Call Center Jobs in Nepal

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Call centers are one of the go-to places for freshers who are studying in schools or colleges while looking for a job in Nepal. The department is a must for many organizations and vacancies are generally open. 


What is a call center? 

A call center refers to a centralized department in an office or an organization that handles customer services-related telephone calls and email as well. Organizations may have these departments within the office or the service may be outsourced from other companies. 


Call centers are very important for an organization as they provide an effective way to solve customer problems and answer queries. Many potential and existing customers make a call to the company’s customer service phone number in case of a problem or inquiries. 


General qualification for a job in Call Center

  • The minimum qualification to work in a call center as an agent is a high school diploma.

  • Have the required knowledge of customer service principles.

  • Computer and technological skills.

  • Fluency in commonly spoken languages like Nepali and English.

  • Prior experience in customer service and call centers is considered a bonus. 


List of jobs in a call center


Call Center Agent


A call center agent is someone who answers incoming calls in the call center and responds to customer emails. They also are the ones who try to resolve customer problems and answer queries. Along with answering queries, they also try to make product sales for the company and are the ones who provide information regarding the products. If there are any further issues, the agents report the issues to their respective supervisors. 


In order to be a successful call center agent, you need to have a lot of patience, active listening, and clear communication skills, empathy, detailed knowledge of the products of the company, multitasking skills, technological skills, and a positive attitude.  


Team Leader


The team leader in a call center is someone whose job is to lead the call center team and motivate as well as manage the call center operations. They also develop sales and support advisors, staff as well as manage the coaching, and conduct performance reviews of the working staff.


Team leaders also have the responsibility of the administration work, they communicate the news from the company to the team and make sure the call center runs effectively and all the customers have a great guest experience. To work as a team leader, you need to have high interpersonal skills, organization and management skills, leadership and effective communication skills, a high sense of responsibility, and be excellent in working with teams. 


Call Center Manager


Call center managers have the prime responsibility of planning and managing the overall structure and activities of a call center. They are the ones who set goals and objectives, hire and look after the overall recruitment of staff. They monitor the overall performance of the department and develop a holistic call center strategy. Along with analyzing the call center metrics, they also ensure that the department meets the high expectations in terms of customer service experience. 


To become an effective call center manager, you need to be excellent at working with people as well as freshers since call center managers also look after the training process. As a call center manager, you need to have excellent management skills, listening skills, clear communication as well as a really good memory. 


Customer Services Director 


A customer service director is someone responsible to direct and supervise the overall aspects of the consumer service department of an organization. Since call centers are an important part of customer services, the customer services director is also responsible for overseeing the call center department. They develop objectives, customer service policies and help the client receive the utmost benefits of the customer service department. 


Resource Planning Analyst 


A resource planning analyst in a call center is responsible for predicting workloads and providing the staff to meet those demands. They are also primarily involved in logistics as well as the management of resources. The resources which the department has and the requirements are managed and met by a Resource Planning Analyst. 


To be a successful Resource Planning Analyst working in a call center, you need to be strategic, proactive, farsighted and have very strong communication and problem-solving skills. 


Quality Analyst 

A quality analyst in a call center has the responsibility of development and planning as well as designing and executing projects. Quality analysts also ensure that the services of the call centers meet the company standards. 

As a quality analyst, you need to be very detail-oriented. They also check if the products are reliable and meet the standards of the clients. As a QA analyst, you need to have a creative mindset, strong IT and technological skills, and be highly calculating and logical along with excellent analytical skills.


Head of Call Center


The head of the call center works with team leaders and managers to operate the call centers of various sizes. The call center head communicates with the customer service director and flows the information from the company to the team leaders and staff. 


The head of the call center is responsible for directing the day-to-day operations of the call center, maintaining valuable relationships, and ensuring optimum efficiency in the call center. 

Digital Contact Director


A digital contact director in a call center leads the development of a digital contact strategy. They also connect market and customer profile interfaces for the company. They develop various marketing campaigns and grow the company while ensuring a good brand image. 


Digital contact directors in the call centers are also responsible for the management of marketing through e-commerce, social media, and so on. They are responsible for the overall direction of the digital marketing team of the company.


Operations Manager 


Operations Managers in a call center are required to manage the everyday operations in the company. They also establish hiring and training procedures and set standards for the operations of the call center. Operations managers are generally preferred to have a few years of experience in management before getting hired. 


To become a successful operations manager in a call center, one has to have excellent time management, communication, leadership, active listening, and problem-solving skills. They also need to be clear about the mission statement of the company and be able to deliver the expected value by the senior executive team of the company. 




The role of a trainer in a call center is to provide training to the fresh staff or as necessary. They are responsible for helping the staff improve their performance to yield better results for the company by providing premium service to their clients without feeling burned out. 


The call center trainers develop training materials both digitally and traditionally, identify the strengths and weaknesses of the staff and organize training activities. As a trainer, you need to be able to identify the potential of the staff, the expectations of the company, and your department and be able to deliver the value accordingly. 


Benefits of a call center job

  • The working hours in call centers are flexible. 

  • There are fewer qualification requirements in a call center job.

  • Less experience is required to work in a call center.

  • Constantly interacting with people boost your communication skills

  • Improvement in language fluency through constant verbal communication. 

  • You will gain knowledge on sales.

  • You won’t have to separate time for your work apart from work hours.

  • Increase in problem-solving skills.

  • A fast-paced work environment is never mundane or boring. 


In Nepal, call center jobs are one of the most popular jobs for freshers as well as job seekers. The versatility in the workplace and fewer requirements in terms of qualifications make it a highly desirable job. There is always a vacancy open as the call centers are constantly hiring people to convey the needs of customers. 


Working in a call center is also an excellent choice while looking for a job to build your resume since you gain multiple skills and experiences like communication, persuasion, empathy, listening, and the ability to work under stress while earning money as a student


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