Online Jobs in Nepal without Investment

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Whether you are tech-savvy or a newbie, finding out about online jobs without investments in Nepal surely would interest you. After all, we all like saving money. 


So, even when you aren't familiar with the online world and how things work there, you are likely to be thrilled if it meant getting a job with no expenses. 


Well, we are here to tell you that there certainly are different types of online jobs in Nepal. Also, you can make money and a stable career out of those online jobs without any investment. 


Types of online jobs in Nepal without investment


Data entry Jobs


Data entry jobs can be really good opportunities for people who are looking to earn extra money. This can be done part-time from the comfort of one’s home as well. 


You just need to have good typing skills, the ability to understand English, and a PC with a stable internet connection. 


There are varieties of data entry jobs and you choose one or two, specialize in them, and start making money. 


Online survey


Online survey jobs are where you have to answer a list of questionnaires or fill up survey forms. 


It shouldn't take you more than 10 to 20 minutes depending on the number of questions. 


Online surveys are done to receive customers’ feedback on the company's products or services and so on. It is an important part of market research.


Online survey data entry jobs do not require any investment and you can earn good money with it. 


Captcha Entry Job


Captcha entry job can be an easy way to earn income with no investments. 


Here the work is to simply read the characters in the image code, type them on a box, and then hit submit. 


The income varies depending on how fast you can type. Also, you can work from either PC or your phone. 


Do make sure that your entries are correct. You might have to enter hundreds of captchas every day. 


Copy and Paste Jobs


It is pretty much self-explanatory. You have to copy text materials from one file, a word document or an excel spreadsheet, and paste into another. 


As part of the job, you have to read a lot so you are expected to have good knowledge of the English language. 


It's quite an easy job for one not involving investments and you might not necessarily have to type much. 




This job entails writing captions and headings for news headlines, movies, televisions, and so on. 


While to work in captioning, investment isn't required but employers likely look for candidates who have studied writing-related majors.


Captioning jobs are mostly found in the media industry. You can also do remote work for this kind of job. 


Basic Typing Jobs


Entry-level typing jobs do not need any sort of investment. But what you do need to have are skills and willingness to learn and put yourself out there.


Typing jobs are among one of the sought after online jobs in Nepal. Typing jobs usually include a variety of data entry jobs such as the aforementioned jobs.


You would be working on an excel spreadsheet or word document filling up data or writing articles or whatever writing tasks you will be assigned with. 


It is important to have basic computer knowledge and good typing skills. Even if you aren't necessarily good at it, you will eventually learn once you have started working. 




Crowdsourcing involves simple tasks such as finding contact details from different websites, giving reviews and ratings on websites, obtaining information from a large group of people through the internet, and so on. 


Similarly, there are writing comments or short articles, crowdsourcing data, crowdsourcing funds, etc. The workers unite and perform micro tasks as part of a larger project of a company. 


Many businesses and organizations utilize crowdsourcing to their advantage by collecting data, improving operational efficiency, and solving general problems. 


There are various online crowdsourcing sites where you can work on several micro jobs and earn a good income. 




A transcriptionist documents voice recordings in a written form. One needs to be accurate and make sure that the converted document has no errors.


If you are a beginner then you can take up general transcribing jobs and gradually specialize in medicine, law, or other fields once you are experienced.


Generally, transcribing includes recordings of lectures, business meetings, court hearings, and any other form of recordings that require a written reference. 


Many companies hire transcriptions to transcribe articles, meetings, phone conversations, reports, interviews, and so on. 


The essential skills are good typing skills along with a keen sense of hearing. Also, transcriptionists need to be good researchers and should know about word processing programs.




A freelance job is a self-employed one where one takes on contract work for companies and employers. 


Freelancers are their boss. They aren't considered employees of any organizations that hire them. 


Since you aren't tied to one company, as a freelancer you can sign up for multiple projects depending on the time you can allocate to work on them.


Likewise, you get to determine what jobs to take on, work part-time, and even remotely. You will also have control over your pay rate given your expertise.  


The most sought-after freelance skills/areas of work in Nepal are Information Technology, Content Writing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Web Development, App Development, Data Entry, Web Designing, and so on.


You can find multiple sites where you can start freelancing based on your skills without investments in Nepal. 


Content writing


Content writing majorly includes writing blogs and articles for websites of companies or news or media outlets. 


Content writing isn't entirely about writing blogs and articles. It encompasses other different content formats such as script writing for videos, social media posts, youtube video descriptions, editing web content, and so on.


You will be assigned writing tasks that mostly align with the digital marketing strategies of a company. 


Different companies, online media, etc in Nepal are always on the lookout for good content writers. So if you can write quality articles and other materials then you don't have to worry about getting hired.


There is so much scope for content writers who can write contents that are specifically engineered to rank in google. 




Blogging is online journaling but it's also so much more than that. Blog posts consist of informative or descriptive writing, often informal, and have attached photographs as well. 


Starting a new blog is easy. You will need to follow some steps and then you will be good to go.


First, you need to set up a blog on either WordPress or Blogger. Then post content regularly so that your blog’s reach grows over time.


Meanwhile, try promoting your blogs through different social media platforms and connect with popular bloggers/ influencers to help you gain more audience. 


Similarly, you can also promote other bloggers, or companies and their products and services on your blog and earn money from advertisements. 


Affiliate marketing, advertisements, Google AdSense, selling products online, etc are some of the ways you can make money with blogging. 


Google Adsense


Google AdSense is one of the most used programs run by google to earn money by displaying advertisements next to one’s online content. 


Adsense delivers ads, mostly interactive media ads served by google ads to your site. Then google pays you for the ads displayed on your site. The payment depends on user clicks on ads or ads impressions and so on.


You can apply for google AdSense with your website or youtube channel and start monetizing them once you can place google ads on those platforms. 


Affiliate Marketing


Affiliate marketing is an online marketing program where you get commissions when someone buys products with your reference. 


For instance, if someone purchases a pair of shoes from Rolling Bazaar, but the customer was redirected to Rolling Bazaar through your link then that is basically what Affiliate Marketing means. 


So you can create a blog or a website if you don't already have and decide on the types of products you would want to affiliate. 


You should be selective about the products you want to promote because they need to match the interest of your audience. 


You can earn good money from affiliate marketing without investment once you have got the hang of it and promote your content to the right communities. 




If you want to earn via youtube then firstly you need to create a channel and upload content regularly. It might be helpful to set a schedule and stick to it. 


You don't necessarily need to have millions of subscribers to earn from youtube. You can still monetize your videos. The key is to upload videos that can generate higher levels of engagement. 


Here, you need to find your niche. YouTubers, in general, have a specific or predominantly one or two age groups following them. Also, the gender and geographic locations of your audiences matter too.  


So do make sure you understand your audience and cater to what gets their attention the most.


In addition to earning money from ads, you can sell products and merchandise, work with fellow YouTubers or influencers, and do affiliate marketing too.  


Whether you are a student, a recent graduate, a fresher, or a housewife, online jobs in Nepal without investment aren't distant dreams. 


Well, if you have access to the internet then you can access the world. You just need to be sure that you are dedicated and won't let the tough times drag you.


Importantly, most online jobs are skill-oriented. So you need to learn specific sets of skills depending on the type of online job you want without investment in Nepal. 


Sending virtual good luck with no added expenses your way! 


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