Free Webinar on Youth HR Leadership in Nepal

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Rolling Job, Nepal's premium job portal conducted a Free Webinar on "Youth HR Leadership in Nepal" as a part of its 5 Weeks Rolling Nexus Employment and Entrepreneurship Skill Development Program. The field of Human Resources has evolved significantly over the years in Nepal. The department "Human Resources" has started to receive the recognition it deserves as a strategic business partner in organizations. We aim to celebrate Youth HR Leadership in Nepal through this webinar meanwhile hear various insights on HR from our proposed distinguished panellists.


Rolling Job has launched the Rolling Nexus Employment and Entrepreneurship Skill Development Program for the entire month of May 2021. The curriculum is designed to assist students, freshers, job seekers, and career seekers in preparing for jobs and entrepreneurship opportunities both within and outside Nepal. The curriculum includes a free resume writing course, a customer service capability workshop, and a digital marketing workshop, as well as a webinar on topics such as HR Youth Leadership in Nepal, Prospects and Challenges for Consulting Firms in Nepal, and so on.


Anisha Kafle began the webinar by confirming that all the panelists and moderator are present on the virtual premise. With the confirmation, Ms Kafle welcomed everyone to the Free Webinar on Youth HR Leadership in Nepal. The topic of discussion was HR Youth Leadership in Nepal. The host of the webinar went on to add that the field of Human Resource has evolved significantly over the years in Nepal and the Department that is Human Resource has started to receive the recognition it deserves as a strategic business partner in organisations. So the webinar was conducted to celebrate the youth HR leadership in Nepal as well as to hear insights on HR from distinguished guests. The moderator of the webinar, Mr Bhuban Raj Joshi is a senior HR professional with hands-on people management experience and relevant academic knowledge. He is someone who has had extraordinary exposure to working in the fields of Hospitals, Humanitarian and Development Agencies, educational institutions, hospitality and FMCG industries. 


The host welcomed the moderator and also the panelists turn by turn. The panelists were Sanjeena Piya, Head of HR Daraz Nepal (Alibaba Group), Pravash Rai, Head of HR, Rolling Plans Private Limited, Goonja Shrestha, People & Culture Manager, HLE Nepal, Piyush Paudyal, Manager - HR and Ops, Log point Nepal and Aditi Khanal, HR Manager Sastodeal.  The zoom session of the webinar had already reached the limit of 100 participants before the host handed over the forum to the moderator. But the good news was the webinar was also live on the Facebook page of Rolling Nexus. This way nobody missed out on the amazing opportunity to hear from the esteemed youth HR panellists. The participants also could drop their queries on the chat box which would be answered by the panellists at the end of the webinar. 


Mr Joshi took over and continued his part as a moderator of the webinar. He was really happy to see the growing number of HR  professionals currently in Nepal which is a significant number compared to the days when he had started his career in HR. He further credited Rolling Plans as a company for creating such platforms where HR professionals and individuals interested in HR can have opportunities to interact and promote HR. Similarly, he also talked about the importance of HR as a strategic business partner in any company and how there is great scope in HR in Nepal for people who aspire to be in this field. The moderator thanked everyone for joining in and asked his first question to the panelists. 


The question revolved around their reasons for choosing HR as a subject and a career too. To which Ms Sanjeena from Daraz said that she didn’t have a specific reason although she was inspired by a particular lecture given by a professor in college about HR and she thought it was awesome. She likes all the elements such as interacting, motivating and growing along with people that incorporate HR and that’s why she chose HR. Moving on, Goonja Shrestha from HLE answered saying that her journey did not begin with HR. She was involved in a marketing job which she failed miserably. She somehow landed an entry-level HR job and realised that she enjoys it. She went on to add how motivating people and solving their problem gave her this irreplaceable sense of achievement. Her job as a coordinator in a company in UAE for over six years taught her a lot about people management even though her position wasn’t in the HR department. She went back to working in HR after coming back to Nepal.

Then Piyush from Log point answered by saying his HR journey started from Rolling Plans. While he wasn’t much aware of HR and its functions what he did know was that he loved working with people. He further added that the person who motivated him to be an HR was Amit Sharma - HR Head of Laxmi Bank. Then Aditi Khanal from Sastodeal answered by saying she was inclined towards human aspects since her childhood and after self-reflection, she realised her values align with human resources. She switched jobs and has diverse experiences within the HR field. And Pravash from Rolling Plans proceeded to answer the question by saying choosing HR was not his deliberate decision. He also credited his self-reflection on his journey of taking on leadership roles in school and colleges that made him research more on HR and why he is an HR professional today. 


Mr Joshi while agrees that the scenario in HR has changed majorly as compared to the past still thinks that HR has a lot of milestones to set in terms of establishing its own identity. He then went on to ask another question that was about whether the panellists ever felt any sort of discrimination being young in the department that is also young. To this Sanjeena answered saying that while she agrees with Bhuban sir on how much homework is still needed to be done in the field of HR, she hasn’t faced any sort of discriminatory incidents in her career. She also added that she and her team make sure that no one in her organisation faces any type of discrimination and diversity and inclusion is always maintained. Mr Joshi then rephrased the question to say that discrimination not in sense of age, gender, caste but in regards to strategic orientation and participation. Here Ms Goonja answered by saying that she has faced such kind of discrimination of not involving HR in strategic decision making and also clarified she did not face such unjust treatment in her present company. Likewise, Mr Piyush answered the query by saying he has also faced non-participatory discrimination during the initial phase of his career but the tables have turned now. He emphasised the reason for the discrimination were because the individuals working in the HR  department were young. Additionally, Ms Aditi responded by saying that she hasn’t faced such unfair treatment in the existing company nor in the companies she worked for in the past. She raised an important issue of age stereotyping that prevails in Nepal while recruiting for a leadership position. She thinks the age bar is unjustified and not appropriate at all. Afterwards, Pravash replied to the query by saying that he has not faced discrimination of any sorts. He also said the involvement of HR in Rolling Plans is very direct because HR consulting is one of the important business units. The whole HR department contributed to writing down the vision company so this tells us the involvement of HR in Rolling Plans. He agreed with Ms Aditi on the age restriction during the recruitment process. 


