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Rolling Plans Private Limited (RPPL) is an ISO 9001:2015 certified pioneer recruitment agency in Nepal that also serves as the largest business process management (BPM) firm in Nepal predominantly focusing on business process outsourcing and HR consulting firms.


One of the strengths of Rolling Plans has been providing services in business process management (BPM) service and institutional growth to various companies since 2004. 


Several organizations prefer Rolling Plans to offer them different services in the area of Staffing service and BPM service. It also has an excellent record of successful execution of its services.


Services of Rolling Plans


There are four different types of services that Rolling Plans provides. They are HR consulting, contact center management, training, and Rolling Nexus


Via these services Rolling Plans runs recruitment programs for job seekers in numerous fields. 


HR consulting


Through HR consulting, Rolling Plans provides absolute Human Resource Development and Management solutions.


Some of the main functions include developing and enacting coordinated human resource management systems and providing outsourcing options in several essential functional areas of Human Resource Management.


Functional areas of Human Resource Management

  • HR Audit
  • Job Analysis
  • Recruitment & Selection Process Outsourcing 
  • Staff Recruitment 
  • Managing the Recruiting Process
  • Managing the selection Process
  • Effective Group Discussion and Job Interviewing 
  • Staffs Outsourcing
  • Performance Management System
  • HR-Research and Survey
  • Developing effective HR Policies and Procedures
  • Compensation and Benefits Designing Service
  • HR Strategy
  • Organization Consulting
  • Promotional Branding & Campaign Services

Contact Center Management


Rolling Contact Center is a privately owned call center offering standard inbound call center services and assistance, along with providing extensive B2C and B2B telemarketing services 


The key to successful telemarketing is to hire well-trained contact center professionals


And Rolling Plans has been doing that for a long time now to meet the requirement of highly equipped and skilled professionals for this particular job. 


We look to recruit candidates who can concentrate on our contact center tasks such as appointment setting, market research and surveys, lead generation, database cleansing, and so on. 


We have worked in every prominent industry helping a massive number of clients increase their business profits from the very first day in eight years in business and a total of over three years in call center management. 


Moreover, our outbound telemarketing programs are put together by professionals with 20 years of sales and marketing experience. 


As a pioneer recruitment agency in Nepal, Rolling Plans is committed to producing highly skilled and confident candidates for telemarketing jobs and others as well. 




Speaking of training, our approach is client-focused and that permits us to design customized training programs to bring out the result you desire. 


This is also because we understand that pre-packaged training programs don't work for every business and organization since they are all very distinct. 


Our general training includes

  • Customer Services (Intermediate)

  • Front-desk behavior and telephone etiquettes

  • Intermediate Training on MS Excel and MS Office Package

  • We maintained and equipped National and International trainers as Resource Person to deliver high standard training sessions.


Similarly, as a pioneer recruitment agency in Nepal, Rolling Nepal also offers training that encompasses topics such as corporate training services, sales, and marketing management, performance management, occupational health and safety, and so on. 

These training programs help to gain the necessary expertise for different kinds of jobs making candidates employable. Recruitment 101 is having the skills that are required to perform the job.

 And some of the skills that you will have acquired through our training programs are leadership skills, personal development skills, business etiquette, time management skills, effective corporate communication skills, and more. 


Rolling Nexus


Rolling Nexus is Nepal’s first commercial social networking site developed by Rolling Plans Private Limited to provide an abundance of “network of new possibilities” to the people all over Nepal. 


Rolling Nexus aims to connect and accelerate the established connections among the individuals and businesses to consumers, constituting components alike jobs, tenders, freelance, events, discussion forums, offers, and skill assessment and enhancement activities.


Rolling Nexus, a professional networking website, is composed of various independent units for the benefit of individual customers and business clients in a professional manner.


The vision of Rolling Nexus as a brand is to influence people of every avenue of life through technology-enabled professional networking for Organizational Development, Human Capital, and Employment Creation.


Rolling Nexus is dedicated to offering help and solutions to the complications within professional and academic criteria through the developed exceptional modules. 


