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Motherhood and Career being on the same boat

2021-07-20 21:52:28 12436
Motherhood and Career being on the same boat

“Should I choose to upbringing my child or slicing away years of my hard work and career?”


Women after giving birth to their child almost encounter with this battle complication whether to abandon their professional life or accept the stay-at-home mother which is a perennial dilemma of choice of every woman who goes through this situation. Miss World 2017 Manushi Chillar made it through the crown of Miss World with her perfervid answer that Motherhood deserves the highest salary ever.


Motherhood can be the best phase of the woman as it is that phase where all the materialistic desires are shunned and a new member is welcomed with most care. But the women who were at the peak of their career or just started nourishing their career have to get drowned in the water of dilemmas to work or not to work. And this Hobson’s choice is imposed on every woman.


It’s exceptional that women embracing the success wave of different professions such as pilot, photographer, financial advisor, and others are back to their previous workplace after the child is delivered. As stated in one of the articles related to Motherhood and Career, it is stated that according to a study published in the journal Nature Neuroscience, the architecture of a pregnant woman’s brain changes during pregnancy that lasts for two years, and the long gap from the job or work for women affecting their lateral thinking skills is obvious. 


For the sake of their own individuality, self-esteem, and identity, women choose their careers along with taking motherhood side by side. But sometimes the decision becomes the dynamics for the strained conjugal relationships. After a baby is welcomed, responsibility increases, and women have to carry out household chores, jobs, and child at the same time leading them to flood with frustrations, anxiety, and depression too. In a joint family, grandparents take care of the child while parents can go to work without any dilemmas but what about a nuclear family? In this situation, most of the time, women have to slay away their own sphere to build a new world for their child in the bait of her career. That’s why motherhood and sacrifices are conjoined as synonyms as well.


Due to this reason, some women delay childbearing for so long to enhance their career and they are forced to fast fertility. And losing the career becomes the last nail in the coffin for the women. When women enter the phase of motherhood, there is often news of the in-laws discouraging them to rejoin the work and giving them the importunity of choosing marriage or career. And women have to face this apogee of threat a lot. 


There are many women who turn back to their careers not just for money but for the fulfillment of their dreams and vision to stand out tall. They are to choose the loss-gain enigmas by hook or crook. Basically, there are two categories of women under this topic to be discussed: Empowered women and non-empowered women. Empowered women have financial, advisory, and supportive resources to boom and recreate their career again while it is vice versa for the non-empowered women who get shoehorned between motherhood and a sinking career. Some research has shown that educated women are more frustrated than their uneducated counterparts in these situations because they might have to lose their years of hard work and education for the sake of motherhood and they often become victims of deep frustration and depression.


Working women mostly face identity crises and overlapping the phase of dilemmas may be really hard for them. The boom-to-bust stories of the working women are most common after they are delivered a child. The transition from being a mother to a working lady just becomes a dream for them. Some women balance their life being a mother and working woman as well but sometimes the long hiatus from the work may frustrate them too. 


Employer and employee issues also play major roles in shaping the career of women again. Under employer issues, they come:

  • Maternity leaves

  • Compensated working hours

  • Childcare facilities

  • Gender Discrimination


Under employee issues, they come:

  • Spousal and family support

  • Child care issues

  • Child health issues

  • Proper care from the family


The leave options and job security are also the major factors that women have to consider during their motherhood phase. Women have the core responsibilities to operate or run the family along with being financially independent maintaining their self-dignity.


Motherhood can be the best phase for the woman but it brings lots of frustrations for women regarding their career as well. Women have to break the chain of doubts and indulge in creativity to overcome the issues of depression and anxiety. Responsibilities may double upon the working women but if they get enough support from the family to recreate their career, no woman has to suffer from identity crisis or slaying her own desires. In the end, nobody wants to suffer an existential crisis.


Balancing career and motherhood can be very tough. Many internal and external factors hinder the woman from supple their decisions. But rising from the thorns is what life is.


A lost career can be revived. If the support system is effective with no discriminatory approach, no woman has to get sandwiched between motherhood and a slicing career.


Tackle the challenges, find the solutions and shine with a purpose! Because you can!


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