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Once upon a time, working from home at one’s comfort was only a dream; and fast forward to now, it is one of the most common ways to earn money worldwide. From school students to adults everyone has an opportunity to work online and get paid. 


However, along with the various job options you get from working at home, there are many things you should consider before applying for one. 


Things to consider while working from home

  • You have to make sure you have reliable internet service.

  • You shouldn't work or attend meetings in your pajamas just because you work from home.

  • Set aside specific work hours dedicated to your job according to your productivity. 

  • Set up a fixed and organized workspace. 

  • Avoid distractions and social interactions during your work hours. 

  • It might be lonely when you work from home alone without having work colleagues or friends around. 

  • You need to have a backup if your laptop or phone doesn't work suddenly or if the internet connection is weak. 

  • It can be a challenge to motivate yourself and get the work done at times when you are in the comfort of home. 

  • Remote workers can feel like outcasts at times as they are not submerged in the office culture like other employees.

  • There is no physical separation between work and leisure time.

  • Communication with the office and your supervisors can be hard when you work remotely therefore when working remotely, it's better to over-communicate rather than staying quiet.


Among the seas of opportunities that you might encounter online, there is no lack of scammers ready to pull you down. Always be mindful and informed about the job you apply for and the company’s status. It is always better to spend a few hours doing extra research rather than falling victim when not doing so. 

Benefits of working from home

  • Save money: Your expenses of transportation, additional food and so much more will be saved if you don't have to go to the office at all! 

  • Flexible work schedule: While working remote, you get to choose your work timings and get to customize your schedule. 

  • Custom environment: It's your home you design the workspace to your comfort!

  • Cozy and comfortable: You design the space, you choose the clothes (as long as you're not in pajamas) and your comfort.

  • Better focus: There are fewer interruptions and unnecessary chitchat. 

  • Increase in productivity: Due to fewer distractions, customized workspace, and flexible work schedules, remote workers are found to be more productive. 

  • You can multitask: You can take a break and get other things done at home. 

  • You will learn to be more independent: Working remote gets things done on your own and making more effort. 

  • You will learn the skill of self-discipline. 

  • Away from office politics: No more having to take sides and getting involved in office politics when you don't go to one!


List of at-home jobs

  • Content Writing


This is one of the most in-demand remote work today. As the world is becoming more and more digital, content writers are sought after in digital marketing.

 The key skills required for this job are: 

  • Good writing skills and grammar

  • Adaptability.

  • Knowledge of Search Engine Optimization.

  • Quality research skills.

  • Proficiency in the English language. 

  • The originality of the content.

  • Knowledge of social media.

  • Availability and meeting deadlines. 

  • Editing, paraphrasing, and good writing structure.


You can find content writing jobs through various post vacancies on Linkedin and Facebook as well. You may get paid according to per article or monthly based according to the company. It's one of the most common jobs taken by students as well.

  • Photo/video editing


For this job, you need to: 

  • Have proficiency in apps like Photoshop, Lightroom, and video editing apps. 

  • Have a computer or a laptop which supports high functioning adobe apps smoothly.

  • Build a portfolio showcasing your skills.

  • Set your rate according to your expertise.

  • Have good organizational skills.

  • Have the ability to meet deadlines.

  • Be able to communicate well with the clients and their demands.

  • Have the patience to re-edit multiple times.

  • Have to be creative and pay attention to details.

  • Have strong networking and communication skills. 


You can do this job part-time or full time from home and will get paid according to your expertise. 

  • Graphic Designing 


Graphics designers work by producing content for companies that are useful in branding and marketing. You can work full-time, part-time, or as a freelancer from home. Things to keep in mind while applying for this job:

  • Proficiency in apps like Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, blender, etc.

  • Creativity and knowledge of color theory.

  • Proper knowledge of branding and brand image.

  • Adaptability and communication skills.

  • Detailed knowledge of typography.

  • Proper knowledge of coding and social media.

  • Be able to deliver presentations flawlessly.

  • Know about print design. 

  • Be able to navigate through the client’s needs and desires and deliver the product accordingly.

  • Have the patience to re-edit and redo the work multiple times.

