A Reflection on the Mental Ability of the people with disabilities

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Is disability a curse or a choice? Definitely, not. The definition and true nature of disability is not interlinked with these two words. Disability is a part of the human experience. Disability should not be the blaming reason for incompetence, failure, and distractions. 


In the first case, everyone should clear the negative mindset about the word ‘Disability’. People with disabilities are often misguided that they are born different, they are not able to function properly within the normal society which is absolutely wrong to think. They often regard themselves as different people who are unable to adjust to this society of perfection and advancements. And the conception of the barriers like dismissal from jobs from one’s disability, discrimination at the workplace, negative labeling, etc are still practiced in society but these obstacles should not hinder one from showcasing the talents, interests, and skills.


There are numerous examples of people who don’t entitle themselves as a person with disabilities but who want to be defined by their intelligence, their education, their character, their goals, dreams, and their enthusiasm for making those dreams come true. Let’s take just an example of Paralympics, where a number of athletes who are not normal, who are handicapped come to participate and dare to alter the definition of ‘Disability'. There are many such people in the sectors of finance, business, automobiles, engineering, singing who don’t term their disability as their excuses but use their potential to exhibit their True Magic in this world.


Our society always seeks perfectionism but nothing is flawless here. Having flaws in something is the reason that it makes it beautiful. In fact, the ‘negative’ does not have to be the determining and pushing factor of ‘disability. There should be an understanding of inner strengths to facilitate the development of self-esteem and self-determination in oneself. If you don't value yourself in terms of your strengths and potential, how can you expect others to value you and your skills?


The international reports have often suggested that people with disabilities have had fewer absences at the workplace and the same performance evaluating ratings as other people without disabilities. They have the qualities of reliability and problem-solving techniques resulting in lower turnover rates and good work safety behaviors. 


Firstly, one should know oneself, and knowing oneself means to be aware of own strengths, weaknesses, needs, interests, and preferences. And that is attained through:


  • Self-awareness
  • Valuing oneself
  • Positive self-esteem


Successful and self-determined individuals are those who dare to overcome the adversities and challenges that come as hurdles in life. One has to change the perception of devaluing oneself and recognize that they solely are not responsible for their own disabilities and that they are not inherently impaired. One has to define their self-worth amidst the stereotypes of society. 


To change the deep-rooted mentality of society, firstly, people with disabilities have to change their mindset that they can’t do anything. In fact, one has to find out their own strengths and shine high! 


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