IT and Freelancing

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The indisputable fact of today’s world is that IT is like the oxygen supplier of every sector whether engineering, health services, or educational sector. There is no denial that Information Technology a.k.a IT has maintained colossal supremacy in the global market and industry. And the scope of IT is immense in the current scenario and will be catalyzing prospective career flows in the coming future too.


“Be your own boss” is the real mantra of freelancing. Freelancing is generally contract work between companies or organizations and the freelancers, the persons who agree to accomplish the assigned task at a stipulated time with the agreed pays. Freelancing is a way to test drive a new career or side hustle that matches one’s passion. There are numerous freelancers now who do take on certain projects that match their criteria and carry on the work and they are earning handsome income. The same goes for the IT professionals too.

IT and Freelancing

Due to the enhancement of IT in the 21st century, every work has been a lot easier, every task can be done in no time. As IT tasks generally involve using computers and devices, IT works can be illustrated as “ work from home” jobs. Freshers or professionals in the IT field can work to pursue freelance work because freelancing is like taking a position of driver’s seat. One can shift the accelerator wherever he/she wants.


Pros of Freelancing in the IT sector:

  • No pressure and having control over the workload

  • Flexibility and freedom in working

  • Significant Income Benefits

  • Link with international clients


Cons of Freelancing in the IT sector:

  • Purchasing software and technology on your own

  • Famine syndrome when the number of projects is null aka ghost town

To sum up, freelancers are able to work from anywhere they are and they are obliged to certain compromises as well. Owning own software, computer devices, and technology somewhat makes it easier for IT freelancers to work from anywhere. Furthermore, freelancing hubs like Upwork, Fiverr, and Rolling Freelance (in terms of Nepal) have spawned the bridge between the gap of organization or employers and employers aka freelancers where creativity can be showcased of freelancers and employers can hire potential talents through such sites.


IT freelancers should constitute certain qualities to perform consistent freelancing such as:

  • Self-discipline

  • Persistence

  • Resilience and acceptance of Rejections sometimes

  • Keeping track of the work

  • Proactiveness

  • Good communication skills

  • Eveready to complete work at stipulated times


In fact, rapid development and modishness of Information and Technology have propelled the world to take a giant leap towards a new and advanced technological world now hence, a career in IT is appealing. There are many IT freelancing projects that can be found in freelancing sites where IT freshers or professionals can start on their side hustle.

  1. Social Media Manager

  2. Freelance writer

  3. Virtual Assistants offering administrative support to the businesses

  4. Proofreader

  5. Transcription (translating voice recordings to text)

  6. Graphic Designer

  7. Web Designer

  8. Blogging and creating video content

  9. Pay-per-click marketing

  10. Computer Programmer

  11. System Analyst

  12. Database Administrator

  13. Network Security Specialist

  14. Others include IT officer, Network Administrator, etc


For performing such roles, those who want to portray such roles need to have skills in web design, programming, application development, etc. Similarly, to undertake expert-level freelancing projects related to IT, a person should have in-depth knowledge of core concepts of database management systems, Java Programming, information security, algorithm analysis, computer networking, E-commerce, and many more related to operating systems. But freelancers should match the criteria of the clientele demands.


In nutshell, the scope of IT is very wide all over the world currently and it will be in upcoming days too due to its emerging importance. Any person with broad-gauge information on social media networking, patient portals, digital marketing, website applications, online shopping portals, internet banking, management of data, inventory, customer relationship, information systems, etc can start freelancing and learn and pave the way towards career success too.

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