Ambica Shrestha- Dwarika’s Hotel and Resorts

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          Aesthetic wooden artifacts, traditional windows, spell- bounding designs showcasing a glimpse of past, Dwarika’s has set its hallmark in the sector of the hotel industry. Today’s Dwarka’s has been possible with the significant ideas of its founders and brilliant team members. Pioneering in the hotel industry, Ms. Ambica Shrestha’s role is very crucial for the existence of such heavenly hotel in the heart of Kathmandu valley. President of Dwarika’s Hotels and Resorts, Ms. Ambica Shrestha, is one of the pioneers in women entrepreneurship and hotel industry in Nepal. Born in Darjeeling, she completed her secondary education in St.Joseph and  later settled in Nepal after marrying Dwarika Prasad Shrestha, an artist.

        After the death of her husband, she took over the reign of her husband’s business in 1991. She also serves as the head of Nepalese Heritage Society and Business and Professional Woman Nepal. When Ms. Shrestha started her entrepreneurial journey, women in Nepal were expected to spend their time in household chores and take care of their family only. In a closed society, it was not easy for women to take such active role. From being a woman concentrating on households’ chores, to present working, empowered and globally recognized Nepali woman, she has seen all the ups and downs of social and economic transformation of Nepal as a close eye witness. Her works are inclined towards preserving the cultural heritage of Nepal and improving the conditions of underprivileged women. One thing that we can learn from her life is to never give up, no matter how difficult the path is. Ms. Shrestha is great supporter of women and believes that if women are given right opportunity, they can prove what they can do. Ms. Ambica, along with few others also established Britain Nepal society with the support of British Council. She later went to become the owner of heritage hotel Dwaika’s and led light of heritage conservation in Nepal.

         Ambica Shrestha, a renowned entrepreneur, heritage conservationist and social worker, believes in building capacity of women and encourage them to participate in economic activities. Not only women, she has also been restlessly promoting people and communities for better Nepal and the world eventually. Ms. Shrestha, still continues her mission to enhance the capabilities of men and women in Nepal and globally through her experience, expertise and her great efforts made the recognition of Dwarika’s as living museum of Nepal’s archeology and crafts.

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