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Differently-abled people or disabled people are not those who are unable to work as normal people do. Even if they are born with disabilities or they become differently able by some incidents of accidents, they also belong to the same community as we do. The disability may include blindness, hearing impairment, locomotor disability, mental retardation, and many more. Disabled people often have to live in isolation, segregation, poverty, and even the pitiful situations that may make them feel inferior to others.


Many disabled people have to endure discrimination from education and employment opportunities. They often feel embarrassed to go to public places as they do not feel free to enjoy the rights as normal people do. Some are even deprived of getting or enjoying their full civil, political, or socio-cultural rights. Many of them face the deprivation of their rights such as reasonable accommodation at the workplace, accessible transportation services, information technology, and many more. For example, Braille versions are a must for people with vision impairments but using screen readers at the workplace or the structural obstacles for the disabled people do not seem to fit the actual rights of disabled people.


Is disability an Obstacle to Success? The answer is NO. People with disabilities are no different than normal people. Many news articles also appear of people with disabilities being taunted, bullied, and harassed. We can often hear the news of suicidal attempts done by them. People even stereotype that the lives of people living with disabilities are poor and they need special attention which makes them feel a burden to the world as well like they require sympathy to do any work. Sometimes they often feel ignored and think of the ways they are slowing down the people and process whenever they go. That feeling may arise amongst them but that shouldn't hinder the potential and true capability of oneself. 


There are certain disabilities' barriers that have a greater impact on their work-life and personal life too such as:

  • Inaccessible physical surroundings 

  • Lack of assisting and adoptive technology and services

  • Ignorance and negative attitudes of people towards disability

  • Stereotypes that people with disabilities always need help and sympathy

  • Discrimination in public places and work-life

  • Communication barriers 

  • Structural hindrances for handicapped or people with body impairments 


Non-accessibility to information, helping devices, and discriminatory approaches by colleagues and people are some of the reasons for a non-inclusive environment for people with disabilities. But it doesn't mean that people with disabilities have to stay inside the walls doing nothing and just complaining about their disabilities. We can see examples of great athletes participating in the Paralympics. Their caliber and courage haven't let them hide behind the walls. So, coping with situations with inner potential and encouragement is a must to minimize the disabilities' impact on your life.


So, how can people with disabilities overcome the situations that they have to face in their daily lives?


People with disabilities have to face daily discrimination at public places and workplaces and even at family too. Being disabled doesn’t mean that they cannot do anything but they are special to accomplish anything. 


Accept for who you are


Change the way you think that you are always discriminated against or bullied. Be open to perspectives and opportunities. Accept your true self and try to find and search for your true potential. Always embrace positive vibes. Nobody has the right to have full control in your life and there are many ways to showcase your performance, independence, empowerment, and overall outlook. Search and find the ways to thrive. Believe in yourself first and others will believe you.


Make your disability power to thrive


Be your own advocate. Don’t ever think that your disability is a hurdle to your accomplishments. Try to negotiate with the challenges and obstacles that come your way. Educate yourself with knowledge and your rights and any resources accessible or available to you. Set your own realistic goals and move forward to achieve them.


Seek help and support


Never isolate yourself and have a negative mindset that you are different. Think that you are special. Stay connected with others. Nurture the relationships with your loved ones, friends, and family. Spend quality time with your loved ones and stay positive, healthy, and hopeful. Participate and join Disability Support Groups to combat your loneliness and isolation. Support groups are great places to share your pain, struggles, happiness, and solutions where you meet a lot of people with similar challenges. Seek medical and psychological assistance timely. The right therapist and a person can help you tackle the mental challenges that you are facing.


Find your meaning and purpose in life


Many may indeed feel useless and less confident with the ongoing situations that occur in their lives. Find that specific goal that drives you toward moving to your goals continuously. Engage in volunteering activities and feel productive and active all the time. Involvement in the productive sector and the field that you are interested in helps you to stay motivated all the time.


Prioritize your health first


Have a regular exercise plan. Concentrate on your healthy diet, sleeping schedules. Eat well so that you always get the energy to work and perform well. Minimize the carbs supply and sugar and maintain an effective and balanced diet. A perfect stress management schedule should be maintained for better health. Practice relaxation techniques and carve a healthy work-life balance.


Disability is not a hindrance to anybody’s life. Everybody should coordinate and spread awareness about people with disabilities. Every government, private organization, and people should know and understand about assistive technologies and access rights for people with disabilities. 


Every person is born free and everybody has the right to live their lives as they want. Nobody should live in discrimination and nobody is bound to live in the world of discrimination. 


Coping with the difficulties of daily lives might be a challenging task but overcoming them is the best way to live life to the fullest. 


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