Modules of Rolling Nexus

Rolling Job

Rolling Plans Private Limited is an overriding consulting firm since its very beginning in 2004. And it has managed to be the preference of many organizations in the field of staffing and recruitment services ever since. We are grateful to be providing jobs and career management options to job seekers, while also supporting employers’ brands with the recruitment process with capable candidates.


Rolling Job as a module has sufficient job opportunities for job seekers. It can be considered as the best recruitment platform for employers. There is a programmed two-way communication channel between job seekers and employers. And it is well equipped with a recruitment management system for detailed reports and analytics.

Rolling Tender

Rolling Tender is the procurement management system for all types of business requirements in Nepal. All the interested suppliers and businesses in the Nepali market can connect on this platform for doing their business together. The system in rolling tender enables suppliers and clients to curb many market challenges and synchronize them with a specialized procurement management system.


Rolling Tender as a module can be quickly set up through a website with secure and genuine users. It saves time for the publication and distribution of tender documents as well. It has a full functioning, control, and responsive system for both suppliers and purchases. 

Rolling Freelance

A freelancer is a self-employed person who offers services possibly to more than a client at one time. They set their fees and get hired on a short term work basis. It is not that tough to become a freelancer. It pays well once and you get to be your boss. Here, employers can look at your profile and decide on whether your skills match with their projects. 


Rolling Freelance is dedicated to making the process of job search interesting for you in only a few simple clicks. It is really easy to register and the interface is user friendly. It as an online platform is a pool of freelancers with the right set of skills in the above 30 functional categories.

Rolling CAT

Rolling CAT is an online learning section where students and job seekers can evaluate their skills. We also provide regular guidance and appropriate study materials for those who are preparing for entrance examinations in government or private organizations.


We aspire to reach as many candidates as we can so that you will be aware and have access to test your skills, general knowledge on numerous topics and eventually get a satisfying job in a field of your choice. We aim to reach candidates in as many numbers as possible so that you can test your skills, your general knowledge on various topics and ultimately get a decent job in your field of choice.


Rolling छलफल

Rolling छलफल is a forum to grow and share knowledge among people. Here you can ask questions you are curious about and get your answers. It is initiated to connect and bring people with different perspectives together so that everyone gets an opportunity to understand better and empower one another through the sharing of knowledge. 


Rolling छलफल equipped with विषय (Topic) for people from different backgrounds to put up their thoughts and बैठक कोठा (Board Room) as a community for like-minded people is the best platform to voice your opinions and learn at the same time. 

Rolling Event

Rolling event is a platform that enables individuals and businesses to get online access for participating and organizing various events. It provides regular event updates and online counseling from highly qualified professionals. 


With the help of rolling events, you can participate and organize all kinds of virtual events, classrooms, and exhibitions. This is an exciting way to digitize all your events with guaranteed audience reach, low marketing and operating cost, and so on.

Rolling Contest

Rolling Contest is an online fun-based platform that contains diverse promotional contests announced by different employers of the country along with sports prediction of national and international tournaments of football and cricket. 


Similarly, there are also features where you can create your league and challenge the Nexus circle. The Rolling Contest is a great platform to engage yourself and your audience with regular fun-filled and engaging contests where the winners can get exciting prizes.


For individuals looking for ways to build up a career, recruit candidates, participate in events, work as a freelancer, assess and enhance skills, share knowledge, and grab exciting offers, Rolling Nexus provides opportunities along with guidance for all of them. And for businesses looking for recruits, hoping to organize events, find contests and tests for its employees and so can gain so much help and direction from Rolling Nexus. 


One of the main objectives of Rolling Nexus is to strengthen the relationships among the individuals and businesses and encourage synergy as well. It operates as a platform where individuals and businesses can collaborate while maintaining trust. This will lead to all the parties involved accomplishing their professional goals.


Rolling Plans as a pioneer recruitment agency in Nepal envisions being internationally accepted as a leading Human Resource solution provider.


Besides, its mission is to support organizations in strategically managing human capital to achieve business excellence.


We are here at your service. Do remember Rolling Plans for recruitment and more! 


2024 All Rights with Rolling Nexus

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