Rolling CAT is an online learning section under Rolling Nexus, a venture of Rolling Plans Pvt Ltd, having the vision of helping out ambitious students and job seekers by skill evaluation and providing regular guidance and appropriate study material for entrance examinations in order to secure a respectable position in various government organizations and private institutes. Our aim is to reach candidates in as many numbers as possible so that you can test your skills, your general knowledge on various topics and ultimately get a decent job in your field of choice. 

This is an adaptive test based on game theory. Your score depends on the weightage of the question and time taken to answer it. Your next question shall depend on the time taken and weightage of the previous question. For example, if one answers a hard question correctly the next question will be of the harder category.

Simple test has no game theory integrated and a full mark is given on right answer on the allotted time. A simple question and answer section with no adaptive logic is a simple test in Rolling Nexus. Adaptive Test is a game theory integrated test where questions appear as per the users’ given answers. Every question on this section has a pre-defined weightage which later varies as per the answers given by users. A user giving a right answer to a easy weightage question is tend to get the next question a harder one and vice versa.

Each question initially before inputting categorized into east, medium and hard which is called as weightage of a question. Weightage of a question initially is defined by given score by admin. Later the weightage depends upon the nature (right or wrong) to the number of times answered by users.

On the top right section, you can find a tab saying premium user. Click on the tab, complete the payment process and be a premium user.

On the left section of individual dashboard, you can find Activity by you; on clicking Quiz under that you can find create a quiz tab.

Mock Test is a virtual examination platform where exams are conducted in certain timeslot for various competitive exams. One can participate in this section only on defined time. Practice Test is a section consisting various quiz and test on current affairs, general knowledge, skills, domain knowledge and different entrance exams. A user can login and practice any time in this section.

A user creating a test under challenge section can have better rScore and rRank in Rolling Nexus which ultimately provides exposure to employers during the phase of hiring. Also a test created by a user can be given/practiced by the his/her circle which promotes group engagement among each other.

All your circles on Rolling Nexus can view your quiz.

All the registered users in Rolling Nexus belonging to the same educational institutes fall under same alumni.

All registered users with same employer’s work experience (past of current) fall under one colleague category.

A users can send a friend request to the other of same alumni or colleagues. Once the request is accepted, they both belong to the same circle.

rTest stands for Rolling Test which depends upon the score of skill test meaning if a user scores good in a particular skill test; s/he shall have a better rTest score. Better marks in rTest consists leads to better marks in rScore as rTest consists of 17% weightage in rScore.

A form shall be displayed on mock test section; you need to follow the instructions to register on the same.

No refund if you run out of electricity and internet during mock test. A mobile phone with mobile data is suggested while appearing for mock Test. We do not assure that the same question would appear on the real examination. A detailed report would be shared regarding the questions at the end of the exam. The shared answers would be 100% accurate.



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