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Moral Education for Children

Education begins at home. It’s a universal fact that mothers spend most of their time with their children and that’s why mothers are known as the first teacher of their children. She should be able to grow them in such a way that they can survive in any situation of the changing environment. Because we never know the ups and...




Bond of togetherness, graduation at 70s together

Young by the spirit and energetic "Keshari Maiya Pradhan and Umeshwore Man Pradhan"graduatingat the age of 76. Flying hats, clicking pictures with the musketeers with a black coat, black hat and a certificate of accomplishment. The day when one gets the degree of education making parents feel proud after long years of study to step forward for better career and entangling...




How to write a perfect leave application

We all take leaves at different points in our career. Whether it’s a short or a long leave, certain things in life are unavoidable and simply need us to pause our work to cater to them. Sometimes you get ill, or there is someone ill in the family, or there is death in the family. Other times you are getting married...


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