The Most Captivating "Ralph Braun"

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“When you step away from your comfy zone embracing a lot of remorseless challenges with intestinal fortitude, you will get born once again, admirable by the world.”

    A feeling of shellacking occurs when one finds out the truth that one is not like the others around him/her. The tornado of melancholy circulates and the dreams fall apart. The same feeling arose within the late founder of Braun Corporation when he was diagnosed with muscular dystrophy at the age of six. Braun Corporation is one of the leading manufacturers of wheel-chair and accessible vehicles.

    Entitled as “Champion of Change” by the former president, Barack Obama, Ralph Braun accredited his father for the support and courage his father bestowed him. Starting the career in 1996 as the creator of the first wheelchair accessible van with hand controls, he turned his innovations into a massive business with $200 million in annual sales. After being involved as a part-time or full-time employee, facing lots of challenges, Braun initiated on making the installing lifts and conversion vans. With his engineering skills and passionate dedication, he plunged to self-employment from a part-time employee of an automobile company providing job opportunities to a large number of people and changing the lives of people like him.

    Ralph Braun proved that disability is not a curse but it’s a challenge that drives us to be a person of distinct character giving the world a new thing which the rest of the world has never imagined before.

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