  • Online workshops


If you have experience in counseling, artistry, or any field, you can run online and digital workshops and earn money from home via zoom. Especially due to the Coronavirus, many creators and trainers have opted for digital workshops at a comparatively lower price to earn their livings. 

Some skills to have before conducting an online workshop:

  • Time management and proper scheduling skills.

  • Be specific and goal-oriented.

  • Effective planning. 

  • People should know and appreciate the value brought by the workshop.

  • Resourcefulness.

  • High productivity and flexibility.

  • Communication and social skills.

  • Leadership and team management. 

  • Project management and consistency.

  • Ability to motivate, encourage and uplift others.

  • Researcher


If you have a skill for research and digging up information online, you can work as a researcher for companies by providing them with useful information that is profitable to them. You can work from home at your work schedule and earn money if you have:

  •  A reliable internet connection.

  • Researching skills.

  • Are quick to give the requested information. 

  • Project management and project handling skills.

  • Be able to lead a team.

  • Strong IT skills.

  • Data handling and data analysis. 

  • Report writing and data collection.

  • Critical thinking.

  • Planning and scheduling the output.

  • Critical Analysis. 

  • Blogging


If you have really good writing skills and love to write, this might be a perfect work from home job for you. Bloggers write or produce content on the niche that they are most passionate about. You can work as an independent blogger by posting articles and content on your website or work for other companies as well. You can start blogging on your own for free on websites like WordPress or Wix as well. 


Key skills you need to become a blogger are:

  • Content writing skills that align with your niche.

  • Networking and communication.

  • Being able to connect with your audience.

  • Knowledge of Search Engine Optimization.

  • Traffic conversion skills.

  • Consistency.

  • High uniqueness of the content.

  • Ability to produce thought-provoking content.

  • Proofreading and reediting.

  • Be able to stand out from other bloggers.

  • Ability to be authentic.

  • Data Entry


For this job, you require:

  • Basic knowledge of word processing.

  • Spreadsheets.

  • Databases. 

  • Basic English and Maths proficiency

  • Typing and transcription skills

  • Administrative as well as organizational skills.

  • Availability and ability to meet work deadlines.

  • Communication skills.

  • Accuracy of the work. 

  • Heavy attention to details.

  • You need to be able to multitask effectively. 


This may be a good work at home option for you. This job does not require many qualifications and is easy to get. However, many scammers deceive people due to the same reasons therefore candidates must be very selective and careful while applying for such jobs. 

  • Affiliate Marketing 


This job is essentially referral marketing where you get a commission. If you refer a new customer to a business with an affiliate program, you will get paid in return. Most companies pay affiliate marketers a flat percentage of sales that they make. Many content creators, especially on YouTube use this as when their audiences buy products with their codes, the YouTubers get a certain percentage for making the sales of the company. 

Key skills to be a good affiliate marketer:

  • Strong problem solving as well as decision-making skills.

  • People and social skills.

  • Money and time management.

  • Ability to persuade people and make a sale.

  • Leadership and creativity.

  • Know your products in and out.

  • Ability to present the best features of your products authentically.

  • Ability to engage the visitors and your audience.

  • Understanding of search engines.

  • Proper knowledge of the business aspect of social media. 

  • Online Tutoring


If you are good at academics and have a good academic record, you can tutor middle school and high school kids online. You can also tutor kids from various education platforms, sell notes and reference materials and give virtual classes. 

Some skills to have if you are an online tutor:

  • Patience and stress management skills.

  • Compassion and empathy.

  • Active listening skills.

  • Time management and goal setting.

  • Leadership skills.

  • Confidence, resourcefulness, and enthusiasm towards teaching.

  • Flexibility. 

  • Emotional IQ.

  • Self-discipline and consistency.

  • IT skills.


Both working from home as well as going to an office have their pros and cons. You should apply for a job while considering all factors like your personality, nature, preferred work environment, your skillset, your productivity, and your daily schedule. 


And if you decide to work remotely, always do in-depth research on the company you apply to as there are many scammers online which might get you into trouble.


The thing that one must always keep in mind is to constantly improve one's skills, grow from setbacks, be resourceful and informed. Being mindful about one's strengths and constantly working towards improving and growing out of the weaknesses will help you achieve your goals. 


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