What topics are included in Rolling CAT?

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Rolling CAT 


Rolling CAT (Computer Adaptive Test) is an online learning section module under Rolling Nexus, Nepal’s first professional networking website developed by Rolling Plans Private Limited.


Students, job seekers and other interested individuals can access Rolling CAT for their skill assessment and to acquire guidance and suitable study materials for entrance examinations in government or private institutes. 


Thus to serve the diverse needs of the market, Rolling CAT has been divided into six different categories.


Rolling Test


Rolling Test is a section where employers and institutions can generate and carry out online tests for skill evaluation, selection or entrance purposes. The test is run on an arranged date and timing schedule. 


There is a free-rolling test for marketing officers available.


Mock Test


Mock Test is another test section where you can participate in different mock tests as created and supervised by Rolling Plans Pvt. Ltd. It is simply done to practice the timing, ideas and formats for popular exams taken by employers/institutions. This test is also conducted on a pre-arranged date and timing basis.


There are both free and paid mock tests for different types of jobs ranging from government to banks, etc. You can find demo tests here as well. Moreover, you can access the officer and assistant level banking mock test to practice. Similarly, mock tests for government job positions such as pra.sa, na.su are also available here. 


Skill Test


Skill test is a total learning section where you can evaluate your skills by participating in various tests related to different skill sets. This test increases the rScore/rRank of a user. Interested individuals can take the tests anytime they want. 


Topics included in the skill test sections


Administrative / Clerical

All Programming


Call Center Management

Case Analysis

Commercial / Logistics / Supply Chain

Complete Call centre setup

Computer Basics

Computer System

Customer Relation/Public Relation

Data Interpretation


Fashion Textile Designing

Front Desk/Reception

General Awareness

General Knowledge- Nepal

General Questions - Global

Geographical Information System

Health and Medical



HR Management

Information Technology (IT)

Interesting Unknown Trivia Facts About World


Knowledge of English - ALL IN ONE

Management and Commerce

Merchandising / Purchasing / Retail

Numerical Ability


Procurements / General Services

Production / Maintenance / Quality


Sales and Marketing


Soft Skills

Sport - All in One

Sports - Football

Sports- Cricket


Domain Test


Domain Test is an instructive section where numerous tests belonging to a specific functional area are shown and conducted. Users from different domains can analyse their domain knowledge. This test augments rScore/rRank of a user and can be given at any time by the users.


Topics included in Domain Test




 Architecture / Interior Design


 Business Analyst

 Data Entry

 Data Science

 Digital Marketing



 Food Science

 Legal Services

 Real Estate

 Science and Technology



Entrance Preparatory Test


It is quite self-explanatory. Entrance Preparatory Test is yet another educational test section where exams are shown for the purpose of practising on the notions and formats for popular selection/entrance exams. Enthused folks can sit for these tests at any given time. 


Topics included in Entrance Prepatory test




Lok Sewa


Typing Test


Last but not least. Typing test is a skill evaluation section where you can assess your typing speed for English and Nepali languages. Moreover, you can officially document your evaluation result in rCV. This test can be given at any time by the users.


Topics included in Typing Test 


Finger Test English

Finger Test Nepali

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