“What keeps you growing? - Your commitment to the path” - Dr. Raveena Desraj Shrestha

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“I am here in this world for a reason and this consciousness is a reason for my commitment towards my work.” These lines were spelled by none other than a versatile lady with multiple talents in the ‘Stand Up for Passion’ program mentoring the audience on “The discovery of You”. And she was Raveena Desraj Shrestha. Well-renowned Nepalese banker and a public figure with walloping fan-followers, Dr. Raveena Desraj Shrestha, born on 27 April 1970, is a well-known icon in the banking/show business sector of Nepal, who has been awarded several national/international accolades and currently holds the designation of the deputy chief executive officer in Mega Bank Nepal Limited. 


Being a celebrity banker, she has been featured in magazines and newspapers where she has done photoshoots, show-stopping, pageant judging, coaching, brand endorsements, campaigning, etc. This multi-talented lady was also elected as the vice-chairman of the Women Entrepreneur Development Committee appointed by the FNCCI. She was also listed as the powerful woman who made history in Nepal in 2018. She always insists others to commit oneself even at the time of challenges in the roadways towards goals.


Spending her childhood in Kalimpong, West Bengal, India she had her high school completed in Nepal from Modern Indian School and went back to India to pursue her Bachelor’s degree in Arts in Kolkata and Master’s degree in Rural Development in New Delhi. She is a single mother with two sons, Ayushman and Aashirman, who are popular Nepalese film actors and models.


She started her career in 1992 as a trainee assistant in Standard Chartered Bank while she made her headway to the designation of the business development manager when she left in 2005. She also worked at Nabil Bank as the chief consumer banker from 2005 to 2010. Shrestha then joined Mega Bank Nepal Limited as the chief business officer and corporate affairs officer and is now the CEO of the bank. Besides her banking profession, she is also into the entertainment sector and various development programs of Nepal and apart from that she is a qualified Hypnotherapist, a Certified Life Coach, a Certified Angel Card reader (all from the USA), and a practitioner of other alternative Healing techniques.


While she might be the envy of gazillion women for gracing business magazine covers as well as rubbing shoulders with the finest of Nepal, she holds a wealth of experience from her 27 years in the banking industry. This confident and charming mother of two balances her social life with an accomplished career with so much of perfection. Her easy-going personality might make success appear an easy feat, but she deserves a salute for being able to break the ceiling as well as raise a family in a traditionally male-dominated industry of Nepal and making success seem real for the younger generation.


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