Health and Fitness for Busy Women

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Work and work and work all the time! Whether it's a household chore or work related to the office, women tend to be stuck between the work of these two and they always have to prioritize the demands of their little ones, careers, and housework. Amidst these top priorities, women are always inclined towards “No Time for Myself” because they are always maintaining busier schedules without giving any time to themselves, their health, and fitness routines.


Busy and tight schedules are one of the major reasons for obesity and being overweight for busy women due to their unhealthy eating habits and ill-organized lifestyles. But buckle on your seatbelts and prioritize your health as a healthy lifestyle is a must to sustain a happy life and career too.


Today’s fast-paced life is full of tight schedules and reports even say that there is a high chance of massive health disorder in the case of busy people who are committed to 10 to 12 hours a day to meet their goals and requirements. Similarly, women are the ones who have to remain active all day even after the accomplishment of the official works. After returning from the office, they again have to commit themselves to their household chores and family. Due to this, they can’t give enough time to maintain their health and fitness but it’s time to ascertain the pinch of that busy schedule to yourself and lead a healthy lifestyle.


Here are some health and fitness tips that busy women can partake in for a well-organized healthy lifestyle. Let’s jump into these fitness tips that any woman can carry on. 


Mistakes to avoid


Due to unhealthy and unfixed eating habits, many women are suffering from overweight and unhealthy weight gains. And in the process of losing weight and maintaining a zero figure, many women tend to eat too little without doing workouts according to their body type. They expect instant results of reducing their weight and end up adopting a more unhealthy lifestyle thus resulting in timely sickness and weakness.


No pain, no gain


Women with tight schedules who want to stay fit need to concentrate on having a balanced diet enriched with sufficient nutrients. Busy people need more calories and more nutrition but without maintaining a proper diet, they tend to indulge in unhealthy living only. Women need to do regular workouts. Fitness is indeed a tedious process especially when it comes to reducing weight. But in order to stay fit, they need to follow a structured exercise pattern with simple exercises and fitness goals.


Say YES to a healthy breakfast


Don’t eat a heavy breakfast at a time with the thought that it will sustain a whole day. Eat a healthy, light, and nutritious breakfast fulfilling your nutritional requirements of the body. You should intake the breakfast that constitutes the inclusion of fiber and glucose that helps to retain the same and active energy for the entire day. Your breakfast should be rich in fiber, protein, calcium, vitamins, and glucose. A healthy breakfast in the morning means healthy YOU for the whole day.


Sounds sad but Give up the junk food


It’s true that junk food is tasty to have and munching on it feels truly like heaven but junk food is too bad for health. If you wanna stay fit, remove junk, unhealthy and oily food from the bucket list of your daily routine. Start switching to healthy snacks and food that are rich in protein, calcium, minerals, and fiber. Stop consuming food that is rich in carbs and fats but intake of these is necessary for minimal amounts.


More water, more fit


It’s said that our body is made up of 70% water and we need a sufficient amount of water for a healthy body. So keep your body hydrated and drink water at regular time intervals. Try to have an intake of water timely so that you avoid dehydration and risks of other diseases such as kidney problems, skin-related problems, etc.


No more food with carbs


Intake of food with carbohydrates is essential to maintain balance in your healthy body but too many carbs are not good for your weight gain. Have less intake of carb-rich foods like cookies, chocolate, honey, and white rice that are responsible for spiking blood sugar levels, producing more insulin and more fat in the body. Try to maintain a daily diet with the intake of food that is extensively rich in protein, calcium, and vitamins. 


Sleep is also important


Everybody knows that 8 hours of sleep is a must to maintain a healthy lifestyle. But many busy women tend to have fewer hours of sleep due to the burden of their work and they often become victims of weight gain, pressure, and lack of concentration on work. Because of their unhealthy sleeping patterns, they may face the problems of losing the ability to focus, maintaining proper weight, and many more. So ladies, prioritize your sleep and healthy habits. Remember, less sleep may damage your decision-making power and problem-solving ability so, have enough sleep and have a blast!


Workouts at home and Incidental workouts


Many women don’t have time to take on gym membership and personally go to gyms for regular workouts. Each minute of your time counts! So, try to take out the little time from your precious time and start doing regular workouts at your homes. Remember the Big Four- Lunges, Push-ups, Plank pose and Squats like mini workouts for half an hour can also be the major reasons for obtaining your fitness goals. Just spare some of your morning time and start exercising.


Similarly, incidental workouts can also help to maintain your fitness. Stop taking lifts, start taking stairs. Start the daily walks instead of taking your cars or bikes. Find out the little reasons to keep you fit and healthy.


Track your food intake


Keep everyday records of your food intake. The timings of eating, the amount of your food intake, exact time of your eating, and all, that you have set a record of. This helps you to analyze the nutritional value you are getting and the records of your eating assisting you to maintain a proper diet in the coming days.


Zinc and Magnesium


Women’s bodies require Zinc and Magnesium as these are two of the vital minerals that every woman needs to revitalize. The deficiency of Zinc cripples the immune system resulting in hair loss and acne whereas Magnesium deficiencies are responsible for sleep, bones problems, and premenstrual symptoms, anxiety, and migraines. So women need to take a sufficient amount of food enriched with substantial amounts of Zinc and Magnesium.


Support Circles


Be the part of motivational social circles that motivate you to lead a happy and healthy lifestyle. Engage in activities like volunteering that will provide you happiness and all sorts of positive energy. Enrich yourself with the bunch and circle of friends that tend to increase the likelihood of surviving health problems and motivate you to live longer with positive vibes.


Less stress, more happiness


Always remember life is full of struggles and stress but accompanied by happiness and positivity too. Have regular checkups and take less stress. Believe that you can overcome the problems and nail them through your positivity and strong achievements. Don’t stress yourself too much. 


Health and fitness are very important to maintain a healthy and happy lifestyle. They are not only crucial to enhance metabolic activities but also to generate positive energy to sustain the target goals and requirements.


It’s TIME to take care of yourself too. Follow these fitness tips and have a healthy lifestyle. Take out some time for yourself from your hectic schedule for your good health. Good health means healthy you and healthy you mean active you. You can carry on other activities if you are sound healthy mentally and physically too. So set aside your top priorities and make your health your priority too.


Take care of yourself first, stay fit and then you can take care of others. Healthy you, happy you!


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