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Interview with HR Head of Sanima Bank
Contain your integrity and you will be able to get a hold of your success
  • 6037
  • May 26, 2021

Narayan Prasad Khatiwada is the HR Head of Sanima Bank Limited who have had various training exposures and experiences of working with different universities and banks in Nepal during the...

Evolution of HRM
Evolution of HRM: Then and Now
  • 7114
  • May 25, 2021

Human Resource Management (HRM) is an extensive approach that focuses on company culture, recruitment, managing employees, increasing their performances, and so on. HRM has significantly evolved over the decades. From working...

Webinar on Prospects and Challenges for Consulting Companies in Nepal
Webinar on Prospects and Challenges for Consulting Companies in Nepal
  • 3654
  • May 20, 2021

Rolling Job, Nepal's premium job portal conducted Free Webinar on " Prospects & Challenges for Consulting Companies in Nepal ". The service industry has significantly evolved over the years in...

Webinar on Youth HR Leadership in Nepal
Free Webinar on Youth HR Leadership in Nepal
  • 4404
  • May 18, 2021

Rolling Job, Nepal's premium job portal conducted a Free Webinar on "Youth HR Leadership in Nepal" as a part of its 5 Weeks Rolling Nexus Employment and Entrepreneurship Skill Development...

Qualities for an  HR Professional
12 must-have Qualities for an HR Professional
  • 4769
  • May 18, 2021

In any organization, human resources (HR/HRM) refers to the individuals who deal with the prime activities of management and handling of staff, development, recruitment, employee and labour relations and acting...

giving mock test
What is mock test? When do you conduct it and how can I get the information?
  • 5178
  • May 16, 2021

Mock test is a term that is widely heard during your school and college days. The test results do not affect your actual grade however lots of emphasis and value...

Choosing between divorced or dead daughters
Divorced daughter or dead daughter?
  • 6569
  • May 10, 2021

Who do you think is better? A divorced daughter or a dead one? Upon recalling her memories, she feels frightened as she contemplates possible nightmares had her parents decided to end...

Freelancing Jobs in Nepal
Freelancing Jobs in Nepal : How to start with a freelancing project?
  • 5428
  • May 8, 2021

Today, working freelance is a very common practice once you acquire professional skills in an area. Many people and even college students work freelance when they are unable to dedicate...

Mini interview with Office Assistant of RPPL
My Second Home and Family where I Love to Work and Thrive
  • 4155
  • May 3, 2021

There is a popular quote enunciating “Families are the branches on a tree. We grow in different directions yet our roots are one.” The selfless culture of sharing and caring...

Interview with Senior HR Professional
"Everyone has a story. Everything in life can teach us something. Listen and Learn.’’
  • 4018
  • Apr 29, 2021

Bhuban Raj Joshi is a senior HR professional with hands-on people management experience and relevant academic knowledge. He has extraordinary exposure to working in the fields of Hospital, Humanitarian/Development agency...

Raising strong daughters
How to raise strong daughters?
  • 6256
  • Apr 28, 2021

What does raising strong girls mean and how do you do it? Well firstly, strong girls grow up reassured. They have an understanding of what steps to take, and what...

Importance of Personal Branding
Why is personal branding super important for you?
  • 3572
  • Apr 25, 2021

Expressing what you represent is necessary in today's world full of competition. And it is even more critical that you stand out while doing so. This is where personal branding comes...

Investment ideas for job holders of private companies
Investment Ideas for people working on private companies
  • 4107
  • Apr 21, 2021

Many of us today depend upon a 9-5 job with a monthly salary as a source of income. We get our education, look for a job and feel secure once...

Identifying your skills and knowledge before starting a profession
How to identify your skills and knowledge before starting a profession
  • 4135
  • Apr 18, 2021

Identifying your skills, knowledge, and talents at the beginning of your career can be challenging for most of us. However, before we enter a profession, we must be aware of...

Boon of being a Woman
The Immense Boon of Being a Woman
  • 6329
  • Apr 13, 2021

An epitome of BEAUTY, totem of RESPONSIBILITIES, cornucopia of LOVE, and synonym of SACRIFICES, the word ‘woman’ is the amalgamation of these all. One of the most beautiful creations of...

Goals for every HR Professionals
10 Goals for Every HR Professionals
  • 5844
  • Apr 10, 2021

In any company or organization, HR professionals have varied goals that directly or indirectly involve helping the employers, employee and the company reach their potential and achieve their goals. To understand...

Business Networking
Business Networking: What is it? And why should you have it?
  • 4266
  • Apr 7, 2021

Business networking refers to building and establishing relationships with people who may be beneficial to your business and career in the future or may serve as a potential client. Networking...

Objectives of Rolling CAT
What is Rolling CAT? What are the main objectives of Rolling CAT?
  • 4904
  • Mar 31, 2021

Rolling CAT Rolling CAT (Computer Adaptive Test) is an online learning section module under Rolling Nexus, Nepal’s first professional networking website developed by Rolling Plans Private Limited. Students, job seekers and other...

Jobs in Nepal with Salary
  • 5666
  • Mar 29, 2021

In this economic world, having a job or a way to earn money is a must. In Nepal, people do a range of jobs, some to earn money and some...

Personal Branding
Personal Branding: How to successfully build your brand
  • 3952
  • Mar 26, 2021

Nowadays, you might frequently hear the term personal branding and the phrase that “you are a brand.” We see influencers and celebrities earn money out of their name and fame...

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