Followed by the question regarding participatory and discriminatory aspects faced by a young HR team, the moderator, Mr Bhuban Raj Joshi highlights the scenario of HR in academics compared to the past. 


The moderator then proceeded with the question regarding the situation of the HRM and the issues faced by the team leaders during the lockdown due to Covid 19. To which, Mr Pravash Rai shares insights on how the HRM team had been prepared for the lockdown beforehand by adapting and designing various covid management strategies. The panelists shared how their respective companies had been opting for a more digital approach and working remotely had been their go-to response to ensure the safety of the employees. Companies like HLE Nepal and Log point have been running on 100% remote work while the rest have been operating with the maximum number of employees working from home unless visiting the office is an absolute must. 


The panelists also shared that all their companies have been providing the employees with various forms of engagement activities, centralized health support as well as mental health counselling. 


However, a challenge faced during the pandemic was maintaining the employee motivation in line with the company's vision; however, due to strategic planning under the covid management, the team leaders have successfully adapted to the situation to bring efficient results. 


After further emphasizing the importance of remote work in the current scenario, the moderator proceeds to address the conservative and a more traditional outlook to HR by many companies in the country and how HR is seen as an expense rather than a necessity. Mr Bhuban then raises a question to the panelists asking what could be done as an HRM to fill the bridge between the executive department of the company and the HR so that the team could be a strategic partner for a business rather than an expense ensuring monetary and non-monetary engagement. 


In response to the question, Ms Goonja Shrestha shared how taking the first step to fill the gap between the departments and having an in-depth understanding of the industry is required as an HRM. Then, Mr Pravash further clarifies what it means to be a strategic partner and shares insights on the vision and work dynamic of the HR team of Rolling Plans Pvt. Ltd. Adding to the same context, Ms Sanjeena Piya adds how having a growth mindset and adapting to the demands of the industry helps one to solve many problems to which Ms Aditi adds with the importance of HR in bringing the humane aspect in the business world which in turn helps the team to get to the root cause of many issues. 


The panel briefly clarifies the importance of HR as a team and the power of investing in people. Ms Aditi Khanal further adds on the actions and business partnering to be implemented for creating intense HR values. Mr Piyush Paudyal focussed on the term “specific engagement” and due to the top SIEM company of Europe, he explained how the clientele increased and about reporting to HR management regarding the human aspect.


Mr Bhuban Raj Joshi exemplifies how a single HR manager is not sufficient for the companies having large numbers of employees as it will be very difficult to handle all those and there should be a systematic and automated module to find out any mistakes or errors created by the supervisors and associates as well. Every functional head or department head is responsible for the periodic review, performance appraisal, evaluation of KRA, KPI of their respective associates and there should be an automated system to nullify any kind of organizational and human errors. He insists that every departmental head should play the role of HR manager for smooth organizational operation. 


He continues that supervisors do direct reporting to their HR managers regarding the absenteeism of their associates or whatever grievance they are to suffer but there is some kind of gap between the supervisors and supervisees if these things continuously happen. HRM is all about managing and the supervisors should also act as an HR manager in terms of need as the unified actions of HR can only lead to better organizational operation. For a win-win situation, there should be coordination between all the departments, all the staff, and all the human resources of an organization.


Mr Bhuban Raj Joshi made a query of types of job vacancies and recruitments in each organization so that the freshers and job seekers may apply for their better career. Ms Sanjeena Piya shares that Daraz has over 40+ vacancies focussing on more youngsters and “ Daraz Future Leadership Program”, 18 months paid trainee program which provides opportunities for freshers to gain experience in the E-commerce business along with top management. She shares an interactive message to the youngsters to actively frequent involvement in HR-based development programs and other skill-generating programs to create a strong corporate profile.


Ms Goonja Shrestha shares about the numerous vacancies at HLE for freshers as well with fluent English-speaking.  She insists on checking the websites of HLE for more information. In addition, Mr Piyush Poudel shares the vacancies and internships at LogPoint with computer engineers and cybersecurity enthusiasts with a strong learning attitude. Ms Aditi Khanal from SastoDeal focuses on recruiting self-starters and learners and tech-savvy people. 


Mr Pravash Rai from RPPL shares that there are numerous job opportunities as Rolling Job itself is a job portal with multiple career roadmaps and besides, BPOs and customer service operatives’ posts are to be vacant. All the panelists shared their insights regarding HR and the concerned topics which seemed fruitful to every attendee.


After the discussion with the panellists, the Q&A session was held where the questions of the participants were answered by the panellists. The questions regarding thesis topics regarding Human Resources were asked. Mr Pravash Rai and Ms Goonja Shrestha answered the question and submitted amazing topics regarding the thesis. Mr Bhuban Raj Joshi made a reply to the query about the quantification of HR and insisted that HR can be quantified. Mr Piyush Paudel further added about MPS scores, Bamboo HR tools to measure HR in quantity apart from engagement and satisfaction level.


Many participants made queries regarding HR aspects to the panellists and the recruitment of physically challenged people. The panelists responded very positively with clear and precise statements. The panelists shared their message regarding the HR prospects and all the queries of the participants were solved. Ms Anisha Kafle ended the program with the disbursement of E-certificates to the respected panelists and participants with a thank-you note.


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