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Ever thought the world would switch into remote working? 9-5 jobs were considered the official jobs to be done. Getting ready for the office, arriving exactly at 9 and continuing the same work till 5. Remote working or even say, virtual jobs weren’t even considered great by the organizations and large corporations except for freelancing works until the global pandemic hit the world with the virus taking the lives of many. It’s the beginning of welcoming virtual or remote working jobs fully and the results were also great.

Virtual jobs are 100% telecommuting jobs. Virtual jobs have different buzzwords such as work-at-home jobs, remote working jobs, online jobs, telecommuting jobs. Virtual jobs are done in locations away from the traditional brick-and-mortar offices. Virtual jobs have numerous pros including flexible timings, more productivity, more creativity. With the outburst of the Coronavirus pandemic, there were many employee layoffs but due to the access to technologies like telephones, the internet, emails, video conferencing software, and application programs, many organizations switched to virtual works and the experimentation was successful.

Even though the situation is normal as before, virtual jobs are still popular even in Nepal. But as the virtual jobs require good equipment and technical support, the companies should be liable to provide such platforms and pre-installed software. Virtual jobs in Nepal have become the new normal now and let’s dig up more virtual jobs in Nepal that you can get enrolled in.


Virtual Jobs in Nepal

With the introduction of remote working amidst the 2020s, virtual jobs have become more popular. You can find many virtual jobs available in different organizations. Here are some of the virtual jobs that give you a handsome penny. Let’s find out more.


1. Online Tutoring

Home tuitions have been the major tutoring practice where you need to go to the students’ places or the students need to come to your place to gain knowledge and get good grades in their examinations. But the time has come to start tutoring online. With video conferencing apps like Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, you can easily start online tutoring. Time is saved from visiting the students’ places and the application programs have made interactive tutoring easy.


2. YouTuber

The trend of being a YouTuber has attracted many content creators to be in the video. You can also work on paid partnerships if you are an established YouTuber with multiple subscribers. Many people spend their time on social media platforms and with the new content and collaboration with different organizations, you can earn a solid income with this virtual job where you are not obliged to stay in the traditional office setting for 8 hours.

3. Social Media Manager

Digital Marketing plays a pivotal role in any organization whether E-commerce, retail, or almost every company. With the increasing number of social media users, getting quick bytes’ information replies to the queries are the needs of the customers and clients. As devices like phones and laptops with good internet connections are required, the job can be easily done in remote locations away from the office.

4. Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistants can do any work that can be done remotely. It can be responding to phone calls, inquiries, managing scheduled appointments, creating content, and many more. Virtual assistants are more-in-demand jobs with a more creative and proactive nature.

5. Content writing

If you are good at writing and presenting the website effectively to the customers, content writing is the best virtual job for you. Maintaining SEO audits, writing attractive content for the website matched with your target audience, content writing jobs can pay you good pennies. Jumpstart your career with this virtual job and be a proficient digital marketer.

6. Blogging

Blogging is generally related to informing the readers or customers to learn about a specific topic. If you are enthusiastic about research and writing, creating blog content for companies can be the best job for you. Blogging is one of the most valuable tools to reach your target audience by building trust with the information portrayed in your blogs.

7. Web Developer

Web developers are generally focused on creating websites including front-end development, writing codes, maintaining updates, and more. You can get enrolled in this job if you are related to this academic background. This job can be done at remote locations with good internet and cyber security software.

8. Data Entry

Data is one of the major requirements for any organization, company, or corporation. If you have a better understanding of data management and Excel, you can easily apply for the data entry jobs. You can easily do such jobs at your homes and remote locations.

There are many such virtual jobs in Nepal such as Transcription jobs, customer service, and many more. As the world is shifting to virtual space, and if you want flexible timing with productivity, virtual jobs can be the best option for you.

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