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Foreigners working jobs in Nepal is not news anymore. While the process of getting jobs as foreigners might be different and take longer, there definitely are job openings in Nepal for foreigners. 


And as the year goes by, ironically enough, the government’s data has proven that more and more foreigners are seeking work permits in Nepal. 


Types of jobs for foreigners in Nepal




Many foreigners come to Nepal to work for different NGOs/INGOs. And some come with the idea of establishing new NGO/INGOs and running them to carry out impactful work. 


Since Nepal is a developing country, several NGO/INGOs are working on various sectors to uplift the socio-economic status of people over here. 


Foreigners open NGO/INGOs to help struggling communities who are struggling to get access to or are deprived of quality health, food, shelter, and other important aspects to sustain human life. 


Foreigners with the motive of helping people and putting their earnings for the benefits of the lesser privileged come to Nepal and work for or run NGO/INGOs.


The job positions vary depending on their qualifications and interest. To name a few, project manager, field visit personnel, budget planning, project coordinator, reporter, and so on are some of them. 


Tourism industry / Trekking agencies 


Coming to Nepal as tourists and getting to experience the tourism environment over here has inspired foreigners to start something in the tourism industry in Nepal.


There are trekking agencies, mountaineering training institutes, agencies with different travel packages for both national and international tourists that are being run by foreigners in Nepal. 


Nepal is one of the most touristic destinations in the world and it has provided business opportunities for people beyond the borders as well. It's not only natives now who have been capitalizing on the aforementioned fact. 


Their unique perspectives along with their enthusiasm and dedication can bring lots of benefits to the tourism sector of our country. 


Also, they can promote their business to their friends and family back home which will directly help Nepal generate more revenues. 


Tour Guide 


Since tourists are coming from all over the world, just like us, for many of them English is not their first language or they do not speak English at all. 


This would mean that they would want tour guides who can speak their language. So for example an Italian man does tour guiding here and he brings over Italian speakers only and guides them with no misunderstanding or language gap.


Foreigners who are tour guides to certain language-speaking tourists are filling the gap that perhaps cannot be met locally. 


It's not to say that the job is not a fit for locals. but it is more to do with someone who is already fluent, doing the job and gaining money for the economy.


Moreover, they can give language classes and train interested people from here. This way they have two ways of earning and locals will eventually be qualified to be tour guides to certain non-English speaking foreigners. 


Restauranter/ Hotelier 


If you have visited the Thamel and Jhamsikhel areas in Kathmandu, you can notice that there are some restaurants and cafes run by foreigners. The number of foreign restaurateurs and hoteliers are even more in the Pokhara area. 


With foreigners involved in the restaurant and hotel business, they will be introducing new methods and cuisines to the food world and also the hospitality industry.


Opening restaurants and hotels around the tourist hub is the key to a successful business. While there is competition, it all comes down to the quality of food and service that you can provide.


Moreover, food can be a great medium for the exchange of language and culture. It can be seen as an employment opportunity for the locals as well. 


Teaching/ Educator


Teaching language in nonnative lands is one of the most sought after jobs for foreigners. It doesn't necessarily mean that foreigners wanting to be teachers should only focus on teaching languages. It only goes on to tell one to make a profession out of fluency of a particular language.


Every year thousands of Nepali people go abroad for work or study or both. And not every country has a predominantly English speaking populace. Also, some countries strongly prioritize their native language. 


Hence, this can be a great opportunity for foreigners seeking to be teachers. Apart from languages, you can be an educator, and teach about history, geography, etc to people who are applying to go to your country. 


Export/Import Business


Once you have a valid business license and follow other legal procedures, you are good to go for the export/import business. 


Nepal as a third world country heavily relies on imports and our exports are lower. Foreigners jumping on the export/import ship can be a good thing for the economy.


As a foreigner, one can initiate imports of goods from their country and promote and sell in markets over here. They too could export goods, herbs especially from Nepal to their country. 


Export/ import businesses are among the list of most profitable businesses in the world. And foreigners looking for jobs can benefit from it. Investments will be met with success and our economy could generate revenues as well. 


Foreign Diplomatic Mission 


If you are qualified and have got the aptitude for it, then a foreign diplomatic mission can be a very securing job position. Your job will be to represent the sending state or organization officially in the receiving state.


Similarly, your job is also to protect the interest of your nation, initiate strategic agreements, facilitate treaties and conventions, promote healthy relations, and so on. 


The route to a career in diplomacy is getting a degree in political science, international relations, sociology, foreign policy, and so on. 


Analytical, organizational, and leadership skills are required for this job position. Likewise, good judgment, effective communication skills, and virtue are a must-have. You are expected to learn different languages before or during your career.


Nepal has several foreign diplomatic mission employees working here representing their nation and following orders. 


Aviation Professionals


Nepal Airlines Corporation has time and again hired foreign aviation professionals. The hires usually are pilots and pilot instructors.


Pilots are the ones who fly aircraft while pilot instructors are the ones who train aircrafts professionals. 


With Nepal welcoming new aircrafts every year or so, there arises a vacancy for a capable pilot to fly the latest planes. And, likely, Nepali pilots are not qualified to fly those planes equipped with brand new technologies. 


In addition to this, foreigners can apply to be pilot instructors or other job positions available in the aviation industry if they meet the criteria for it. 




Nepal is still in its developing phase. Which means there is a lot of work encompassing infrastructure of developments going on.


And many of those developmental projects require massive undertaking, construction being a major part of it. So, a huge amount of manpower is required to pull off construction of large scale.


So a lot of workers, mostly Asians come to Nepal to work for construction projects. 


Also, Nepal receives a lot of financial aid and assistance from different foreign countries for the construction of roads, bridges, hospitals, schools and so on. These are great opportunities for construction workers. 


Moreover, foreign companies bid for tender and deploy their employees to work here as well.


Hydropower Project Management


It's been known that Nepal has so much potential to generate electricity through moving water which is in abundance in our country.


There are some hydropower projects under construction and at different phases currently. Hydropower projects need highly skilled and experienced professionals and foreigners who can match the requirements can apply for the positions.


With international tender companies bidding for hydropower projects, it means there will be job openings for foreigners from the respective countries as well. 


The size of the job markets in Nepal for foreigners might not be of a larger one but there definitely are opportunities. And we aren't foreign to exemplary cases of foreigners who have thrived working here in Nepal. 


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