Journey of Women from Girl to Mom

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What does it feel to be a mother, carrying new life in hands, shedding joyful tears looking at the innocent face?

Once a lady knows that she is going to be a mom, it will change her life. She will be surrounded by her own fast heartbeat and her face gets covered with the tears of happiness and makes her believe that she is going to be the next version of her own mother, which she has eagerly waited for a long time. 


At that moment, she recalls all the words told by her mother, all those happy and tough moments faced by her mother. Along with that, she believes and makes a promise to be a perfect mother for her child in every part of her child’s life. Sometimes she feels amazed by seeing herself as another life is growing inside her, where movement of her growing child, soft touch and tight kicks always make her overwhelmed with joy and happiness.


The day when a child is born, the mother promises herself to fulfill all the dreams of her child, which she couldn’t  accomplish throughout her life. It’s a really sweet moment for every mother, to hold her baby for the first time in her arms, which becomes the best memory of her entire life; as if she got triumph over the world. Sometimes, she thinks how fast the days have passed out, as her little baby starts to go to school. She feels a bit agitated throughout the day unless her baby gets back to home, so she keeps on staring at the clock’s hand, rigorously as she is desperate to take her child from the school. 

Later, she goes to the school, standing in front of the school gate, waiting for the bell to ring and staring at the silent ground of the school. With the mass of children’s flow, her eyes still search for her child and when she finally sees her child running to her, she steps her foot forward and hugs her child tightly. Yes, this is the moment, where every girl possibly waiting to flow with it and later, it becomes the memorable phase of life that every single mother has to face.


All the parents have big dreams, concerning their children’s life and yes, it is the marriage which bounds with lots of sentiments. Especially, it’s mother whose face always gets covered with a lot of feelings, as she thinks more than a 1000s of times about the one who is going to marry her child. 


Because, it is the expectation of every mother that her child gets the perfect soulmate who can keep her child happy and safe throughout life. As it is the cycle of every human life, it is a universal truth that the journey from girl to mother is really joyful which equally holds the pain in a coincided way.

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