What are the most popular Sarkari jobs in Nepal?

Before indulging into the topic, if one questions the popularity of Sarkari aka government jobs in Nepal, what would be the answers? The most satisfying answers would be:

  • Paid leaves
  • Pensions
  • Security
  • High pays
  • Scholarship opportunities
  • Promotions and transfers
  • Salary increments
  • Opportunities of visiting different places


But is it easy to grab a government job? Obviously, no! You need to go through different phases of the examinations conducted by the Public Service Commission, popularly known as Loksewa. If you want to know more about the government jobs in Nepal, its agencies, and more, click here for more knowledge.


Basically, the selections of the deserving candidate go through four different phases:


  1. Open competitive written exams
  2. Open competitive practical exams
  3. Interviews
  4. Guidelines created by the concerned departments and agencies


There is also the facility of reservations where people can take examinations through women, Janajati, Dalit, and underprivileged community Quotas.


Sarkari jobs are considered the most desirable jobs as much respect is given as the person nominated for such jobs dedicates their commitment to the national services. Having Sarkari jobs is not the cup of tea for everyone. It requires multiple efforts, hard study, knowledge, and dedication. Government jobs include public services under the administration of government. It may be the medical field, administrative field, banking field, and many more. 


So, a person can apply for the jobs of their interest that meet their qualifications and academics when the vacancies appear. Click here to read about jobs in Nepal Government so that you can have a better idea of these popular Sarkari jobs.


There are mainly three popular positions that you can start with to enter the government field may be administration, banking, airlines, civil aviation, and every branch related to public services. You must qualify for the abovementioned phases or exams to land government jobs.


1. Kharidar


Kharidar is a non-gazetted second-class permanent employee of the Nepal government selected by the public service commission. One needs to complete SEE/SLC to apply for this position.


2. Nayab Subba


Na. Su, the abbreviation of Nayab Subba is a non-gazetted first-class permanent employee of the government of Nepal. He/she should have passed Intermediate +2 from a prestigious university.


3. Section Officer


Section officer is a gazetted third-class permanent officer of the government of Nepal selected by the Government of Nepal. Also known as Sakha Adhikrit, Kharidar, and Nayab Subba assist them.


To know more, you can search the website of the Public Service Commission here, and for better preparation, you can enroll in the Rolling CAT here.


There are different levels of government jobs. One needs to pass the different criteria for entering these government jobs. For the highest-paying jobs in Nepal, refer to the blog link here.


The age limit for males to apply for government jobs is 35 and for females, it is 40. Due to the exceptional benefits and handsome remuneration packages, government jobs are popular. 


According to the area of their interest and academics, one can apply for the vacant posts. All the best!



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