Remote Working Jobs in Nepal

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Before some years, remote working was not on the verge of acceptance as the organizations found it difficult to analyze and measure human resource strengths and performance. But with the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic, almost all the institutions and organizations switched to remote working and saw the prospects of remote working as the ultimate solution amidst the pandemic and the future of working in this digital age. So, almost all the official works became remote working jobs during the pandemic and after the slowing down of the spread of the pandemic also, most of the jobs were done remotely.

According to one of the articles of Forbes, Upwork also made the prediction from the data that at least 22% will still be working remotely by 2025 representing an 87% increase from pre-pandemic numbers. The whole world, after being struck by such a dreadful pandemic, adopted remote working priorities. In Nepal also, the trend of remote working has been uplifted but the situation has been normal now since the foremost pandemic but still, some jobs are accepted on a remote basis. There are many remote working jobs in Nepal and many people are also working from the comfort of their homes enjoying numerous possibilities in this digital era. 


Remote Working Jobs in Nepal


One can find numerous remote working jobs in Nepal. The best part of switching to remote working jobs is one doesn't need to have any specialized technical skills or expertise, simple general knowledge and one is good to go and start on. Simple knowledge of computer basics comes in handy along with typing and researching skills. Strong internet access is required to work remotely. And strong dedication and willpower are a must. Here is the list of some of the popular remote working jobs in Nepal. Check out.


Transcription/Translation/Bilingual job roles

These jobs can be considered as one of the fastest-growing jobs in the course of remote jobs. These jobs can be done online and there is high demand for such job roles in the medical sector, education sector, customer service, and many more. One should have proficiency in the designed language and an understanding of the job role with high concentration skills.


Content Writing/Social Media Officer/Bloggers

Since digital marketing is in the trending pace and will also be the future of the marketing field, there is high scope for content writers, social media handlers, and bloggers. One should be adroit in English and need to have proper English writing skills. It’s the truth that “Content is a king” and it should be accompanied with consistency and attention-grabbing writings. As most of the queries, complaints, and feedback come on social media platforms, social media handlers are in high demand. These jobs can be done remotely and are always in high demand.


Data Entry Operators

Any organization needs data to conduct its operation. And such data needs to be analyzed and put in excel format to overview the operational activities of the organization. Hence, there is a high demand for data entry operators who have a bit of knowledge of data entry skills and Excel. And this job also comes under one of the highly demanding remote working jobs in Nepal.


Affiliate Business

Affiliate business or marketing is one of the popular means of promoting the business and one earns money after promoting the products of someone else’s. He/she will be rewarded per visitor or subscriber through his/her website. This online job also falls under the category of paying remote jobs.


Online Marketing/Digital Marketing


Online marketing refers to the promotion of products or services online via the use of the Internet whether it be social media platforms or online ads or websites. One is paid a handsome salary with the job of online marketing. As the number of online users has increased tremendously, this job is highly demanded and the perk of this job is the facility of working from home.


Customer Service

Amidst the Covid-19 pandemic, the number of online customers spikers so did the customer service queries, complaints, and feedback online. So, customer service is also one of the best places to start a career in an entry-level management role.


Tutors and educational professionals

Online education became the “new normal” during the pandemic. Remote learning and education are widely accepted all over the world. Along with these, the demand for online tutors and educators increased and one with the tutoring skill can get these jobs.


There are many remote working jobs in Nepal such as researcher, graphic designing, photo/video editing, etc. But apart from these, one should have self-discipline, consistency, and passion to meet deadlines and work with efficiency while doing remote working jobs.


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