield. If Lamela starts delivering on his initial promise, then Spurs are on a whole different level.
    4. Arsenal: If Nicolas Pepe transfer is confirmed, they have a world class front three in ALP. Their midfield has been strengthened by Ceballos signing. If Ozil/Miki can create something, the frontline will finish the chances. Xhaka/Torreira/Guendozi are good enough for a top class team. Leno is a great GK. Defense can make or break this team. They have sufficient cover in all areas. Tierneys arrival will shore up left back. But as arsenal always does, injuries come all at once. So if this team clicks they will overtake Spurs.
    5. Chelsea: The transfer ban means they will have to work with the players they have. Their defence and GK positions are sorted out. The midfield is also okay. The Frontline is what is concerning. Hazards departure followed by the loss of form of Pedro and Willian means that the Frontline needs strengthening. Giroud is a target man and he needs someone to play off him. So Lampard will have to work his Chelsea spirit and rouse his club.
    6. Man Utd: Unless a definite end is made to the Pogba matter, the club will be in turmoil. Their defence needs strengthening in the full backs. Bailly and Lindelof is a great pairing and Smalling can support. Central midfield will be great with the Pogba/Matic/Pereira combo with Fred/Mata. Strikers are okay with martial and Rashford with support from Lingard.

    Overall, it should end as per my first prediction.

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