Freelancing in Nepal

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It's the 21st century, right? In the era of space-age technologies and digitization where connections have been stalwart in different areas. From aerospace engineering to peewee filing, it has been a lot easier to conduct the activity. Likewise, exhibiting your skills and getting hired and paid for what you love to do have been possible with the digital networks which is a boon of today’s era. With the ascent of the gig-economy, people have been insisting on “Let’s talk about Freelancing.”


But what exactly is Freelancing and how can you get paid in Freelancing jobs without hustling and bustling in 9-5 jobs? In common language, freelancing means to work independently being self-employed without being affiliated with the sole organization. One can get involved in multiple projects without being dedicated to a single employer. Freelancing allows the independent workforces to work on pooled short one-time jobs to make a handsome income stream. Regarding the current scenario, freelancing has been popular, and almost it has been the secondary source of income for the people who are concatenated to work independently.


Dating back to the history of freelancing, the word was terminated before the introduction of the internet in the modern era. According to the popular online website iWorku, the word “freelance” first appeared in Thomas N. Brown’s The Life and Times of Hugh Miller in 1809 and later mentioned by Sir Walter Scott in Ivanhoe (1820) where they both described “free-lancer” as a medieval mercenary soldier who offered his services to the highest bidder. It can be estimated that freelancing evolved from the military echelon to the present business scenario. In the past, the freelancer’s tools were horses and weapons which have now shifted to laptops and smartphones.


In freelancing, freelancers or independent workforces initiate on maintaining connections for a particular job or project. It has been easier for freelancers to propagate their skills amongst various national and international clients. Thanks to the internet and a cornucopia of digital workspace tools, people have been able to access the global networks with far-flung clients. Many people in Nepal have also practiced freelancing and are earning better pennies from different freelancing platforms. 


Some of the best freelancing platforms one can get the projects through are :

  1. Upwork

  2. Fiverr


  4. Guru

  5. SimplyHired

  6. LinkedIn

  7. Behance

  8. Toptal

Freelancing in Nepal

Rolling Freelance, Nepal’s 1st professional freelancing site by Rolling Nexus can be a boon for the people who are willing to work in a flexible working schedule. They can choose the task they want to be assigned with the pay rates they want and pick their working hours. With the freelancing success of a couple more projects, they can create strong links with diversified clients, and with the acquisition of positive feedback, more works can come home.


Also, the digital revolution of Nepal has helped propel freelancers to dive into the local freelance industry. Many Nepalese are associated with freelancing in Nepal from photography to IT and programming which have helped them to work on their own without any designated employers.


In freelancing, freelancers are their own bosses because one can freelance from wherever you are with your own pay rates. To sum up, freelancing is a part-time job where you dedicate your efforts and skills to the clients through remote working with flexible working schedules. It is like a test drive for your career and a side hustle that you can add to your resume for your next career goals. Even if you are inexperienced or not qualified, you can earn some cash with your existing skills to pay your school or college fees or it can be a great income source at the beginning plus a reliable source for your pocket-money.


Pros of freelancing:

  • An amazing platform to build up experience and skills’ portfolio

  • Marketing connections with international and domestic clients

  • Meet-up with creative talents

  • A better alternative for unpaid internships

  • Upgrading the existing skills

  • Remote working with the flexibility and no pressure around studies

  • Selective tasks, Boss in own works, Regular breaks

  • Plus point for Resumes

  • Good source of beginning income


From the jobs of web design to translation, freelancing platforms have enabled the independent manpower to exhibit their skills and gain fruitful income as a reward for part-time jobs. Marketing oneself to circumvent the bidders and bidding on global freelancing platforms is somehow difficult whereas landing at the first job may be difficult as well. Similarly, time differences, language barriers while dealing with global clients are some rigors regarding freelancing. But freelancing is a hub to unleash one’s true potential and learn the unlearned things. Rolling Freelance, an online Nepalese freelancing platform launched recently provides numerous opportunities for both freelancers and employers to carry on their projects. 


The Digital revolution has enabled the whole world to welcome a plethora of career-building opportunities at the palm. Thanks to the Internet and many digital platforms, one can do freelancing from their homes with their available skills without any disturbance in their academics and other professional work. They can get involved in the following freelancing projects as per their skills such as:

  1. Content writing and Translation- writing blog posts, captions, Facebook posts, LinkedIn posts, Insta posts, product descriptions for online products, translating related to language works, content writing for businesses

  1. Graphic Design- designing of logos, animating videos, PPTs, adverts appearing in papers and magazines, etc

  1. Programming and IT- making websites, apps, and easy to use the software, writing lines of code, SEO, managing databases, HTML, JavaScript, etc

  1. Virtual Assistant- the admin supporter to businesses, transcription, typing, listening to recordings and reporting to clients

  1. Proofreader- proofreading the written text, articles, writings of the companies

  1. Blogging and Video content- same as a content writer with extensive research

  1. PPC Marketing- carrying on marketing activities accordingly to PAY PER CLICK

  1. Retail Arbitrage- buying items that are priced lower than stated online and reselling those products again with the motive of earning profit

  1. Others- Web designing, starting a YouTube channel, Social Media Handling, etc


To learn more about freelancing jobs, projects, and tips, click here.


To sum up, freelancing has been more popular in Nepal. Students, part-time jobholders, and many more can flaunt their capability and earn handsome earnings. Many freelancing platforms introduced in Nepal will be the greatest boon for freelancers.


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