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Rolling विदेश under Rolling Nexus is a platform developed with an objective of providing information and solve problems in society related to foreign employment. Individuals can download  "Rolling Jobs बैदेशिक रोजगार" app where aspiring workers and other stakeholders can get all the information in one place. This app will effectively end the situation that people aspiring to go abroad are forced to rely on agents for they cannot obtain factual and truthful information regarding their job, pay and other facilities from the recruitment agency in Nepal and their employers abroad. Instead, now, they will get the relevant information, as per their ease and convenience, on this app. On this app, people willing to go abroad can search and find job opportunities for them on their own as per their experience and competence without any agent's interference.This app allows potential workers to check details of demands that recruitment agencies have and apply for suitable positions online. Considering the job, host country and company, pay and other facilities, they can also obtain information regarding the recruitment procedure including establishing contacts with the recruitment agency, and interview requirements.Another important feature of this app is that workers abroad can register their complaints about any problems they face in the course of work through this app. Keeping in view the nature of the problem and if the concerned recruitment agency is working for its solution, this app will take initiatives for a speedy response to the complaint. Likewise, this app will also feature relevant information, news and blog posts about a medical, orientation, insurance, and other requirements of foreign employment.We believe this app will help aspiring workers and foreign employment recruitment companies bridge the gap between them by providing truthful information, thereby minimising the possibility of fraud and maximising solutions to all employment-related problems. 

सबै भन्दा धेरै बैदेशिक रोजगारमा पठाउन सक्ने साथै उजुरी नपरेको म्यानपावर खोज्ने । 

अन्तर्वाताको लागी बिज्ञापनमा नै उल्लेख गरीएको हुन्छ अन्यथा बिज्ञापनमा राखिएको सम्पर्क नंम्बरमा सम्पर्क गरी बुझ्ने । 

भिसा र बिदेश जानलाई लाग्ने समय सम्बन्धि जानकारी सम्बन्धित म्यानपावर कम्पनीमा बुझ्ने । 

लागत सम्बन्धि जानकारी बिज्ञापन पत्रमा उल्लेख गरीएको हुन्छ । 

कानुनी रुपमा बैदेशिक रोजगार बिभागमा उजुरी दिन सकिने छ साथै समस्याको प्रकृति हेरी यस मार्फत पनि  complain box मा गई उजुरी दर्ता गराउन सकिने छ । 

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