Pravash Rai

Pravash Rai

Sep 23, 2020

Why is Training and Development important?


Answers (5)

Manila Devkota

Manila Devkota Sep 7, 2020

Training and development help the employee to work on their weakness or let's say skills which they are lacking. It is important to expedite the acquisition of knowledge, skills, and abilities to perform the job effectively. 

Rahul Shrestha

Rahul Shrestha Sep 7, 2020

It is important because it gives the employe a chance to grow in their field and perform their task more adequately.

Also, it helps the employee to achieve some promotions they are searching for.

Suzana Yorke

Suzana Yorke Nov 30, 2020

Training and development is a part of performance management system in the workplace which helps both employers and employees improve individual and overall efficiency in the workplace. Although the two terms are used interchangeably, they’re very distinct HR functions. read more...

Birat Bijay Ojha

Birat Bijay Ojha Dec 2, 2020

 Training and Development programs help you expand your knowledge of different aspects of the job. Training specifically helps you attain skills. Whereas, Development takes you to the height of discovering your potential. Training and development lift your spirit read more...

Lachana Shakya

Lachana Shakya Dec 3, 2020

Like a seed has to cross certain phases to be a developed plant, similarly, for a person, to be an improved version of yesterday, he/she has to accumulate enough skills that are possible only through training and development programs. Likewise, founda read more...

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