Why is HR important for the growth of the business?

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What is HR? 


HR or Human resources technically refers to the employees who work in the organizations.  Human Resources are undoubtedly one of the most valuable assets for every organization to run. Acknowledging the importance of Human Resources, organizations have a separate department or a team of skilled employees to manage the people within the organization; commonly termed as HR, HR department or the HRM. The people in HRM are professionals who possess skills in strategic management of people (employees) that lead to achieving the goals of a company.


Roles and responsibilities of HR 

  • Hiring, onboarding, and talent acquisition for new employees.

  • Establishing the ideal organizational culture in regards to the mission and vision of the company.

  • Providing the employees with the ideal work environment which optimizes employee performance.

  • Establishing and monitoring the company policies.

  • Monitoring and enhancing employee performance.

  • Conducting and managing orientations, training, and mentorship programs.

  • Managing managerial as well as labor relations.

  • Bridging communication gaps in the line of the chain of commands.

  •  Promoting interpersonal relationships within the workplace through various programs and events.

  • Maintaining employee satisfaction with the company.

  • Maintaining a safe, secure workplace.

  • Appraisal programs.

  • Benefits, rewards, and consequences of employee performances. 

10 ways HR can help your business grow


Hiring right people


Human Resources professionals specialize in identifying and onboarding new and potent candidates for a job position. Reviewing the CVs, conducting interviews, and managing the whole hiring process are very important to have the right people working for the company. HR brings in the right people who align with the culture and goals of the company.


Ideal organizational culture


The culture within the workplace determines the employee's performance heavily. The motivation, discipline, satisfaction, and management in the workplace determine the amount and the quality of work being done by the employees. The HR monitors and manages company policies, monitors employee performance, and constantly checks the culture within the organization to make it as efficient and effective as possible. 


Continuously upskilled workforce


Since HR specializes in employee performance management and onboarding,  the HRM team also provides employees with various upskilling training. HR professionals also emphasize hearing and development in the company. Having a workforce that constantly improves and becomes more skilled is a huge win for the company. The salary payables reduce since the employees can multitask and the business model will be leaner.


Diverse workforce 


HR professionals are aware of the positive impact a diverse workforce can have on a company. A good HRM team will always prioritize skill sets above cultural or other differences. A diverse workforce brings different sets of perspectives, ideas, visions, and innovative solutions to the table. This is immensely beneficial for the company’s growth.


Social recognition and awards


The Human Resources Management team also manages benefits, rewards, and consequences according to the employee performance in an organization. When employees feel acknowledged and are rewarded for their effort, they feel motivated to work even harder. Thus, the company gains a hardworking and skilled workforce which fosters the growth of a business.


Discovering new talent


The Human Resource team in a company also has the responsibility of searching and discovering skilled and best candidates for the company. The business is bound to excel when the best people in their respected field are unboarded as employees in the company. Therefore, HR can indeed be important to make a business successful.


Minimized employee turnover


The HRM specializes in communication, organizational culture, beneficiary, and problem-solving, and providing employees with an ideal work environment. If the employees in a business are happy, satisfied, growing, safe, and acknowledged, the loyalty towards the business will grow and the employee turnover rate of a company will be minimized. 


Growth plan


The HR professionals also specialize in strategic planning. When the senior management of the company has a vision or a goal to reach, the HRM team carefully plans the procedure on how the plan will be executed at every level in the organization which will lead to the fulfillment of the organizational goals.


Constructive feedback 


During the employee performance management and appraisal programs, HR analyzes the performance and state of the employees. HR also conducts regular meetings to maintain consistency with the performance management. 


When there is an issue, the problems are identified, employees and even the managers are provided with constructive feedback since HRM also manages communication both ways. Providing constructive help helps the business perform better internally leading the business to success.


Action plans that align with the vision


As mentioned above, HR plans for the growth and success of a business. An HR manager will always prepare an action plan which will lead to the fulfillment of the long-term vision of the business. The HRM team will make all the employees aware and motivated towards fulfilling the goals and reaching the vision of the company. HR unites the entire workforce and leads them with an action plan to achieve the vision of a business.




The Human Resources team is indeed essential to lead a business to success. A poorly managed company on the inside will never be able to successfully satisfy the customers on the outside. When Human resources are poorly managed, the business is bound to collapse; therefore, HR is extremely important for the growth of a business. 

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