Emerging Jobs in Nepal

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Human resources are required for the smooth operation of any activities. Also, human resources are paid for the contribution of their skills and time in the jobs. People are more attracted to higher-paying jobs as such jobs provide financial freedom and more career opportunities too. There are also many emerging jobs in Nepal which people are more interested in landing their career due to the high range of salaries and growth opportunities.

Graduates and the ones trying to pursue a career in a better field are more inclined towards jobs that generate more pay and benefits for career growth. Here, we discuss some of the most emerging jobs in Nepal.


Emerging Jobs in Nepal

From an agricultural country, Nepal has diversified its sectors into service, tech, health, and many more. Among the various jobs sectors, here is the list of the top ten emerging jobs in Nepal.

Content Creators

Content is a king. In today's world of digitization, content is sold and revenue is generated. Content creators are those idea sharers who create entertaining and innovative information to engage the consumers in buying the products through any medium or channel. Content creation is the part of marketing where consumers are engaged through communication via crafting newsletters, emails, brochures, advertorials, and many more along with blogging, sharing content ideas in social media, etc. Nepalese organizations also hire an innovative content creator as a part of the marketing team and provide great financial benefits which make it one of the most emerging jobs in Nepal.


Game Streamers

Due to easy access to the platforms like YouTube and craze in the gaming industry, Game Streamers are widely hired by the companies as a great marketing strategy. They are responsible for content ideation and collaboration. They do live streaming of the video games by broadcasting themselves and playing games and showing to the live audience with high-level play and extraordinary commentary. They have to be avid gamers. Game Streamers earn handsome income through sponsors, subscriptions, ad revenue, and donations. There are not many game streamers but the popularity of the gaming industry has made it one of the emerging jobs in Nepal.


Computer and Software Engineers

Tech is the present and the future now. There are many prospects for those who want to pursue their career in the tech field. There are many tech-related jobs like computer and software engineers, web designers, IT experts, etc. One can study BSc. CSIT or computer engineering to get involved in this sector. Freelancing jobs are also easily available for tech enthusiasts. Their salaries can be high as per institutions and the field they choose. Similarly, students can also learn programming languages like Java, Python, C++, and many more for enhanced growth opportunities.


Chartered Accountants

Every organization has to do auditing and CAs are the most required professionals in the management field. Chartered Accountancy is one of the most advanced career options in the financial field. The salary of CAs ranges from 400k to 1500k per the years of experience one has and the institutions they chose. Due to the high career growth opportunities, people want to choose this sector due to high financial perks and opportunities.


Structural Engineers

Structural Engineers are also the type of civil engineers who are responsible for analyzing, designing the structural systems for buildings, bridges, tunnels, and other infrastructures. They are essential in maintaining the stability and core structure of any construction process, design, and implementation. They also earn a fine income like that of a civil engineer.


Forestry Science

There is a wide scope for the people who study this course. The course is related to forestry and greenery. One with a Bachelor’s degree and Diploma level in Forestry Science can secure their career in national and international organizations such as World Wildlife Fund (WWF), Land Management companies, Timber Management Companies, and many more. Their salaries range from 30K to 1000k. Students willing to pursue a career in this field can study in different government and private colleges.


Agriculture Science

As Nepal’s most prominent occupational field is Agriculture, there are many wider prospects and scope for the students. One can place their secured career in many national and international organizations and grab the designations as Agriculture Development Officer, Agricultural Research Officer, and many more. One can earn a handsome salary by getting engaged in this field. Rampur Campus, Lamjung Campus, and Paklihawa Campus are some of the colleges where one can get enrolled to study.



The demand for dentists is increasing and there are numerous dental hospitals which results in vacant positions for the number of dentists. One has to complete a Bachelor of Dental Surgery (BDS) to grab the designation. TU, KU, PU, and many more universities are the best choices to get an education. Dental therapists, dental hygienists are some of the professions one can enroll in after the study. Their salaries range from 50k per month.


Data Scientist

For the success of any business operations, data is a must. They are the analytical experts who are responsible to find the trends and manage data using both technology and social science. They use their expertise of knowledge, contextual understanding, and assumption to overcome various business challenges making this job high in demand with competitive salaries and numerous benefits.


Government Jobs

Government jobs are the most respected and willing-to-do jobs in Nepal so they are always the emerging jobs in Nepal. People have to pass certain examinations conducted by Lok Sewa. Vacancies are announced to the people from +2 to Masters level. +2 passed students can apply for the non-gazetted ranks whereas Bachelor’s degree holders are permitted for officer level ranks. These jobs are highly paid and there are great career opportunities in government-related jobs.

Apart from these jobs, Architect, Sales and Marketing Managers, digital marketers, banking jobs are also high in demand. Due to the acceptance of diversification of sectors rather than focussing on only one, many more jobs will be emerging jobs in Nepal.







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