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About Us:
Rolling Women under Rolling Nexus is a platform for empowering & inspiring women envisioned with an aim to create & connect women for employment, entrepreneurship, and complaint management system for female in foreign employment & supporting them after returning back to Nepal. The platform provides equal ease of access to resources and opportunities regardless of gender, including economic participation & decision making whereas, information sharing about safe migration to those women seeking abroad jobs and also to provide career tips, informative blogs, job opportunities, exciting events, entrepreneurial incubation and many more.

Whether you are starting your career, searching for a job, navigating a transition at work, dealing with work-life, balance or enjoying your life as a homemaker, preparing yourself for job opportunities, ensuring safer migration, coping with adjustments after returning from abroad, Rolling Women is here to support and celebrate your Womanhood.

The platform revolves around 4E which is Employment, Entrepreneurship, Empowerment, and Engagement opportunities. The platform provides job opportunities, entrepreneurship, different promotion plans, and programs of empowerment and engagement in social and economic platforms.

1. Vision: To empower, inspire and motivate women for making a meaningful impact in society and the country’s economy meanwhile leading better lives through the help of digital technology and transformation.

2. Missions:
  1. To provide employment and engagement opportunities for women entrepreneurs.
  2. Complaint Management System for the women who are facing problems and difficulties during foreign employment.
  3. Creating and connecting job and entrepreneurship opportunities for returnee migrant women.
  4. Connecting women entrepreneurs and their products to the Nepali market.
3. Goals:
  1. To achieve women’s equality and women's empowerment.
  2. To engage more women towards entrepreneurship.
  3. To address the problems of migrant women through the complaint management system.
  4. To encourage women’s participation in entrepreneurship.
  5. To share about the safe working environment to women who are seeking to travel abroad.

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